How to properly fasten polycarbonate to the greenhouse: cutting and which side to put, how to fix and attach the styling

How to properly fix the polycarbonate on the greenhouse should know every summer resident How to strengthen the polycarbonate greenhouse everyone should know cottager polycarbonate greenhouse is possible to grow fresh culture all year round. It guarantees reliable protection from the sun and any bad weather conditions. That is why many summer residents decide on installing a greenhouse of polycarbonate themselves. To implement this is quite possible, adhering to technology.

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Right on cutting greenhouse polycarbonate

During construction work will have to perform the cutting of sheets of polycarbonate. This procedure must be done slowly and carefully. How well the cuts will be made depends on the quality of the structure in the future.

Polycarbonate is a pliable and thin material. Work with him can be done with a stationery knife or sharp scissors.

It is better for inexperienced builders to seek help from knowledgeable people. But you can do this work with your own hands, if you follow the technology and follow a few simple rules. To begin with, you need to prepare the right tools: a wood hacksaw, a saw or a circular.

Correct polycarbonate cutting on the greenhouse Right on cutting greenhouse polycarbonate

basic rules for working with polycarbonate:

  1. not damage the protective film on the material;
  2. The sawdust created in the process of work is advised to be removed using compressed air;
  3. It is necessary to create a cutting plan so that a minimum amount of polycarbonate leaves in the process;
  4. Cutting must be done along the voids to reduce the risk of breakage of the sheets.

Polycarbonate is used for arched greenhouses. First you need to cut the roof of the building. After that, you need to cut out the sheets on the doors and windows. Only after this, you can cut the material on the walls.

The ends of polycarbonate sheets must be sealed with a sealant. The outer layer must form a part with a protective coating. It will protect plants from the negative effects of the sun.

Which side to attach polycarbonate to the greenhouse

Polycarbonate is widely used in the greenhouse business and in the personal buildings of greenhouses. It is lightweight, durable and can be set up independently. But it is important to know which side to fix the sheets on the greenhouse.

tips about how to determine the desired direction when attached material:

  1. color of the protective film and the inner layer may vary;
  2. Instructions can include manufacturer's advice, as it will designate the protective surface;
  3. The seller or another specialist can help.

The protective coating is located on only one side of the material. But it is not always possible to correctly determine which one. But it is necessary to understand, because this depends on the quality of construction and protection of plants from UV radiation.

The easiest way to determine the right side is to discern the colors of the coating. Usually the protective film is colored. The inner layer remains transparent.

The easiest way to determine the necessary side when attaching the material is to discern the colors of the coating The easiest way to determine the required direction when mounting material - distinguish color coating

Many manufacturers make a special notation front. For this, it is necessary to read the instruction.

The protective film can be highlighted in color or other signs. You can also purchase polycarbonate with double protection on both sides. This purchase will cost more, but it will be stronger.

The right side can be easily identified by a specialist. They can become a seller or a person who does the polycarbonate installation. The right sides can be easily confused. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to carry out the work especially carefully.

Methods for connecting carbonate to each other on a greenhouse

When the sheets are cut and the desired side is determined, it is necessary to start laying the sheets. To properly fix the carbonate resorted to using several methods. These methods will help to properly install the material on the frame and connect it with each other.

Methods of fastening polycarbonate:

  • Termoshaybi;
  • Metal profile;
  • Hermetic tape;
  • Aluminum.

Thermal washers are plastic parts with a short stem. The size of the elements is similar to the thickness of the sheets. This takes into account the seal and the latch.

You can connect polycarbonate to each other in several ways You can connect polycarbonate to each other in several ways.

When using the thermowell, do not bend the polycarbonate curvature. So in the material there will be holes, and the whole hermeticity of the greenhouse will be broken.

A metal profile can be laid if the width of the greenhouse is more than two meters. There are several types of profiles: connecting, non-detachable, detachable and end. Each type has its own uses.

Use of sealants is relevant for upper skates. During installation of arch roofs, the bottom edge must be fixed with a perforated tape. Otherwise, the air will leave the room in the form of a pair. In the winter it can cause damage to the sheets, their rupture.

Aluminum can perform several functions at once. First of all, it should be noted that this is an excellent hermetic. In addition, it can become the basis. Thanks to rubber seals, aluminum does not allow moisture and air to pass through.

Ways: how to attach polycarbonate to the greenhouse

For greenhouses, 2 types of polycarbonate can be used: monolithic and cellular. The difference between these two types is manifested in the structure. Cellular version is more durable and hard with a ribbed shape. Monolithic carbonate is lighter and similar in structure to glass.

Mounting methods for monolithic type :

  • Dry;
  • Wet.

For a wet method, use silicone sealants, putty, glue and auxiliary tools. First, it is necessary to treat the edges with polymer putty. After that the whole area of ​​the frame is smeared. After that, you can attach the sheets.

For greenhouses, two types of polycarbonate are used: cellular and monolithic Two types of polycarbonate are used for greenhouses: honeycomb and solid

The joining of the seams between each other must be necessarily treated with an airtight tape or silicone. This is done to prevent moisture from entering the greenhouse.

The dry method involves the use of self-tapping screws, washers and gaskets. With the help of a drill in the frame, holes for nails are made. Similar holes must be made in the sheets themselves. The distance between the holes is 50 cm, and from the edge it is necessary to retreat 2 cm. The holes themselves should be slightly larger than the self-cutter itself. During operation, polycarbonate has the property of expanding.

Mounting options for solid material :

  • Spot;
  • Stacking on profiles.

With self-tapping, self-tapping screws are used. First make holes on the frame, later on the sheets themselves. Their shape should be oval, and the arrangement along the ribs. The distance between the fasteners is 40 cm, from the edge it is necessary to retreat 4 cm.

After that, you can start the installation of cellular polycarbonate. Put sheets exactly. For self-cutters, heat-washers are always required. This ensures tightness of the connections. After all it is necessary to close the ends.

You can put profiles if you plan on using the greenhouse for a long time. For this you need the profiles, screws and drill. First, you need to put profiles on the base and fix them. It is necessary to tighten the fasteners quite strongly, since in the future they will be given a strong load.

After installing the metal profiles, you can begin to attach the sheets. No need to hurry. Each layer is stacked gradually, after which the profile is fixed, and proceed to the next sheet. After the entire material has been installed, the ends are closed. For this use aluminum.

How to attach polycarbonate to the greenhouse( video)

To properly arrange polycarbonate sheets on a greenhouse, you need to know several important rules. To begin with, it is necessary to cut the material correctly and to determine the mounting side. The following features are in the form of polycarbonate. It depends on them how to fix the material directly to the frame and to each other.