Salad Iceberg growing in the greenhouse: in winter for sale, all year round, planting and planting, planting Kress, early varieties

Iceberg salad can be grown in a heated greenhouse all year round Iceberg salad can be grown in a heated greenhouse year round You can grow an attractive and useful Iceberg salad in greenhouse conditions. In addition, it will be a great business with a good profit. The main thing is to organize the work of the greenhouse.

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Features of lettuce cultivation in the greenhouse

Of the salad crops, truck farmers often grow unpretentious early varieties: cress salad, oaky, frieze. But many are engaged in the cultivation of leaf lettuce Iceberg. It has a fairly pleasant taste and nutritional composition. Green leaves are suitable for therapeutic nutrition or with a diet. Aiberg is a late-ripening culture. Many people are interested in how much the nutritional culture is growing. On average this term is 45-80 days.

Features of lettuce cultivation Iceberg:

  1. The greenhouse needs to be provided with bright lighting. If the light is not enough, the plant will stretch, lose its juiciness, and the leaves will become pale.
  2. Salad for the salad should be as nutritious and light as possible. A mixture of garden soil with turf and sand is suitable. The soil should not be too acidic.
  3. In the greenhouse it is necessary to maintain the optimum temperature for Iceberg. The norm for the formation of the head is the daytime temperature of 20-22 degrees, and the night temperature is 18 degrees. Too hot and stuffy in the greenhouse should not be.

When growing lettuce in a greenhouse it is necessary to fertilize the soil with mineral components When growing lettuce in the greenhouse it is necessary to fertilize the ground with mineral components

The planting can be carried out both with seeds and with already prepared seedlings. If you choose the latter option, then the harvest can be collected faster. The method of cultivation is in peat bricks and pots.

To get a good harvest, plants need to provide bright light, optimal temperature conditions in the greenhouse and regular watering.

Iceberg salad should receive all nutrients from the soil. That's why you need to take care of a light substrate. Also, you should periodically remove weeds and weed the beds. For the smaller to form weeds, it is recommended to treat the soil with a solution of copper sulfate.

Requirements for a greenhouse for growing a salad in a greenhouse

Growing greenery in a greenhouse is easy enough, but you need to properly equip it. It should be a warm and bright room, providing each culture with the necessary microclimate parameters. You can build a structure yourself. First you need to decide on the covering material.

Coating options for the greenhouse:

  1. Polyethylene film. Inexpensive and affordable material. Easy to use.
  2. Glass. The greenhouse turns out solid and reliable.
  3. Polycarbonate. Has many positive qualities.

For the cultivation of salad, many offer to equip a film or glass greenhouse. The frame is better made of wood. But for polycarbonate, year-round cultivation is ideal. It is lightweight, durable, well retains heat and protects cultures from ultraviolet radiation.

A greenhouse made of polycarbonate allows you to grow different crops year-round Polycarbonate greenhouse allows to grow different crops year-round

When growing an iceberg lettuce in a closed ground, it is necessary to properly warm the soil. For this, manure is used. Also in the greenhouse it is necessary to equip sources of artificial lighting, so that during the winter season the seedlings receive the right amount of light.

But besides this, you need to build heating in the greenhouse. It is easiest to use electric heating. In some cases, an aqueous method or a gas method is used. But they often require the full presence of a gardener at the dacha.

Greenhouses often use drip irrigation from plastic bottles. This option is easy to build independently, it is cheap and efficient.

But most often for watering use water supply from a water pipe, an alluvial system or filling the tanks that are already in the greenhouse. In the latter method, there is a significant plus - water is heated up to the required temperature. That's why this option is so popular among truck farmers.

Technology for sowing lettuce in a greenhouse

Iceberg salad can be planted with several methods. The most popular is sowing seeds or planting seedlings in boxes or flowerpots. Boxes are placed on racks or shelves, specially prepared and placed in greenhouses. The soil must be well-fertilized superphosphate or compost.

Quantity of fertilizers, technology of preparation and use are specified in the instruction to purchase.

Seeding is done in rows with intervals of 40 cm. The depth of planting is 7 mm. After this, you need to water the seedlings every other day.

Growing salad for sale often involves a method of breeding the Iceberg on hydroponics. This is a simple and convenient way that allows you to get a good yield from planting. The main thing when growing on hydroponically properly nourish plants.

A beautiful and rich crop is obtained by using hydroponics for growing a salad A beautiful and rich crop is obtained using hydroponics for growing a salad

Salad production technology using hydroponics:

  1. Use special cups with holes from the bottom for roots. They fill the ground.
  2. Through a small hole in the ground, several seeds are placed.
  3. After germination of the salad, the cups are placed in the trough.
  4. It is fed with water saturated with fertilizers and nutrients.

The trough is a plastic tubing structure. It rises at a convenient distance above the ground level. But this salad will be tasteless.

Growing salad in a greenhouse in winter for sale

Proper sowing is definitely an important part of growing an iceberg salad. But you also need to properly organize the care of plants. Special attention is required for the culture for the winter planting.

Proper care for salad in the greenhouse:

  1. It is necessary to regulate the microclimate parameters: temperature, humidity, soil condition. Increased humidity will be an ideal medium for any disease and pest.
  2. Optimum watering is done with cool water in moderate quantities. Ground should be regularly loosened and do not allow the appearance of a hard crust.
  3. The temperature norm is 18 degrees.

When growing lettuce for sale in winter, it is necessary to install automatic irrigation and heating in the greenhouse. This will help maintain the necessary conditions for plants and greatly simplify the care. To regularly receive a crop of planting it is necessary to produce every 14 days.

For better harvesting, it is necessary to ensure that the plants do not overgrow with weeds and at the same time weed them

Problem points when growing the iceberg:

  • Pests: aphids, snails, slugs;
  • Fungus and mold;
  • Weeds.

To prevent these problems, a number of preventive measures are taken. You need to properly prepare the greenhouse for planting. Also it is necessary to observe the necessary parameters of a microclimate.

Fertilizers for plants need to be purchased from trusted firms that have proven themselves in the market.

You should also take care of the illumination of the greenhouse. Iceberg salad loves bright light. In winter, you need to equip sources of artificial lighting.

Growing salad in a greenhouse( video)

Iceberg salad refers to late-ripening crops, but it can be planted in a greenhouse for sale. Culture is quite popular with a healthy diet. The main thing is to properly equip the greenhouse and observe the technology.