Hothouse Drop from the factory of ready-made greenhouses: assembly and reviews, greenhouse Drop from polycarbonate, video and drawing

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The Greenhouse of Kapelka has grown fond of many gardeners Greenhouse Kapelka became popular with many gardeners In order to grow vegetables and greens all year round, even in Murom, at least in Magadan, it is necessary to create optimal conditions for good plant growth. In the summer, there will be no problems with this, but in the winter months it will be very difficult to grow a plant in the open ground. It has long been known that for growing vegetables in the cold season, it is necessary to equip a good and warm greenhouse. Many experienced gardeners are used to building greenhouses. The process of building a greenhouse is quite troublesome and takes a lot of time. Today, to help growers produce a huge number of ready-made greenhouses, which are easily installed and can withstand any bad weather.

    • Enhanced greenhouse Droplet: description of the construction
    • advantages of greenhouses Drop
    • assembly process greenhouses droplet
    • User feedback on the greenhouse droplet
    • Building greenhouses droplets( video)

Enhanced greenhouseDrop: design description

Especially popular are greenhouses made of polycarbonate. They are distinguished by their high strength. One of the bright representatives of ready-made greenhouses is the Kapelka greenhouse. Its design received this name because of its appearance.

Design description:

  1. The form of the greenhouse is arched-arched, which provides a lot of free space.
  2. The height of the greenhouse allows you to work without bending, which is especially useful for people with back problems.
  3. Due to its shape, snow accumulates on the roof in winter, which increases mass, betraying stability.
  4. The Greenhouse Drop has a steel frame that withstands heavy loads.
  5. Also profile pipes with rectangular cross-section of hothouse construction make the greenhouse strong and allow it to serve for many years.
  6. All the fasteners of the greenhouse are coated with special substances that protect the parts from corrosion.

The Droplet Hothouse has a strong steel frame Greenhouse The droplet has a strong steel frame

The greenhouse includes sheets with high-quality polycarbonate, which has the property of resistance to ultraviolet rays. Also, polycarbonate holds heat and moisture well, absolutely safe for humans and plants.

The greenhouse is arranged so that the maximum amount of light gets inside.

The droplet from the factory of finished greenhouses is available in 2 variants, which differ in width. For convenience, a door and 2 ventilation pans are built into the greenhouse to regulate airflow. You can install the Kapelka greenhouse in any regions.

Advantages of the greenhouse Drop

The main task of the manufacturer, which produces greenhouses, to take into account all wishes and needs of the agrarians. Before you buy a Kaplya greenhouse, you need to study its characteristics, and highlight the main advantages and disadvantages.

Specialists noted such positive qualities of the greenhouse:

  1. The greenhouse manufactured at the factory is equipped with a frame covered with polymer that will serve for a very long time.
  2. The teardrop shape of the greenhouse increases the stability of the structure.
  3. Thanks to steel inserts, it is possible to extend the structure, and the presence of partitions allows zoning the interior space.
  4. Dimensions of the frame of the greenhouse are adjusted to the sheet polycarbonate parameter, which significantly minimizes waste. Assembly with the help of sheets guarantees the absence and formation of cracks.

The Drops Greenhouse can be installed by one The greenhouse of the droplet can be installed by one's own hands

The presence of air vents and doors facilitates the care of plants and the control of the temperature regime. In the configuration of the droplet greenhouse includes the fundamental pegs, they enable the installation in the ground.

The drawbacks of this design include the complexity of the assembly.

To facilitate the assembly task, the manufacturer provides detailed instructions. The instruction is made correctly and understandably, for this reason it is possible to assemble the structure without the help of a specialist. The advantages of this design are much greater than the disadvantages, so today this design is becoming more popular among experienced and novice truck farmers.

The process of assembling the greenhouse The droplet

After acquiring the greenhouse, you should carefully study the instructions and the drawing, after which you can assemble. It will be much easier if you prescribe a certain algorithm of actions.

The process of assembling the greenhouse must be carried out step by step The process of assembling the greenhouse must be carried out step by step.

Installation is as follows:

  1. All parts must be unpacked.
  2. The first assembly of the ventilation pane and the door.
  3. Inclined door profiles are attached to the posts.
  4. The assembled window leaf must be attached to the upper section of the door.
  5. Then follows the assembly of the gable, where the arc-shaped side profiles are connected with the corner screed.
  6. Universal connectors are installed perpendicular to the plane of the end face.
  7. After assembling the frame, the ends are covered with polycarbonate sheets.
  8. To install the greenhouse on the open ground, it is necessary to dig a small groove for grousers.
  9. After all the manipulations, the greenhouse is installed in the area where all the parts are interconnected and the door and the window are installed.

The above list is not complete, there are highlighted the main points that must be taken into account when assembling. If you do everything right, the design turns out to be heavy-duty and stable.

User comments on the hothouse Drop

For its existence, the greenhouse Kapelka earned positive feedback from experienced truck farmers. Many experts noted that due to all the positive qualities, in a greenhouse plants grow much better. Studying all the reviews from people who bought this greenhouse, we can conclude that it is very strong and stable. Due to its peculiarity, the Dropsheet maintains strong gusts of winds, heavy snowfalls and heavy rains. This design is installed in places with the most severe climate.

In order for the greenhouse to serve a long and high quality, the experts give useful advice:

  1. First of all, when assembling there should not be unnecessary details, so you should carefully study the instructions.
  2. When you need to make a light base of wood, then from the bars 10 × 10 cm make a frame.
  3. Clean the greenhouse coating regularly.
  4. Cleaning is carried out with soapy water without the use of brushes with coarse abrasive.
  5. Regularly check the fasteners and fittings, this will help to solve the problem in advance.
  6. For preventive purposes, the bolts and nuts of the frame must be tightened.

Greenhouse Kapelka, according to reviews of truck farmers, very strong and reliable The Greenhouse Kapelka, according to the reviews of truck farmers, is very strong and reliable

The Greenhouse Drop is fairly easy to operate and has been in service for a very long time. A droplet of polycarbonate is an ideal option for growing early vegetables and greens.

Polycarbonate is the most modern and durable material that serves more than one season.

Care of the greenhouse The drop is simple. In the autumn, the greenhouse needs to cleanse, treat the soil with its own hands, and it is necessary to disinfect the structure. After all the procedures, the greenhouse needs to be preserved for the winter period.

Assembling the greenhouse Droplet( video)

Summing up, it can be noted that the Kapelka greenhouse, the most optimal design, is suitable for installation in the harshest conditions. It is easy to install, having first studied the instructions. Droplet has many advantages, so it has become popular among gardeners. You can buy a greenhouse in any store for the garden. If it was decided to purchase a greenhouse, it is necessary to get acquainted with reviews of other customers about the store. This is necessary in order not to become a victim of deception.

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