Greenhouses with a width of 2 meters: a greenhouse of polycarbonate, height and size, meter long

greenhouses 2 meters wide perfectly suitable for growing crops in summer cottage small greenhouses very convenient - they can be used as a greenhouse with a full path and the beds or to install a compact design, the access to which would only through the window. In both cases polycarbonate is considered to be the most optimal coating for a greenhouse.

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    • Toeplitz-snail: Greenhouse 2 m wide
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Greenhouse 2x5 for home use

Greenhouse - this is a great invention for cultivation of plants in almost any conditions that do not allow to do without it. Most often, greenhouses are needed for the period of seed or seedling growth. Subsequently, when the temperature in the street rises, the greenhouse can be dismantled. The best option for home use is the greenhouse design with dimensions of 2 meters width, 5 m - length. This design is considered the most optimal, combining a sufficient area and reliability of construction. The materials for collection of the greenhouse are also different.

Among the advantages of a greenhouse of 2x5 meters is worth noting the good functionality and compactness Additional advantages greenhouse 2x5 meters worth noting good functionality and compactness

frame can be made of wood, or a conventional light-alloy metal.

The most popular coatings for greenhouses:

  • Glass;
  • Film;
  • Polycarbonate.

Among the offerings of the most qualitative, but not the cheapest, there will be a frame made of light-alloy metal, and a polycarbonate covering.

Light-alloy metal is more convenient to assemble, and some of its types have anticorrosion properties, which are important for such a design.

Polycarbonate has the same thermal characteristics as glass, but it does not beat, and can bend. Its weight is also much lighter than glass, which will speed up the mounting process and will not weight the whole structure.

Greenhouse-snail: greenhouse 2 m wide

As mentioned before, the most acceptable size for a greenhouse is the size 2 × 5.But there are other options for finished structures with a width of 2 meters. If the greenhouse is done by hand, then the size can be chosen arbitrary or based on free space.

Tip: Before installing a greenhouse, think carefully about its dimensions, because the design is not collected for one year.

Greenhouse snails are great for growing low-growth plants Greenhouses snail-perfect for growing low crop

greenhouses often set in cottages, again for the period vzrostaniya seeds. There is no special need to have a large greenhouse, it's easier to have a few small but convenient ones. For example, such as a compact greenhouse "Snail" with the design of the breadbasket.

The snail's snail has a number of unconditional advantages:

  • Compactness, mobility;
  • Useful space usage;
  • Easy access to plants;
  • Good resistance to atmospheric temperature changes;
  • Possibility of ventilation.

Such a guy with a large desire can be collected and independently. Unlike other greenhouses of two meters in width, in a mini-greenhouse "snail" you can fully use the area for crops or seedlings.

The similar model of the greenhouse "Butterfly" is also compact and convenient for transportation. Unlike the "Snail", this design opens both sides of the greenhouse for better access to plants. It is noteworthy that the height of such mini-greenhouses is 1-1.2 meters, which allows growing only stunted plants.

MULTIDECK greenhouse polycarbonate

2 meters wide MULTIDECK greenhouse is quite compact, it saves space on the summer cottage. Since it is attached to the wall of a house or shed( in some cases it can be attached to a brick fence), it is very stable, therefore, does not need additional reinforcement.

The walled greenhouse can be of two shapes - one-sided and semi-arched.

A greenhouse can be placed near any structure, for example, a garage or a fence A greenhouse can be placed near any structure, for example, a garage or a fence.

Similar 2 meter high polycarbonate greenhouses can be used as a place for growing seedlings or as a greenhouse. A winter garden in which you can grow small flowers and edible greens is a very popular way of using a greenhouse.

The entrance to the construction can be done from inside the building, so the gardeners will be able to water the plants in winter without leaving the street. For winter, the entrance from the street to the greenhouse should be well closed, thus maintaining a constant temperature inside.

The heating system in the walled two-meter greenhouses is much easier to make - just put the heater in the greenhouse and control the temperature with a conventional mercury thermometer.

The main lighting of the greenhouse is created by natural light, additional - you can hold the lamp from the house. Artificial lighting needs to be thought through during the construction of the greenhouse. After installing it, you can hold the lamp, but it will be problematic to install the fixtures.

What should be a greenhouse with a height of 2 meters

Greenhouses two meters high are considered the most convenient. Even if a person is short, it is still unpleasant to be under a roof with a low ceiling. Also, such a height will allow to grow plants in pots.

When choosing a greenhouse or a greenhouse, you need to pay attention to the shape of the roof. If the roof is arched or odnoschatnaya with a slight flatness, then the height of 2-2.2 meters at its highest point will comfortably spend time in it. But if the roof is gable, and even with steep slopes, it can be comfortable only in the center of the greenhouse, under the ridge.

The greenhouse in height of 2 meters perfectly approaches for cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers, the Bulgarian pepper and eggplant A 2 meter high greenhouse is perfect for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and eggplants.

. For such roof shapes, it is better to throw in another centimeter 50, otherwise step to the side and you will touch the roof.

The ideal height for SNiPu is the height of the walls not less than 1.4 m, this is due to the fact that the height of the human shoulders rarely exceeds this threshold. This height is necessary in order for a person to work comfortably not only in the center, but also near the edges. But again, after the height of the walls in 1.4, the roof should rise at least 50 cm.

An excellent example is the option of a ready-made greenhouse "Summer Ideal", the width of which is 2.4 m, and the height is 2.25 meters. The frame is made in the form of an arch, in any place of this greenhouse you will feel comfortable.

Standards for greenhouses with a width of 2 meters( video)

Everyone who grows plants in the suburban area knows that greenhouses are a necessary and convenient device for growing seedlings or plants in the cold season. Depending on the area of ​​the garden, you can install different greenhouses with a width of 2 meters and the required length. Compact wall models are designed not only to save space, but also to open access to the hotbed directly from home.