Root rot of cucumbers in the greenhouse: gray and white, why rot and what to do, treatment and photos in the greenhouse, stems

It is often enough when growing cucumbers gardeners face the appearance of root rot on plants Quite often while growing cucumber growers are faced with the emergence of root rot on Even plants under greenhouse conditions the plants require increased care and attention. Even such trifles as bad weather can ruin a plant and harvest. How to identify the disease and methods of dealing with it further in the article.

    • Abatement rot on cucumbers in the greenhouse
    • treatment of gray mold on cucumber in greenhouse
    • reasons why rotting cucumbers in the greenhouse
    • Prevention and treatment of white rot on cucumbers in the greenhouse
    • Treatmentroot rot of cucumbers in the greenhouse( video)
    • Examples rot on cucumbers in the greenhouse( photo)

Abatement rot on cucumbers in the greenhouse

Probably every cottager noticed that some of the cucumber leaves rot in daylightAnd at night they restore their form. Gradually it becomes common for the whole cucumber vegetation in the greenhouse or greenhouse, and then comes the day when the restoration of the leaves in the old form does not occur. If the roots have a rotten state, and their color is red, then the plant is infected with disease - root rot. And it develops because of the temperature conditions that have an adverse effect on the entire greenhouse.

The plant is prone to attack by various bacteria that are in the soil. Bacteria cause lethargy and weakening in the plant.

Each season, the soil accumulates these harmful substances, which then attack the cucumbers. The most favorable conditions for reproduction of such bacteria are acid soil, the temperature is up to 15 ᵒС or higher than 25 ᵒС.Still contributes to the development of rot on cucumbers cold water, which is often watered cucumber.

In order to prevent the appearance of root rot on cucumbers, it is necessary to carry out correct preventive measures In order to prevent the occurrence of root rot on cucumbers should properly carry out preventive measures

measures that help fight root rot:

  • to the plants( for new roots) pour fresh soil;
  • Cuts the lower leaves, especially in adult cucumbers;
  • Wait for the drying at the place where the stem was cut, then put this stem to the ground and pour more fresh soil;
  • When new roots are formed, add more land.

This method is not a panacea for the disease, but if you do it all at once, as soon as the first symptoms are noticed, you can stop the development of root rot. To save a little crop, and the disease went far, dig out completely the entire stem of the plant, together with a small clod of earth. In the resulting pit fall asleep a new, fresh land. A timely airing can help to create a dry and warm climate.

Treatment of gray mold on cucumber in greenhouse

Gray mold - another disease that undergo cucumbers. It can be detected if there are small gray spots with a very watery or mucous structure. The favorite place of gray rot is the branching of leaves and stems.

The best factors for the development of this disease: low temperature at night, cold water during irrigation, poor airing and air circulation in the greenhouse.

A tight fit also has the appearance of this disease. With a dense planting, more masculine flowers appear, and the remaining vapors are a danger to the rest of the plant and the crop - they wilt and spread the disease.

For the treatment of gray rot on cucumbers, wood ash and copper sulfate For the treatment of gray rot on cucumbers, wood ash and copper vitriol can be used.

Treatment for gray rot:

  1. Do not make too thick a landing. The rest is better covered with charcoal.
  2. Do not water damaged plants. After the discovery of damage by this disease, it is worth examining how far it has gone, and already watering, do not direct water to the plant.
  3. Use this recipe: 1 tbsp. Wood ash and 1 tsp. Copper sulphate, mix everything thoroughly. Pour the resulting mixture into the affected area.

Cut diseased plants if the disease does not stop. After that, burn the cut plants. Still apply various bacterial preparations, such as "Barrier".It is harmless to humans and is effective in cucumber disease.

reasons why rotting cucumbers in the greenhouse

Every gardener puts his heart and soul into their plants and planting. Carefully caring and putting a lot of effort to get a healthy and abundant harvest. And when there is an "epidemic", the fruits are covered with mold and all the works are reduced to zero - this is a great disappointment. The struggle begins all over the greenhouse, not for life, but for death. But why do plants decay, and what causes the cucumber to go to such a disease as white rot, gray or root?

As a rule, white rot develops on cucumbers because of the high humidity in the greenhouse Generally, white rot on cucumbers develops due to high humidity in the greenhouse

White rot( Sclerotinia or) develops when:

  • high humidity in the greenhouse, the increased temperature;
  • Hothouses that are poorly ventilated are most likely to be affected;
  • Large plant bushes;
  • Sharp change of temperature.

Cucumbers that are infected with white rot rot even after they are salted. They can not be eaten. Plants in the greenhouse are affected by fungus, which leads to the formation of gray rot. The causes of this disease are similar to the previous one, but it has its own peculiarities - frequent watering excessively cold water used in irrigation, lack of nutrients in the soil.

Symptom of infection is brown spots. They will gradually be covered with a gray coating with black dots.

How manifests itself root rot - poor growth and development of cucumber, compared with others, dried leaves, cucumber rot and fade, ovary quickly die off, darken the tips of the leaves and the root system. Fighting these diseases is not difficult, but it's worth starting to do this until the entire crop is completely contaminated. In time to collect and destroy the already infected plants or parts thereof, to air the hotbed, and to observe the temperature regime there. If you do the prevention in the greenhouse, then it will be easy to defeat these diseases. And the harvest can still be saved.

Prevention and treatment of white rot on cucumbers in the greenhouse

white rot infected stems and shoots of plants. They dry up and lower the possibility of a crop. Slime appears in case the fungus appeared inside the stem. If you carefully examine the bottom of the cucumber, you can determine whether the plant is sick with white rot or not.

In order that white rot does not appear on cucumbers, it is necessary to carefully monitor the quality of the soil and maintain a comfortable climate in the greenhouse order to white rot from occurring on cucumbers, it is necessary to carefully monitor the quality of the soil and maintain a comfortable climate in the greenhouse

Treatment and prevention of diseases of the white rot:

  1. Closely monitor the infected plants. Eject and burn infected plants.
  2. In addition to the plant itself, it is necessary to utilize and compact the earth. It can contain bacteria that promote the development of white rot.
  3. During the period when the plant grows and strengthens, help it to recruit the vitality of Planrys solution.
  4. Feed the plant through the soil, fertilizing it with phosphorus and other top dressing.

Do not forget that plants exposed to white rot can not be eaten. It is worth to carefully consider the health of your crop, the health of the family depends on it. Every morning, you should look at the plants to determine the extent of the disease or its presence. Ventilate and dry the air in the greenhouse, do not fill the plants with water. Observe the rules of watering and feeding.

If the plant is subjected to disease, or have doubts about his health, and experience for an accurate diagnosis is not enough, you should refer to the literature gardeners or assistance of an experienced agronomist.

Treatment of root rot of cucumbers in the greenhouse( video)

Using the right advice, and without neglecting the help of a professional, you can understand the reason of the disease and eliminate it. Everything should be in moderation. All the nutrients for growth and development, the plant takes from the earth and the environment. Something beyond measure may have to go in harm. No need to go to far, and the plant will be healthy and stable harvest.

Examples of rotting on cucumbers in a greenhouse( photo)