How to patronize tomatoes in the greenhouse step by step: the correct scheme and video, tomatoes without pasynkovaniya

To reduce the consumption of food for greens, and to direct substances to the development of fruits, it is necessary to conduct pasynkovanie To reduce the power consumption of the greenery, and send agents to the development of the fruit, it is necessary to carry out pasynkovanie Many gardeners think that the yield of tomatoes depends on several factors, namely, the quality of soil, seeds and frequency of feeding. But in this case, when growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, planting shoots is the most important procedure on which the harvest depends.

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Recommendations: how to pinch the tomatoes in the greenhouse

To get started find out some of the terms of agronomy. What, for example, is tomato different from a tomato?Tomato is a plant of nightshade plants. And tomatoes are the fruit of tomato. Stepchildren are lateral processes on the stem, growing in a leaf point and requiring removal. These processes, in fact, are not necessary for the plant. They simply clog the bush with unnecessary foliage and take away to their development many nutrients that could go to form fruit. Most likely, stepsons can be called parasites for tomatoes. The removal of these unnecessary and harmful stepsons is called pasynkovanie.

Pasynkovanie - is the removal of additional shoots, which the plant produces for the growth of the bush Pasynkovanie - the removal of extra shoots that the plant produces for the growth of bush

Members think that in order to properly pinch, you must complete the Academy of Agronomy. This is not true. What are we going to do when we remove our stepson from the plant?By removing the shoots, you can increase the yield of tomatoes at times. It turns out, by patronage we simply redirect useful substances and plant forces to the formation of not bush and foliage, but to the formation of fruits. But skipping the stepson, we risk being left without a crop at all. Pasynkovanie prevents the growth of the plant during heightened growth. In this case, a huge number of leaves, stems. That's it and it has a bad effect on the yield of tomatoes.

main task pasynkovaniya:

  • increases productivity;
  • The fruiting period is extended;
  • The percentage of fungal diseases decreases.

So, how do you do the right pasyning?The first stepchildren appear on the seedlings of tomatoes, before planting seedlings. Seedlings need to be pasynkovanie, even when it is in the boxes. It is necessary to cut off the extra sheets, especially at the bottom. This must be done so that there is less work after planting.

Planting plants in a greenhouse, the second step-parent should be performed after 9 days, not earlier. Follow-up pasynkovanie produce every 7-8 days. One should not allow stepchildren to grow longer than 5 cm. The best option is if the stepsons are removed small so as not to damage the plant. And it is necessary to do this, either with scissors or with hands. Fingers need to scroll the stepson, or rather, at its base around the axis, or pinch two fingers. In this case, it is necessary to know that it is necessary to leave the stump of the stepson approximately 3 cm long.

Specialists, advise the stepson to produce early in the morning, when the greenhouse has good lighting.

Broken leaves, stepchilds must be left under the plant on the bed, after a while the green mass will fade, decompose and release carbon dioxide, which is necessary for the good development of tomatoes. Although some agronomists advise the opposite, remove the entire green mass from the greenhouse so that there is no development of fungal diseases.

Correct scheme for paminating tomatoes in the greenhouse step by step

What else should I do after planting seedlings?After 9 days, the next pasynkovanie. But how do you determine where the sheet is, and where is the stepchild?After all, they grow from about one point. It is necessary to know one thing, that first a leaf appears, and then a stepchild. In other words, it is necessary to break off the upper tendril, since the lower one is a leaf. It can not be touched. Of course, the stepson can eventually develop into a full-fledged branch - with flowers and in the future also with fruits, but the fruits will be substandard and small.

The stepson is formed in the axil of the leaf, growing between it and the main stem of the plant Pasynok formed in the leaf axils, growing them between main stem plants

Pasynkovanie produced during the fruiting period, thus prolonging the period of formation of the fruit, and gradually. What kind of tomato is preferable for growing in greenhouses?The recommendations of agronomists are unambiguous - only tall ones or they are also called indeterminate.

What are the advantages of tall growing tomatoes in the greenhouse:

  • High yields;
  • Long fruiting period( approximately 4 months);
  • Convenience in maintenance;
  • Resistant to fungal diseases;
  • Easy maintenance.

What is the scheme for pasynkovaniya in tall or indeterminate tomatoes in the greenhouse?It is necessary, firstly, to properly plant the plants. The distance of the bushes is 22 cm, and the rows are not less than 135 cm. The supports in this case are planted, metal ones are necessary, in the form of the letter "T".The height of the supports, respectively, should be up to 2 m. At the top of the supports it is necessary to pull a metal wire or strong cord, in 2 rows.

With this horizontal wire near each plant, the twine must fall down.

And then everything is simple. As the stem of the plant grows, tomato will go up the twine. To facilitate this task, the plant needs help. Just wrap the stalk around the twine counterclockwise. This will be quite enough. In extreme cases, you can use traditional wooden pegs near each bush, simply tied the tomatoes to them. But the first option will be more accurate than the second. Of course, in the first year, installing metal supports throughout the greenhouse - it will be expensive. But in the second year, everything will pay off, especially as when growing tomatoes with the first option, maintenance of plants will be an order of magnitude simpler and more convenient. Effective

pasynkovanie tomato in the greenhouse

Grow tall tomatoes in a greenhouse advantageous and convenient, classes, based on the 1 m2 greenhouses, more fruitful. This is very important, since the greenhouse is a fairly expensive investment. But, if we want to get high yields, then some technologies used in industrial agronomy must be observed, and therefore one of the necessary technologies is pasynkovanie.

Formation of a tomato shrub in a greenhouse is a pledge of a high yield Formation of the bush tomato in the greenhouse is the key to high yield

Experts recommend leaving only one tall stem of a tomato.

The first brush is laid after 6 or 8 leaves appear. And during this period from one point with the sheet there are stepsons, and they must be broken off. If there is no thick foliage, we get a good illumination of the plant in the greenhouse, and, accordingly, a good harvest. As a bonus, in the greenhouse there will be excellent ventilation, which will prevent the emergence of many fungal diseases.

What you need to remember when pasynkovanii tomatoes in the greenhouse:

  • should be handled with gloves;
  • Obliterate stepchildren must be neat and sharp;
  • Cut mustache with sharpened scissors;
  • Do not throw trimmings under the plant and clean up the debris.

Then the plant begins to bloom. As soon as a blooming bunch with future tomatoes is formed, stepsons appear immediately. Here you can not hesitate, and immediately your stepsons must be broken off. In this case, it is necessary to remove all the lower leaves - they are no longer needed for the ripening of the crop. Further, when formed tomatoes, all you need to break off the lower leaves and stepchildren - they will simply divert the power plant, thus weakening it - that the tomatoes do not need.

Low-grown tomatoes for greenhouses without pasynkovaniya

Tomatoes, which practically do not require pasynkovaniya, called undersized or determinant. Specialists often call such tomatoes - stamping. Thus, without pasynkovaniya bush stops growing up, and all efforts are redirected to the registration of fruits and a good harvest of tomatoes.

The advantage of low-growing tomatoes, not requiring pasynkovaniya, is that they do not need to be patsy advantage undersized tomatoes that do not require pasynkovaniya, that they do not need to pinch

What are the determinant tomatoes:

  • A short stalk;
  • Plant height up to 0.5 m;
  • Blossoming brushes are limited to 3 or 5 brushes.

If we want to get a crop from a tomato crop 2 weeks earlier, it is necessary to conduct the stepson immediately after the appearance of the first strong flowering brushes in the amount of 4-5 pieces. You need to remove the other lower brushes and stepchildren. This will be the key to early development of the fruit. But it must be remembered that in this case, the topmost point of the stem is to be pinched, leaving only a few leaves after the uppermost flowering brush.

Than and how to patronize tomatoes in a polycarbonate greenhouse

So, how to produce this necessary necessary procedure?Beginners are simply panic afraid of this word and action. And so they simply do not dare to go in for their tomatoes, and in vain. They lose half of their well-deserved harvest. The reason for this reluctance is simple: vegetable growers are simply afraid that they will do something wrong, and they will remove the necessary processes, instead of harmful ones, and therefore they will lose their crop.

On tomatoes at pasynkovanii it is necessary to leave a stump, then on this place the new stepson will not grow tomatoes at pasynkovanii need to leave the stump, then this place will not grow new stepson

Pasynkovanie done even during fruiting.

In this case, the crop ripens faster and the period of tomato formation is stretched. During flowering, the plants must be constantly shaken for pollination, especially in the middle of the day.

What is the care for tomatoes during flowering:

  • Reduce the intensity of irrigation;
  • Create good ventilation;
  • Shake the bushes of tomatoes.

When tomatoes bloom, it is necessary to arrange forced ventilation in the greenhouse and reduce watering. This is very important for improving the yield of the bush. This atmosphere can be created by periodically opening doors and windows in the greenhouse.

Non-expanding tomato varieties for growing in a greenhouse

Non-propagating varieties are a separate species. But, it is necessary to know that they are also called hybrid or undersized. Such variants are good for those places for which care does not happen a lot of time, and it is difficult to watch plants every day.

Tomatoes dwarfed for greenhouses without pasynkovaniya - not a fantasy, but a real option, available to gardeners undersized Tomatoes for greenhouses without pasynkovaniya - not a fantasy, but a very real option available to gardeners

varieties of hybrid varieties which are not subject pasynkovanie:

  • Alaska;
  • Watermelon;
  • Gavroche;
  • Yamal;
  • White filling.

When you need a crop, then you still need a one-time step-parent. Form one stem and wait for the appearance of 2-3 flowering brushes. Everything that remains below - is destroyed, and the top of the plant is plucked. Thus, enhanced ripening of the fruit is created. But there is one nuance in these varieties - they all mature at the same time.

Pasynkovanie and proper care of the tomatoes in the greenhouse

Pasynkovanie shoots, of course, an important process to improve yield, and this is necessary and appropriate care for tomatoes but not least, with the correct and timely fertilizing plants during growth. The recipe for simple top dressing of tomatoes in the greenhouse is chicken manure( 1 part) and water( 13 parts).The periodicity of top dressing is approximately 1 time in 3 weeks. Approximately 1 liter of solution per plant. This is quite enough.

Specialists suggest starting with the cultivation of hybrids of the first generation Specialists suggest starting with the cultivation of hybrids of the first generation

And it is the creation of a single stem, when growing tall tomatoes, significantly prolongs the period of fruiting and obtaining a guaranteed crop within 4 months. Sometimes after the stepson, from the same point, even in the absence of a sheet, there are still stepchildren - it happens. They just need to break.

Pampering tomato in the greenhouse( video)

Pasyning is an important and necessary process during the growth of tomato. This can not be neglected and it is necessary to properly carry out this simple work, and one should not be afraid to do something wrong. All comes with experience. Good luck!

Examples: both pinch tomatoes in a greenhouse( photo)