Automatic opening of the window for the greenhouse: the opening and automatic machine of polycarbonate, the door is self-opening

Automatic opening of the window for the greenhouse is a simple and effective device The automatic opening of the window pane for the greenhouse is a simple and effective adaptation of It is possible to grow a large crop of vegetables with high commodity and taste characteristics in the greenhouse only when controlling the climate inside the greenhouse. Otherwise, plants in closed beds will suffer from overheating. The simplest and most effective way of regulating the temperature and humidity level in the greenhouse is to install an automatic ventilation pane. What are the advantages and features of the automatic machine, how to make an automatic opener from improvised tools - read below.

    • How to use the automatic window for the greenhouse
    • Automatic opening of the greenhouse: the principle of the action
    • How to choose the automatic device for opening the windows for greenhouses
    • Device for automatic opening of the window in the greenhouse with your own hands
    • Self-Greenhouse: features
    • Automatic opening of greenhouses( video)

Automatic automatic ventilation for the greenhouse

AutomaticThe window is the simplest and most affordable way to regulate the microclimate in glass and polycarbonate greenhouses. The main task of the window is heat exchange: the temperature of the air in the hotbed on hot days can reach 40 ° C.Overheating, in this case, can kill seedlings.

Automatic window leaf protects plants against overheating, regulates humidity in the greenhouse by heat exchange.

Automatic pane protects the plant from overheating Automatic venting perfectly protects the plant from overheating

Greenhouse doors in large and long hotbeds often do poorly with high-quality aeration: only that part of the greenhouse that is closer to the door is ventilated, while seedlings in the middle or the endThe greenhouse suffers from overheating. In addition, use for ventilating the doors gives a sharp temperature drop, which can adversely affect the plants.

Automatic opening of the greenhouse: operating principle

Modern production of components for automated greenhouses offers gardeners a variety of options, different in size, appearance, efficiency and cost.

For today, the automation for greenhouses according to the principle of operation differs by:

  1. Hydraulic installations. Such openers work on the principle of increasing the pressure in containers with liquids when exposed to high temperatures. Hydraulic systems are the safest. To their disadvantages include a delay in closing the transoms, which can adversely affect the state of plants.
  2. Electrical. Such systems are the most accurate, simply installed and do not take up much space. Minus devices - the need for constant connection to the transmission network. If the greenhouse is fully electrified to exclude the possibility of stopping the appliances, you can purchase an electric generator.
  1. Bimetallic. Opening and closing in the case of bimetallic systems is built on the ability of metals to expand. Such installations can be used to automate self-made windows on a wooden frame: they can not open heavy transoms or doors.

Automatic opening of the greenhouse - a very convenient thing Automatic opening of the greenhouse - a thing very convenient

It is possible to equip all the window( top and side) and door with automation.

How to choose the automatic device for opening the window vents

The choice of the opener depends on the remoteness of the garden area from the transmission lines, the financial capacity of the gardener, the type of greenhouse( film, glass or polycarbonate), culture for cultivation( optimal temperature values ​​for effective cultivation).

The automatic device for opening the windows for greenhouses should be chosen depending on the type of greenhouse and the culture of cultivation The automatic device for opening the window panes for greenhouses should be selected depending on the type of greenhouse and the growing culture.

When choosing an automatic opener, one should follow these recommendations:

  1. If the greenhouse is electrified, it is better to choose an electrical device for ventilation: it works faster and "feels" the temperature more accurately.
  2. It is better to choose products from galvanized steel( a good choice is the Univent form openers).
  3. When selecting, it is necessary to take into account the calculated value of the gravity that the pusher can raise( it must correspond to the weight of the window).
  4. Pay attention to the temperature range of the opener( the most popular is within + 15-25 ° C).
  5. If the terrain on which the site characters are impetuous winds, then the system must have protection from a hurricane stall.

The cost of domestic automatic openers varies from 1.5 to 3 thousand rubles, depending on the principle of operation. Imported automation costs several times more. If there is no opportunity to purchase the system or you want to install a temporary opener, then the automatic window opener can be made independently from improvised means.

Device for automatic opening of a ventilator in the greenhouse by one's own hands

The simplest and safest solution for the manufacture by our own hands will be assembling the hydraulic drive. In order to make the pusher we need two wooden bars, weights, two plastic bottles of different capacity, a flexible tube and several metal branches.

The device is manufactured as follows:

  1. Put one bar on the second and knock them together from one end.
  2. Lower block fix with the frame of the greenhouse, attach the upper to the movable plane of the window.
  3. To the bar from the side of the window, attach a weight with enough to maintain the window in the closed state with a weight( 1,5-3 kg).
  4. Secure an empty 0.5 liter bottle between the bars.
  5. Under the ceiling of the greenhouse, hang a large bottle of 5 liters with a lid and pour water into it. For greater efficiency, the hydraulic cylinder can be painted black or wrapped in a black film.
  6. Connect the tanks using iron nipples and flexible tubing.
  7. Check the tightness of the containers( if necessary, place the junctions of the containers with tubes with sealant).

The device for automatic opening of a pane in a greenhouse can be made by own hands The device for automatic opening of the ventilator in the greenhouse can be done by one's own hands. The mechanism is as follows: when the sun's rays heat the side cylinder( under the ceiling of the greenhouse), the pressure in it increases, and the hot air moves to a smallA bottle that expands and expels the lever. This brings the mechanism into action, and the window opens. When the temperature is lowered( for example, with the approach of night), the pressure in the tanks is leveled and the window closes. This villa opener will serve more than one season. At the same time, the cost of the system will be minimal.

Self-opening pane windows in the greenhouse:

features. You can install any automatic opening device for transoms in a greenhouse. Any gardener can install it. For this you need only a screwdriver and self-tapping screws. In addition, usually, the system comes complete with fasteners and instructions.

Self-opening windows in the greenhouse should be installed under the roof of the greenhouse Self-opening windows in the greenhouse should be installed under the roof of the

. However, the installation and operation of automatic ventilation pans in the greenhouse has its own characteristics:

  1. Self-opening windows should be located under the roof of the hotbed: in this place the hot air is most concentrated.
  2. Do not place the ventilations on the leeward side.
  3. For every two linear meters of the greenhouse length, one transom is to be installed with dimensions of 0.9x0.6 cm.
  4. The window with the automatic opener must necessarily be equipped with a stopper on the spring with the chain: this will prevent the mechanism from breaking when the vent window is openedFrom a gusty wind.
  5. The thermal drive must react to the temperature in the greenhouse, so if necessary, it must be covered with a material that repels the sun's rays.
  6. If the hothouse is not used in the winter, at minus temperatures, hydraulic cylinders are advised to take off in order to avoid rupture of the tanks.
  7. Easy automation can be installed directly on the window frame, heavier systems( for example, the Ufoop opener with a hydraulic cylinder) must be attached to the frame of the greenhouse.

Following these recommendations, you can get the most effective automatic ventilation of the greenhouse, while the machine will last for several decades.

Automatic opening of greenhouses( video)

Growing vegetables in a greenhouse is a complex and time-consuming process. A little to facilitate the work of the gardener is an automatic window that opens and closes, depending on the temperature in the greenhouse. For today, there are many stand-alone installations, different in principle of action. Their choice depends on the financial capacity of the horticulturist, the area of ​​the greenhouse, the material from which the greenhouse is made. At the same time, it is possible to make effective automation for the ventilator with your own hands!Choose the most acceptable option, and enjoy simplicity and convenience!