When to plant peppers and tomatoes in a greenhouse: is it possible to plant tomatoes in one greenhouse and grow eggplants

Peppers and tomatoes grow together well, because both belong to the group of nightshade cultures Peppers and tomatoes grow together well, because they both belong to the group of solanaceous cultures Peppers and tomatoes are the most popular vegetable cultures practically all over the world and, to grow them independently, truck farmers prefer to plant them in a greenhouse. Vegetables have excellent taste properties, and if you properly equip a greenhouse, it is possible to grow the crop throughout the year. In general, the arrangement of the greenhouse, as well as growing seedlings and transplanting in a greenhouse, is not at all difficult, with all the necessary recommendations.

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    • Can I plant peppers and tomatoes together on seedlings in a greenhouse
    • Tips: can I plant tomatoes and peppers in one greenhouse
    • Peppers, tomatoes and eggplants: germination
    • Growing a tomato pepperIn the greenhouse and their disembarkation into the closed ground
    • How and when to plant peppers and tomatoes in the greenhouse( video)
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Can you plant peppers and tomatoes together on seedlings inGreenhouse

PepperAnd tomatoes can be planted in a greenhouse at once, and it is there to grow seedlings. Before you start landing, it is necessary to choose a certain variety, which can be allowed to germinate in the open ground. The peculiarity of such varieties is in certain taste qualities.

Sweet pepper with tomatoes in the greenhouse get along fairly well Sweet pepper with tomatoes in the greenhouse get along pretty well

The sweetest varieties most sought after around the world are:

  • Early Tenderness, with a bright red color and elongated shape;
  • Hybrid An orange miracle with yellow color and cube shape;
  • Cone-shaped hybrid Night;
  • An early hybrid of Pinocchio, which has a very red color and an elongated shape.

As for tomatoes, the choice of varieties is more than that of peppers, but it is preferable to choose hybrid varieties, as they are resistant to harsh conditions, germination in the open ground, even throughout the year.

Depending on the variety, the planting period, maturation period, yield, goodness, and cost may vary.

Planting these vegetables independently in the greenhouse will not be too difficult, and you can get your own quality harvest. The main thing is to follow certain recommendations so as not to damage the plantings.

Tips: can I plant tomatoes and peppers in one greenhouse

A greenhouse made of polycarbonate is quite complex and large-sized structure, and sometimes several greenhouses can not be placed in one sector at once. What if you want to grow a large number of delicious and ripe vegetables?It is worth paying attention to such an aspect as the compatibility of crops, and then the cultivation will deliver only a positive result and great pleasure.

You can plant pepper along the tomato rows, because tomatoes have a special smell that will scare off the aphid It is possible to plant pepper along the tomato rows, because tomatoes have a special smell that will scare off the

It is perfectly permissible to plant different varieties in the same greenhouse together, but it is worth to get acquainted with how it is possible to combine cultures.

Planting of pepper and tomato varieties is always carried out together, as the plants perfectly coexist with each other and do not interfere with pollination. However, it is worth separately and from the sweet pepper and tomatoes to plant bitter, because it due to cross pollination, can give other vegetables a bitter and not too pleasant taste.

In order for the cultivation to bring only benefits, it is worth paying attention to the competent formation of beds:

  1. It is required to plant tomatoes of high growth in checkerboard order.
  2. Further between their bushes sit tomatoes.
  3. After the lower branches are removed to the first brush on the tomatoes, enough light will come to the peppers.

If you plant peppers along the bushes with tomatoes, you can protect them from the effects of pests such as aphids. The peculiarity of co-cultivation is that tomatoes and peppers prefer dry air, and therefore when landing under one dome, there will not be much trouble.

Can I additionally grow cucumbers with peppers and tomatoes?In this case, you need to maintain certain conditions. If there is no possibility to install additional greenhouses on the site, and if it is necessary to plant cucumbers with tomatoes and peppers, then it is necessary to initially divide the space into 3 parts for each type of tomato.

In the middle you need to plant tomatoes, as there is better ventilation. Cucumbers sit down from the South, as they need not only frequent watering, but also direct exposure to draft and waterlogging should be avoided. Put pepper on the northern part of the greenhouse. In this case, they will not be afraid of aphids, and favorable conditions for cultivation will be created. Properly selecting seeds of tomatoes and cucumbers, you should pay attention to hybrids, as they are more resistant to the neighborhood with other cultures and different conditions.

Peppers, tomatoes and aubergines: germination in a greenhouse

Eggplants, tomatoes and peppers are delicious vegetables, popular crops and most importantly, the most frequent inhabitants of greenhouses and greenhouses in the garden. To get the most quantity of quality harvest, it will be necessary to start planting peppers and eggplant back in late February. Before planting, it is necessary to carry out the treatment of seeds, in order to avoid the formation of various kinds of diseases. After that, the seeds are planted directly in special cups with soil. Peppers, tomatoes and aubergines in one greenhouse perfectly coexist with any arrangement of beds

For seed treatment, it is necessary: ​​

  • Dilute the permanganate in the proportion 1/100;
  • Immerse the seeds in it for 30 minutes;
  • Get out and put in a growth stimulant.

Thus, you can be sure that tomatoes will not affect the fungus, mold and other similar problems. To avoid diving the seedlings before they are planted in the open ground of the greenhouse, it is necessary to place the seeds in glasses at a depth of 5-15 cm.

Only in this case they will outgrow the grown and collected a large number of nutrients.

After the seedlings have given 3 of this leaf, fertilizing is required, and a solution of urea 50 g, superphosphate 125 g and water 10 l is required for this. After carrying out fertilizing, watering with clean water is required. The next time the fertilizing is carried out after 4 leaves are formed.

Growing a tomato pepper in a greenhouse and planting it in a closed ground

The scheme for planting and growing peppers and tomatoes is generally the same, and to get an excellent harvest, it is necessary to start planting seeds for seedlings as early as possible. Ideally, the seeds should be planted in the period March-April, after which it must pass a minimum of 55 days before the seedlings go to the greenhouse. Peppers, eggplants and tomatoes are solanaceous cultures, so they can be grown together without fear of dusting or exerting a depressing effect on each other.

Before planting seedlings, soil preparation in a special way is required by adding potassium, phosphoric or nitricFertilizer.

It is not advisable to frequently water the vegetables in the greenhouse, but abundantly, and if there is a lack of water in the soil, the foliage may turn yellow and become stained. It is strictly forbidden to plant seedlings in fresh and freshly prepared compost, as this will accelerate the growth of seedlings, and reduce the activity of the appearance of ovaries.

Planting of seedlings is carried out according to a special technology:

  • Soil warms up to 15 ᵒС;
  • Wells are formed;
  • Filled with large amounts of water;
  • Transplant is being performed;
  • Strengthens the soil.

It is necessary to maintain the optimum temperature, and a constant, which will also affect the quantity and quality of the fruit. Strictly forbidden sharp temperature drop, and experts prefer to use greenhouses with additional heating. Peppers are fed 1 time in 2 weeks, and tomatoes are much rarer, depending on the variety. Plants should receive a large amount of high-grade sunlight, and therefore it is worth placing a greenhouse in the sunniest part of the garden.

Planting bushes of peppers and tomatoes, as already noted, can be staggered. From this they will not suffer, but rather vice versa, will be more robust and healthy, since tomatoes protect peppers from pests and diseases.

How and when to plant peppers and tomatoes in a greenhouse( video)

It is not difficult to follow a number of such recommendations, but as a result there will be an excellent crop that can surprise with its qualities. The most important thing is not to forget about the little things, and pay attention to the condition of plants.

Examples: tomatoes and peppers in a greenhouse( photo)