Shading grid for greenhouses: canopies and covers for greenhouses, trellis protective and photos of rabitsa, mosquito net

Cases for greenhouses and greenhouses are made of the same material as the mesh and perform the same functions. But, unlike the grid, this cover is easily and quickly put on the design: the fabric is thrown over the frame of the greenhouse and fixed to its arches with the help of special ties. In this case, and from the ends of the greenhouses in the case are provided inputs with lightning or Velcro: this makes the operation of the cover convenient and allows airing the greenhouse, if necessary.

The cover can be worn on a frame from any material, it is available in standard sizes 3x4, 3x6, 3x8 meters and more.

A cover is very simply put on the construction of a greenhouse Case is very easy to put on the construction of the greenhouse

It is worth such a cape is inexpensive, but it copes with its tasks effectively. The cover protects plants well from overheating and sunburn on a hot day, and minimizes heat loss at night. The dismantling of the cover takes only ten minutes. In addition, the cape is sewn in such a way that its fragments can be replaced with wear. Such a cover will become an affordable alternative to a seasonal greenhouse in the southern regions.

Trellis for a greenhouse

Trellis screens are used for horizontal and vertical cultivation, supporting climbing plants. Such a grid can use for several seasons, it does not rot and does not rust, it is absolutely safe. Its value is available to everyone, and the benefits are undeniable.

The trellis grid is absolutely safe, and it can be used for several seasons The trellis grid is absolutely safe and can be used for several seasons.

The use of a grid for plants in the greenhouse has such advantages:

  1. Allows to increase the yield. Thanks to the grid, fruits can receive more light, heat and air. Using a grid can increase the yield by 30-40%.
  2. Allows you to improve the quality of the fruit. The trellis grid raises the fruit. Thus, they will not touch the ground, respectively rot. In addition, the fruits will not get dirty.
  3. Makes plant care and harvesting more convenient. Thanks to the grid, the fruits of the plant will be stretched, this will make it possible to carry out the procedures for pasynkovaniyu and piercing faster and more conveniently. However, the path between the beds will be released, and the vegetables will be clearly visible: to get to them you will not need to wade through the green mass. This will save the trucker valuable time.

The installation of the grid is not very difficult and does not take much time: the canvas should only be pulled on the supports depending on the direction of plant growth( vertically, horizontally).The supports can be wooden or aluminum guides.

Shading grid for greenhouses( video)

The shading grid is an affordable tool for creating shading of the required level, protecting plants from insects, keeping heat at night. The installation of the mesh does not take much time, with the effect of the coating being proven by scientists and tested by experienced gardeners. Such a grid can quite replace a greenhouse in southern regions. In addition, a sleeping trellis net can be used to grow climbing plants. Choose the most suitable grid for your purposes, and enjoy the convenient and efficient cultivation of plants in the greenhouse!