Cross stitch scheme for free: download without registration in good quality, create new, fantasy, photo

Embroidering with a cross is an exciting activity that will please both adults and children Embroidering with a cross is a fun experience that will appeal to both adults and children. Embroidery with a cross-stitch is so fascinating that rarely anyone who has had the embroidery experience refuses further experiments in this field. They start with simple embroideries, which are ready without any difficulty for a week, and they gradually come to the canvases, the creation of which takes many months - but it's worth it.

      • Cross stitch patterns: how to read
      • Creating embroidery patterns: how it's done
      • Fantasy, cross stitch patterns: something new in the
      • collection New cross stitch patterns: how to choose a set
      • How to embed an embroidery in a postcard
      • How to learn how to embroider( video)
      • Beautiful embroidered cross-stitch patterns( photo)
  • Cross stitch patterns: how to read

    If you purchase a ready-made embroidery kit, Or download the scheme on the Internet, always in the kit there is a key, where there is a detailed interpretation of the schemes and small schemes. If you bought a domestic set or downloaded the domestic scheme, then the key inscriptions will be in Russian.

    Always read the instructions from the manufacturer that goes in the embroidery - almost all the rules and symbols in it are described in detail. And if everything is in Russian, then it will be easy to understand. But if we embroider the work, where is the key in English?

    Before you begin to embroider a pattern, be sure to read the instructions Before embroidering a picture, it is necessary to read the instruction

    The most common English schemes are:

    • Simbol - symbol;
    • Strands - threads;
    • Color - color
    • Full stitches - full cross.

    If you are just beginning to embroider, and, as they say, did not eat the dog on decoding the circuits, then get those sets where the scheme is exceptionally colored. On a color scheme, a symbol can be printed directly in a colored square, but sometimes a colored box can be next to the symbol itself. The symbol gives you an idea of ​​exactly which thread number you need to take to decode a fragment.

    When reading the embroidery scheme, pay special attention to how many times you need to fold the thread. This means you embroider in one thread or two. If there is a full cross, then embroidery in two strands is more often used. For a semi-cross or a seam "back needle" often the thread goes into one addition.

    Creation of schemes for embroidery: how it is done

    It is not so easy to translate a picture you like in a diagram, but the modern generation of needlewomen is subject to ways that, for example, 15-20 years ago were unknown. There is such a service "create a scheme", which gives the opportunity to use many specialized portals.

    It's simple: you choose a picture that you like very much. It can be a photo, and anything. Schemas will be generated in PDF files. To view such files, you need Acrobat Reader. In this case, everything was created for your convenience - each file shows the size of the embroidery, a color map is presented, the scheme is divided into pages, there is also a small copy of the scheme.

    To date, there are many programs with which you can independently convert a conventional picture into a pattern for embroidery To date, there are many programs with which you can independently convert a conventional picture into a pattern for embroidering

    For any shade of the color card, full information will be indicated - the number of floss in the manufacturer's palette, the number of crosses and the symbol on theScheme, which means this shade. Here is the scheme from the set of such symbols.

    The scheme is created online, and usually they can be downloaded right after the creation in good quality. Yes, more often circuits are mechanical, they do not have enough processing manually, but these are nuances. The main thing is that you got a scheme for the picture you like.

    Fantasy, cross stitch patterns: something new in the

    collection The embroidered works differ both in technique and theme. And if you are a little tired of the image of realistic pictures, and you wanted something original, maybe the genre of fantasy, so popular today, will attract you.

    What is fantasy?This, you can say, is a subgenre of fiction, which is sometimes called the butt area of ​​fantasy and gothic. It uses fabulous and mythological motifs. It is a parallel world, often a different planet. If there is an explanation in science fiction that is completely scientific, what is happening, fantasy and does not aspire to it.

    What is so attractive about this genre for needlewomen?Explains everything simply - the charm of the images that are used in the works of the genre. These creatures are mysterious, beautiful, unique, like the world around them.

    If you are tired of monotonous landscapes, then safely choose sets for embroidery in the style of fantasy If you are bored with monotonous landscapes, then safely choose sets for embroidery in the style of fantasy

    What is characteristic for embroidery in the style of fantasy:

    • Brightness, use of the brightest and juicy colors;
    • Complexity of images, a lot of color transitions;
    • The depth of the picture.

    Yes, it is necessary to work on this picture a lot. And not everywhere it will look convincing, if we are talking about the place of the picture in the interior. But for fans of the genre this embroidery will be a real pleasure.

    New cross stitch patterns: how to choose a set

    If you have already embroidered something, and do not mind taking on new schemes, carefully select the set. There are practical tips that will help you choose a set in which you will not be disappointed. Perhaps they will be useful to you.

    So, what to look for when choosing a set for embroidery:

    • Packaging;
    • Level of development;
    • Diagram;
    • Quality of canvas and threads;
    • Availability of the instruction language.

    When choosing a set for embroidery, always pay attention to the quality of the product and its manufacturer When choosing a embroidery kit, always pay attention to the quality of the product and its manufacturer

    The packing of the goods must be the most usual, but there is no room for holes and other defects. Well, if you're in the packaging immediately see a photo embroidery. Note, not a picture from the embroidery program, namely a photo of the embroidery itself.

    Schemes can be color, character, multi-color-character. Not all cases are convenient color schemes. If there are not a lot of flowers in the embroidery itself, and the colors are contrasting - yes, the color schemes fit perfectly. Otherwise, it will be more difficult for you to distinguish the shades, and in the case of electric lighting, they can completely merge before your eyes.

    It happens( and, unfortunately, quite often) that the designers are too conceited, and draw almost impossible elements, very often sinning this when displaying the line of fringing. In this case, the orientation will be along the line of the cover of the set, because, as already mentioned above, it is the photograph of the work on the cover that is good.

    How to insert embroidery in a postcard

    And this issue will arise at the needlewoman, as soon as she thinks that this particular embroidery is just a godsend for decorating a postcard. Immediately it is worth saying that today and on sale there are double postcards with aperture. When choosing such a card, you first of all consider the size and shape of the embroidery.

    The postcard is chosen according to the size of the aperture, and not by its width and height. If the work is ready, then choosing the color of the postcard and the shape of the aperture is very simple. For small embroidery, pick up something more original.

    The embroidered card with your own hands is an original and creative gift that everyone will enjoy. Embroidered postcard with your own hands is an original and creative gift that everyone will like

    How to embed the embroidery in the card correctly:

    • On the wrong side of the embroidery iron iron, wait until it cools;
    • Embroidery can be put on the mouse pad, and on top - a postcard, moving the slot, you will find the most suitable position for embroidery;
    • Pins are poked around the perimeter of the aperture;
    • The card is removed from the embroidery, the edges of the fabric are cut off, the distance from the pins is 8-12 mm;
    • The edge helps to fix the embroidery in the postcard, the size of the indentation should be not large, and not small;
    • On the inside of the postcard, the edge of the aperture is pasted with a thin double-sided tape;
    • Use pins as guides, place the postcard gently on the intended spot, press it firmly against the fabric;
    • Pins can be removed;
    • Turn the workpiece over, make sure that the edge of the fabric is away from the aperture slot and does not enter the fold line;
    • With a double-sided adhesive tape, the card door leaf is pasted around the perimeter, this is glued to the opposite side.

    That's all, it remains to write a festive greeting. By the way, in this you can also co-ordinate and make a signature with metallic ink. Well, or come up with something else interesting.

    How to learn how to embroider( video)

    Open new pages in the embroidery cross, try, create schemes in special programs, beautifully frame the work, and enjoy the result.

    Successful works!

    Beautiful embroidered cross( photo)