Polycarbonate greenhouses from the manufacturer: garden production, the best cheap in the Moscow region

Greenhouses made of polycarbonate can be made independently or buy ready-made greenhouses made of polycarbonate can be made by yourself or buy a ready-made grow a large crop in the northern regions and areas with constant overcast weather can be extremely difficult. This is due to the lack of heat and the lack of sufficient light, important for the normal growth and development of plants. To help gardeners faced with such a problem, can grow fruit crops in a closed ground. The most suitable for this, for today, are considered greenhouses made of polycarbonate from the manufacturer.

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greenhouses production of polycarbonate

greenhouse polycarbonate from the manufacturer - it is the best option for cultivation in a sheltered ground. This design is notable for its tightness, which makes it possible to create optimal conditions for the cultivation of any crop, it is easy to assemble by own hands in just a few hours.

Among the advantages of polycarbonate greenhouses is worth noting the long service life and good functionality Among the advantages of greenhouses made of polycarbonate worth noting the long life and good functionality

At present, greenhouse production can offer the following designs:

  1. Garden. Such greenhouses are intended for cultivation of fruit crops for own use, they have standard sizes( 2-4 m in width and 3-10 m in length and 2-3 m in height).
  2. Farmer's greenhouses are of an increased size and allow to create a year-round cycle of cultivation. Winter greenhouses are equipped with heating, aeration, lighting and watering systems.
  3. Production greenhouses have an area of ​​500 sq. M and have automated systems and developed infrastructure.

The shape of the greenhouse can be arched, one- and two-slope, with polygonal roofs.

How to choose Greenhouses Polycarbonate manufacturer of

Modern greenhouses manufacturers offer a wide range of designs, different in shape, size, mounting and dismounting, for different operating conditions. So, for today, any gardener can buy large and small, demountable and stationary greenhouses with polycarbonate coating of different color and degree of transparency.

Choose a garden greenhouse made of polycarbonate, depending on the number of plants that you are going to grow Choose a garden greenhouse made of polycarbonate, depending on the number of plants you are going to grow

When choosing a greenhouse made of polycarbonate from the manufacturer, it is necessary to take into account:

  1. Manufacturer's warranty. On average, manufacturers give a guarantee for the design of 14 to 15 years. The manufacturer can provide a warranty separately for the frame and polycarbonate.
  2. Availability of supporting documentation( documents for polycarbonate indicating the dimensional characteristics and degree of UV protection, frame), certificates of compliance with the construction of GOSTs and international quality standards.
  3. Complete greenhouse. In a set of greenhouses of arch type should include polycarbonate sheets( on a greenhouse in length of 6 meters - 4 sheets in width in 2100 mm and in length in 6000 mm).In addition, two end faces, two doors and windows, support arches( 5 pieces for a greenhouse 6 meters in length), jumpers( 30 pieces), a package of fittings and fasteners.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to what the frame of the greenhouse is made of: cheap greenhouses have frameworks made of PVC.

Greenhouses Polycarbonate: manufacturers

To acquired Galicia has brought only positive emotions and the best result, served for a long time and was comfortable to use, it is better to pay attention to the design of the well-established manufacturers. According to numerous reviews of gardeners, you can make a rating of the best greenhouses made of polycarbonate from the manufacturer.

Before buying it is worth reading the reviews about the manufacturer of the greenhouse Before purchase it is worth reading the reviews about the manufacturer of the greenhouse you like

The top popular domestic producers of quality greenhouses include:

  1. TD "Harvest", Nizhny Novgorod. The company offers inexpensive greenhouses( the cost of an arched greenhouse at 6 m with polycarbonate is only 11,950 rubles.).In this case, the frame of the greenhouse without assembly can be purchased for 8 thousand.
  2. Company "Will", Dubna offers reinforced greenhouses, structures from galvanized pipe, structures with a sliding roof, greenhouses. To buy a greenhouse in length of 2 meters it is possible from 6,400 thousand rubles. The cost of construction depends on the thickness of the polycarbonate, the type and length of the frame.
  3. LLC Neftekamsk fur. Factory ", Neftekamsk. The enterprise works with delivery, so the cost of the structures can be very different( for example, in the Moscow region a greenhouse at 6 meters will cost 18 thousand rubles).But the quality of the structures is worth it.

Greenhouses from the Belarusian manufacturer( for example, from the company "AGS-Service") are of special quality and availability. Most of these manufacturers offer a service for the individual production of greenhouses.

The best polycarbonate for greenhouses: manufacturer

To cover the frame of greenhouses, today, use cellular polycarbonate. Due to the presence of an air layer, such a material has high thermal insulation characteristics and is distinguished by its strength. In addition, cellular polycarbonate has a wide range of models. Today, sheets of cellular polycarbonate are produced with a width of 0.0021 km and a length of 0.006 and 0.012 km. Sheets can be either transparent or matte, colored. The color and degree of transparency of polycarbonate depends on the crops that are grown in the greenhouse.

The most popular manufacturers of polycarbonate, which have proven themselves in the roofing materials market, are: Bayer Makrolon, SafPlast Innovative, Polygal and Polygal-East, lastiLux.

The most accessible material is a polycarbonate from ITALON( the standard sheet costs around 2,500).But, the lifetime of such polycarbonate is only 5 years. In the same price category and with the same service life, there is polycarbonate from Vizor.

When choosing a greenhouse, it is worth paying attention to the thickness of polycarbonate When choosing a greenhouse, it is worth paying attention to the thickness of polycarbonate

For three years longer, it will be covered by Plastilux. But the cost of a standard sheet here will be one time more. The manufacturer Novattro sheet polycarbonate with a thickness of 0.6 cm can be purchased for 4600 rubles. But pleases here warranty period of exploitation of the material in 14 years. At the domestic manufacturer Carboglass the same sheet will cost 5 thousand, and a covering will serve for a year more.

When choosing greenhouses from polycarbonate, it is worth considering that designs with thinner sheets will be cheaper.

Nevertheless, it is possible to acquire a greenhouse with thin sheets( 2-4 mm) only if this structure is dismantled for the winter. This is especially important for regions with a large amount of annual precipitation, which can damage the material. The optimal thickness of polycarbonate sheets for seasonal greenhouses is 6-8 mm, for winter 10-16.

Overview of greenhouses from polycarbonate from the manufacturer( video)

Polycarbonate greenhouse is a structure that will allow to organize ideal conditions for growing crops all year round. Today, a gardener can purchase a greenhouse of any size and type, make a vegetarian, according to individual requests. The service life of the greenhouse determines the quality of its coating and frame. Choosing the structure, taking into account all the above recommendations, you will acquire a really high-quality and durable structure in your garden plot!