All for the greenhouse: coating and components for greenhouses, pegs and polyethylene, fasteners and

Materials for the greenhouse can be bought in a construction or specialized store Greenhouse materials can be bought in a construction or specialized store The greenhouse is an ideal place to create permanent conditions that promote normal plant growth, flowering and fruit bearing. In order to obtain the maximum result, it is necessary to properly equip the greenhouse. What material to choose for covering the greenhouse, how to fix polycarbonate and what, first of all, to equip the greenhouse - read below.

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Coverage for greenhouses

Which coating to choose for a greenhouse depends on the financial capacity of the gardener, the frame and the type of greenhouse. So, for example, for a wooden seasonal greenhouse, a transparent polyethylene coating is perfect.

Before buying a cover for a greenhouse, you should perform all measurements with the help of tape measure and write them on paper Before buying a coating for a greenhouse, you should perform all measurements using a tape measure and write them on paper

The most popular materials for covering year-round greenhouses are:

  1. Glass. This material has a lot of advantages, among which: high light transmitting ability, resistance to mechanical and chemical influences. The disadvantages of the material can be attributed to the fact that the glass flooring requires a strong, and therefore more expensive, frame. And the installation of glass is laborious and has a lot of nuances. In addition, the glass does not withstand the load of atmospheric precipitation.
  2. Polycarbonate. Polycarbonate flooring is distinguished by its accessibility, the ability to gently diffuse light, flexibility( suitable for arch cover), durability. In addition, its weight is much lighter than glass, which allows for self-assembly.

The most affordable material for seasonal greenhouses is polyethylene.

Polyethylene for greenhouses

Polyethylene as a coating for greenhouses is characterized by its low cost, the ability to gently scatter light, high thermal insulation properties. In addition, the film is not demanding on the frame( it can be assembled by hand even from wood).

An alternative to polyethylene can be agrofibre, which, often covers beds and low greenhouses.

Polyethylene for greenhouses can differ in thickness, color and quality Polyethylene for greenhouses can differ in thickness, color and quality

The shortcomings of the material include its fragility: polyethylene film is easily destroyed under mechanical influence, weather conditions, sunlight.

Fasteners for greenhouses from polycarbonate

Whether the sheets of polycarbonate on the frame are securely fixed depends on the life of the greenhouse and its efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of fasteners for polycarbonate.

Today, polycarbonate can be fastened to the frame using:

  1. Thermoworld. Such profiles are ideal for polycarbonate, which expands when exposed to temperatures. Termoshaybi guarantee absolutely tight and connection.
  2. Connector profiles( NDS).Such a profile consists of a cover and a base, so that it can be easily mounted. It is reliable because of the large number of ribs, but it is distinguished by its high cost.
  3. Non-detachable profiles. Advantages of such profiles are their availability and efficiency, disadvantages are the difficulty of working on long slopes.
  4. Connection profiles. Such profiles are ideal for mounting sheets on straight greenhouses. The method of fastening is simple, and the fasteners themselves are not expensive.
  5. End profile. Fastened to the ends of the panel, protecting them from moisture, dirt and insects.
  6. Hermetic tape. Used to close the ends before mounting the end profile.

Mounting for greenhouses made of polycarbonate can be made of steel or aluminum Mounting for greenhouses made of polycarbonate can be made of steel or aluminum

Separately, the aluminum system of fastening is selected, which allows to effectively cope with the tasks of hydro and thermal insulation of the greenhouse. In addition, such a system is indispensable when you need an aesthetically attractive appearance of the greenhouse.

Additional equipment for greenhouses

If your greenhouse is under construction, then in addition to purchasing material to cover and install the frame, you will need to purchase the most necessary components. So, you will without fail need pens and mounting elements for doors in the greenhouse, openers( best automatic) for the windows.

The equipment of the greenhouse depends on what crops you plan to grow and whether the cultivation will be year-round.

If you plan to grow tall plants, you should take care of a comfortable support for them. So, for cucumbers and tall tomatoes it will be necessary to build trellises. To organize additional lighting in greenhouses, in winter, you can use energy-saving lamps or artificial light.

As an additional equipment for greenhouses, the heating system

is worth remembering. It is worth remembering that artificial sun can provide plants with beams different in color spectrum( red rays are responsible for the development of the root system and plant fruits, and the blue rays are responsible for the development of the root system and plant fruits, Green mass).

In addition, you will need to stock up on garden tools, containers for the preparation of nutrient solutions. If the greenhouse is high or the room has a large area, then it will not be superfluous to purchase a cart for plant care( it will be convenient to place garden tools on the cart) and harvesting. A good choice will be a hydraulic cart from the company Walzmatic, which will allow you to climb to a height of 3.5 meters.

Pegs for greenhouse

Plastic vertical grilles, dreadlocks of thread, stretched to pegs and fixed to the ceiling of the greenhouse, can serve as supports for plants.

Garden pegs can also be used as fasteners for small collapsible greenhouses.

More often, garden pegs are sold in a package of 10-20 pieces. It is better to choose plastic pegs, since plastic is a safe material that does not corrode. The pegs, in this case, are inserted into the ends of the carcass arches, the greenhouse is stretched out on the bed, and the pegs are buried in the ground and rammed.

Pegs for a greenhouse are not much, so they should be bought with a margin Pegs for greenhouse stand a little, so they should be bought with a stock

You can install on plastic pegs only greenhouses covered with light material( agrovoloknom, film).

When choosing pegs, you should consider their diameter: it must match the diameter of the arcs of the frame. If you install a greenhouse on pegs in a windy area, then it will need to be further secured. To do this, you can use metal pegs for tents, with which you can cover the light coating in the ground.

Accessories for greenhouses

The efficiency of the greenhouse depends on its staffing. Modern technologies allow to equip the greenhouse with heating and ventilation, irrigation and lighting systems.

Heating of the greenhouse can be organized in many ways. The most economically beneficial is heating using solar energy. You can realize such a system by buying or assembling your own solar collector, which will heat the coolant.

When installing heating devices in a greenhouse, you need to take care of the air circulation and maintain a constant level of humidity( so as not to overheat and dry the plants).

Most modern greenhouses are equipped with automatic window opening systems Most modern greenhouses are equipped with automatic opening of windows

A double evaporative cooling system for greenhouses can help in this. The main task of the system is to create an artificial mist that can increase the humidity in the greenhouse and lower the temperature( the system condenses carbon dioxide, which effectively dissipates the heat).

The most affordable watering system - drip( buy connectors, cranes and tapes for drip irrigation with delivery can be found in the online store Agro-Market).Automatic drip irrigation system allows you to increase yield in the greenhouse by 50% or more. You can easily make it yourself. But qualitative irrigation depends not only on the irrigation system, but also on water treatment.

The quality and quantity of the crop is affected by the content of microelements necessary for plants in the watering water, the absence of harmful substances and impurities.

You can control the amount of necessary substances in water using a special system for preparing nutrient solutions with a mixer and a metering device, a pump for drip irrigation.

Trolley for greenhouses Walzmatic Agro S1( video)

Properly equipped greenhouse is the guarantee of a good harvest. From what will be the microclimate in the greenhouse depends the speed of maturation and the quality of the fruit. Therefore, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to choosing a coating for the greenhouse, irrigation, heating, air conditioning and lighting. A device for plant care and harvesting, will make cultivation much more convenient, saving your strength and time!