Polycarbonate greenhouse with own hands: how to make a greenhouse, video homemade and photo, making and how to build

Polycarbonate greenhouse with own hands is an affordable and effective building for growing Greenhouse polycarbonate with their hands - it's affordable and effective structure for growing Greenhouses, today, can be found at almost every garden plot. This is explained by the fact that with the help of a greenhouse it is possible to obtain an earlier and qualitative, large crop. For today, there are many companies for the production and sale of greenhouses. The cost of finished structures varies from 10 to 20 thousand rubles, depending on the shape and size of the greenhouse, materials used in the construction. You can save considerably by making a greenhouse yourself. How to build a greenhouse without professional help - read below.

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    • greenhouse polycarbonate own hands
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Construction of greenhouses made of polycarbonate with their hands

Once it was decided to build a greenhouse or a greenhouse with their own hands, should define the shape and size of the greenhouse. So, the size of the construction depends on the goals of the gardener: will you grow vegetables for your own use or for sale?In the first case, the calculation is made taking into account the number of family members. In the second - based on your ability( for what area of ​​seedlings you can take care of).

Simple in manufacturing, and therefore the most popular, self-made greenhouses - arched.

Arched greenhouses require the minimum number of fasteners. The assembly of an affordable and simple arched framework of PVC pipes can be done in just a few hours. In addition, these greenhouses look very stylish, and it is convenient to work in them.

If you want to put a winter greenhouse on the site, a good option would be a building attached to the house.

Drawing of a greenhouse made of polycarbonate drawing greenhouse polycarbonate

Attached greenhouse is good because its construction requires less material. The outhouse is reliable and durable. In addition, due to the wall of the apartment house, the greenhouse will be protected from drafts and winds. To heat such a greenhouse will need less money, and communication to the construction will bring much easier.

You can put an attached greenhouse only on the south side of the house. In this case, you should choose a blind brick wall, preferably with a layer of waterproofing.

rectangular gable greenhouse is suitable for those who have decided to grow the country tall varieties. The building has its advantages: the air in it is heated more evenly. Most often, these greenhouses are made capital. In this case, you should take care of an even, solid foundation, which will reduce heat loss in a sufficiently large room.

For rectangular gable greenhouses, a carbonate thickness of more than 0.4 cm should be chosen, since the load on the roof of such greenhouses is greater than in arched ones.

Round greenhouses are usually made for growing vegetables and berries on hydroponics. In such greenhouses is not very good ventilation. Therefore, during the construction it will be necessary to organize windows and upper windows for ventilation.

Homemade greenhouses made of polycarbonate: how to choose the material

Polycarbonate today, produced in standard lengths of 6 and 12 meters, with a sheet width of 210-150 cm. The cost of sheets is affected by the polycarbonate brand and its thickness. From what polycarbonate will be made the coating depends on the life of the greenhouse and the quality of the crop.

For a homemade greenhouse made of polycarbonate, it is necessary to select the right material For a homemade polycarbonate greenhouse, the correct material must be selected

Polycarbonate choice is determined by:

  1. Shape of the greenhouse. For arched greenhouses, it is recommended to take a polycarbonate with a thickness of 0.3-0.6 cm, for rectangular vegetarians, whose roofs will experience a heavy load of precipitation - 8-10 mm. Greenhouses and summer gardens should be covered with sheets with a thickness of 16 mm or more.
  2. Seasonal design. For summer designs to choose a thick polycarbonate is inexpedient: the greenhouse will cope with its purpose, even with a sheet thickness of 3-4 mm. A year-round greenhouse should be covered with a thicker sheet( 6-8 mm).
  3. Weather conditions typical for the growing region. For northern regions and regions with a high amount of precipitation, the thickness of polycarbonate sheets can vary from 16 to 25 mm.

In order to cover the greenhouse, do not choose thin, lightweight polycarbonate sheets with a thickness of less than 0.3 cm, since such a coating will not last long.

How to make a greenhouse of polycarbonate with your own hands

The options for building a greenhouse frame depend on the material that will be used for construction. Best of all, for a greenhouse made of polycarbonate, choose a galvanized profile.

Mount the frame to the wooden strapping. If the foundation is made of concrete, then at the stage of pouring it is necessary to provide the base with fixing elements for the timber.

The further assembly of the frame depends on the stages of operation. Thus, the metal profile can be fastened to the base with the help of self-tapping screws. Vertical and horizontal frame racks can be connected using cross connectors or through screws. Sometimes welding is used for the connection.

Frame polycarbonate greenhouses must be started from the end faces The frame of the polycarbonate greenhouses must be started from the end faces

The frame must be assembled from the end faces. In this case, you should arrange on each side of the rack for mounting the door and window.

In order to make the frame smooth, horizontal and profiles must be marked before mounting the arch or vertical stand. The frame must be painted after the assembly: it protects the material from corrosion and prolongs its service life.

Manufacturing of greenhouses from polycarbonate: how to mount


Polycarbonate on the frame should be placed in such a way that the sun's rays get on the side with a coating against UV radiation. The sheets are mounted vertically. It should be taken into account that different polycarbonate has a different direction of honeycombs: the sheets should be placed so that the water in the honeycomb can be easily removed.

When assembling a polycarbonate greenhouse with your own hands, use fasteners with a rubber band When assembling a greenhouse made of polycarbonate by one's own hands, use fasteners with a rubber band

When installing a self-polycarbonate sheet, it is necessary: ​​

  1. Use fasteners with a rubber band. Tighten fasteners, while not necessary.
  2. Sheet joining is necessary with the help of special H-shaped profiles, and the edges of the sheets are covered with the help of an end profile or punched tape.
  3. In order to allow the material to expand without problems when heated, it is necessary to arrange technical holes 3 mm wider than the diameter of the fasteners.
  4. Remove the protective film from the sheets only after completion of the construction work.
  5. To seal joints, only a neutral silicone sealant should be used.

After the coating, the polycarbonate should be sprinkled with earth for several cm. Organize rows and place garden trellises in the greenhouse immediately after the roofing works.

Recommendations: how to build a polycarbonate greenhouse with your own hands correctly

It is better to start the construction of a greenhouse in the autumn in order to be able to prepare a plot( clear the place of weeds and grass, prepare the soil).

The greenhouse must be built on a flat base The greenhouse must be built on a flat base

In addition, in order to properly build a greenhouse it is necessary to follow such recommendations:

  1. We build a greenhouse only on a level surface.
  2. Before construction we draw a drawing of the future building with three projections( view from the side, end, roof).The foundation, at the same time, is drawn separately, as well as the opposite sides, if there are differences on them.
  3. Experienced gardeners recommend always putting the greenhouse on the foundation: it will allow to deliver the structure smoothly and reduce heat loss.
  4. If a polycarbonate greenhouse is a summer, you can use a wooden beam treated with an antiseptic as a foundation. For winter greenhouses should choose a base of brick, concrete blocks.
  5. A reliable design, fixed to the base and the ground. In this case, do not drive piles or reinforcement to the end: the ground can settle with time and the fasteners will be weakened.

In addition, during the work must always monitor the construction of the building level, ruler. Build "on the eye" is strictly prohibited even arched greenhouses: the location of fixing the horizontal ribs must be measured with a tape measure, and chart.

Polycarbonate greenhouse with their own hands

The technology of making a greenhouse of polycarbonate differs little from the building of a greenhouse. Absolutely the same arched greenhouse and arched greenhouse. You can make arches from PVC pipes.

A hotbed of polycarbonate is easy enough to make by own hands A hotbed of polycarbonate is easy enough to do by one's own hands.

The production of a simple greenhouse made of metal profile with its own hands includes the following stages:

  1. Foundation device. Gardeners are advised to make a foundation for all polycarbonate greenhouses. For the base, a bar with a section of 100x100 mm is suitable.
  2. Mounting the profile on the base.
  3. Installation of vertical supports with metal corners.
  4. Installation of horizontal supports.
  5. Collect the flip top frame and install it on the hinges.
  6. Cutting sheets of polycarbonate and mounting them to the profile using self-tapping screws.

After this, the prepared soil is filled in the greenhouse. Grow in the greenhouse you can seedlings, greens, low vegetables, berries and flowers.

How to make a polycarbonate greenhouse with your own hands( video)

Today, any summer resident can buy a ready greenhouse( available greenhouses from 9000 rubles can be purchased in Kazakhstan), and can save and make the building itself. In order to carry out construction work, it is necessary to determine the size and shape of the greenhouse, choose the material for the carcass and fox polycarbonate. Based on the above advice of professionals, you can easily build a greenhouse on their own!