Greenhouse Kremlin: video, polycarbonate from the manufacturer, greenhouse Lux and Fairy Tale, with straight walls, reviews

The "Kremlin" hothouse has a strong frame with double arcs "Kremlin" hothouse has a strong frame with double arches When choosing a solid and high-quality greenhouse, often pay attention to the model of the "Kremlin" greenhouse. Different manufacturers and species varieties are represented on the market. But all models combine a strong frame and a polycarbonate coating.

      • Greenhouse "Kremlevskaya" made of polycarbonate from the manufacturer
      • Advantages of the "Kremlevsky" greenhouse
      • Types of the Kremlin's glasshouses: Zinc, Lux, Monolit and others
      • Nuances of useGreenhouses «Kremlin Lux»
      • Characteristics of the greenhouse «Kremlin Fairy Tale» with straight walls
      • Description of the greenhouse «Kremlevskaya Premium»
      • Comments on different models of the greenhouse «Kremlevskaya»
      • «Kremlin» greenhouse( video)
      • Examples of greenhousesKremlin "(photo)

Toeplitz" Kremlin "polycarbonate from producer

Robust frame quality polycarbonate coating makes greenhouse" Kremlin "robust and reliable construction. The design from the manufacturer has a number of distinctive features: doubled arches, anticorrosion coating, polycarbonate sheets for coating. The official plant is located in Russia in the Moscow region of Kimry.

The greenhouse is made with the expectation of long-term operation The greenhouse is made with the expectation of long-term operation

The frame of the model range of the Kremlin's glasshouse is made of a multi-profile metal pipe. The thickness of the pipe walls starts from 1.2 mm.

The frame is much stronger due to double arcs. They are 2 pipes, which are securely connected between the fasteners. Thanks to this, the greenhouse is capable of withstanding significant loads.

The durability of the greenhouse guarantees an anti-corrosion coating of all metal parts. For greater strength, the manufacturer can buy piles for installing a greenhouse in the ground. But it is best to pre-fill the foundation.

Distinctive features of the greenhouse:

  1. Reinforced frame;
  2. Ease and speed of installation( 1 day is enough);
  3. Compact size allows you to install a greenhouse in any dacha section( 402x300 cm);
  4. The construction is easily ventilated with 2 doors and 2 windows;
  5. High mobility makes it easy to transport a greenhouse in a car;
  6. Pleases a wide range of different models.

The greenhouse includes detailed instructions. Following it, you can easily assemble the structure. The main thing is to attach the polycarbonate correctly by selecting the right side of the sheet.

Advantages of the "Kremlevsky" greenhouse

Galvanized carcass arches have increased power. They can withstand significant loads. Polycarbonate coating has its advantages.

Galvanizing reliably protects the frame of the greenhouse from corrosion Galvanizing reliably protects the greenhouse frame from corrosion

Advantages of the "Kremlevsky" hotbed:

  1. The choice of greenhouses is quite wide. At the same time, the price range also fluctuates. Greenhouses available in any outlet for the garden and garden. The price is determined by the quality of the product and the manufacturer.
  2. The greenhouse can be assembled without additional assistance, only on its own. A few hours are enough to mount the greenhouse following the instructions.
  3. Each greenhouse has a unique appearance and dimensions.

The greenhouse will last a long time thanks to the frame, which is covered with a protective coating. Due to this, the arcs will not deteriorate under the aggressive influence of moisture and temperature differences. In this case, the frame is much stronger due to doubled arcs.

Before buying a greenhouse, it is necessary to evaluate the scale of the structure in a sensible manner. Therefore, it will not hurt to evaluate the greenhouse in its assembled state.

Cellular polycarbonate, which serves as a coating, also has a number of advantages. It is flexible, durable and durable material. It reliably protects plants from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and maintains the necessary microclimate in the greenhouse.

Types of the Kremlinhouses: "Zinc", "Lux", "Monolith" and others

"Kremlin" hotbeds represent a wide range of different models. Each variant has its own distinctive features. But there are also some similarities: simple installation, compactness, durability, durability.

The model range allows you to choose a greenhouse with the right characteristics and the optimal price The model range allows you to select the greenhouse with the desired characteristics and the optimal price.

. Varieties of the model range of the Kremlinhouses:

  • "Monolith";
  • "Bogatyr";
  • "Fairy Tale";
  • "Premium";
  • Arrow;
  • "Star";
  • Lux;
  • "Zinc".

Consider some of the proposed models. The Kremlin Suite is the basic model. It has a small value. The design is quite practical. It looks like an arched type greenhouse.

"Kremlin Zinc" is a subspecies of the "Lux" model. The galvanized frame makes the construction resistant to negative environmental influences and chemistry. So the hotbed will last a long time, and the frame will not rust.

The "Monolit" model has increased durability. This is achieved through solid elements that are welded at the factory. In this case, the structure has a transverse screed.

The Kremlin Monolith is great for regions with cold climate, strong winds and heavy snowfalls.

"Kremlin Bogatyr" is most popular due to its high strength. The greenhouse can withstand heavy loads due to a small interval between the arcs( 65 cm) and metal arcs with a section of 20x30 cm. The design is quite voluminous and requires a lot of space. Such a hotbed can be equipped with a heating system. There are 2 modifications of the greenhouse: "Lux" and "Zinc".

Nuances of using the greenhouse "Kremlevskaya Lux"

The "Kremlin Luxury" hotbed has high strength. The greenhouse is capable of withstanding significant natural loads( snow, wind), which allows the use of the structure in the winter. A feature of the "Kremlin" greenhouse is the skeleton of two linked arcs.

As a rule, greenhouses of this type are installed on a concrete foundation or a beam As a rule, greenhouses of this type are installed on a concrete foundation or beam

The interval between the arcs of the carcass is 1 m. The connection of the pipes is carried out by couplers. Thanks to a huge number of parts and connections to the installation will have to tinker.

Production of "Kremlin" greenhouses began in 2009.And all this time not a single structure was deformed and did not break.

For sale a greenhouse in disassembled form. This makes it easy to transport the greenhouse. Problems can arise only with polycarbonate, which can not be folded.

Characteristics of the parameters of the "Kremlin Luxury" greenhouse:

  • The length of the greenhouse - from 4 m;
  • The width is in the range of 2.5-3 m;
  • The height of the greenhouse depends on the width and is 2.1-2.25 m;
  • Area of ​​construction - 12 sq. M;
  • The weight of the hotbed is 107 kg( each block is 30 kg).

The frame is made of galvanized metal, which protects the structure from rust. The coating is made of cellular polycarbonate. Such a surface creates optimal conditions for plant growth.

Characteristics of the greenhouse "Kremlin Fairy Tale" with straight walls

Popularity of the greenhouse "Fairy Tale" with straight walls is the increased reliability and durability. Frame arches with a cross section of 20x20 made of high-strength steel. Protective coating is similar to other models. The height of the greenhouse is 1.95 m, and the width is 2.7 m. This is the norm for a greenhouse.

Double arcs of the model are connected together by screeds in an amount of 11 pieces.

The building of the greenhouse is quite simple. The greenhouse is easy to place on the land. Inside the structure, it's easy to work, care for plants.

The main advantage of the greenhouse "Fairy Tale" is the straight walls The main advantage of the "Fairytale" greenhouse is the straight walls

Greenhouse functions:

  • Increased strength;
  • Resistance to adverse weather conditions;
  • Good ventilation;
  • Convenience in the care.

The greenhouse with straight walls has a convenient ventilation system. There are 4 options for ventilating the greenhouse: 2 windows and 2 doors. Proper ventilation guarantees a comfortable environment for crops.

Description of the Kremlin Premium Glasshouse

The reinforced construction of the greenhouse has sufficient strength due to the protection of all structural elements and double arcs. Special treatment protects the frame from increased humidity or temperature extremes. The metal is coated with powder paint, which provides protection from corrosion.

The "Premium" greenhouse is manufactured with reinforced cross-ties Premium greenhouse is produced with reinforced cross ties

The distinctive feature of the Kremlin Premium model is the presence of 9 cross-ties( in the standard version there are only 5).

The greater number of connecting elements makes the greenhouse more rigid. This allows you to install on a flat surface, without a foundation. At the same time, the installation scheme is quite simple, it can be carried out even by a person far from construction.

Model specification:

  1. For connection of arcs, screeds are used;
  2. The distance between the frame elements is 100 cm;
  3. The greenhouse can withstand the load of precipitation in the amount of 230 kg per 1 sq m;
  4. The greenhouse can be disassembled if necessary;
  5. Two rows of parallel arcs for the framework are developed;
  6. Thickness of the frame tube - 1.2 mm;
  7. Guaranteed longevity - 15 years;
  8. The ends are made of monolithic metal;
  9. The width of the greenhouse is 2 m;

10. The height of the structure is 2.1 m;

11. The complete set provides 2 doors from lateral parts;

12. Cellular polycarbonate is used to cover the greenhouse.

When buying a greenhouse in the kit, the gardener receives monolithic arcs in the amount of 3 pieces, 2 doors and windows, end parts, 4 bases, 28 connecting elements, a cover. You can purchase additional arcs and increase the length of the greenhouse. I want to note that polycarbonate also has its advantages, which makes the greenhouse even more solid and reliable.

Reviews about different models of the greenhouse "Kremlevskaya"

Reviews about the greenhouses are quite diverse. Most of them do not carry a negative. Truck farmers happy with easy transportation, fast and simple assembly. Many note the strength and durability of the greenhouse.

The design of the greenhouse allows it to be used all year round The design of the greenhouse allows it to be used all year round.

Comments on the model range of the Kremlin's glasshouse concern:

  1. High strength and stability;
  2. Opportunities for use in cold and windy climates;
  3. Longevity of the greenhouse;
  4. Opportunities all year round to grow crops and equip heating;
  5. Simplicity in maintenance of beds;
  6. Easy installation of greenhouses.

Many praise and the ventilation system in the greenhouse, namely 2 windows, which are located on the front sides. Those who purchased the greenhouse of the arched form, praise the very form of the design. Precipitation does not linger on the coating, which reduces the risk of deformation of the polycarbonate.

You do not need to build a structure in the winter. You can connect heating and grow vegetables all year round. That is why "Kremlin" hotbeds are often used in industry.

But some model owners note the shortcomings of the greenhouse. To them, first of all, is the high price of greenhouses. Often this is the only drawback. Also note the defective protective coating of metal, the need for additional sealing. But it depends on the manufacturer. But polycarbonate greenhouses made at the ZILA plant are additionally tested for strength.

"Kremlin" greenhouse( video)

"Kremlin" greenhouses have gained popularity in the market due to the unique frame, which strengthens the strength of the structure. In this case, the manufacturer of the model line is quite a lot. The ZIL plant and the company "New forms" proved to be the best. They are the leaders of sales. In this case, a fairly wide range of models is available in the greenhouses. Greenhouses are classified in size and shape.

Examples of greenhouses "Kremlevskaya"( photo)