Early radish in the greenhouse: varieties, plant and grow, video

Early radish in the greenhouse can be grown already in March Early radishes in a greenhouse can be grown in March planting radishes in a greenhouse has its own peculiarities. Although it is an unpretentious vegetable, it has certain temperature requirements, rules for fertilizing the soil and watering. If you comply with all the rules, you can after a month enjoy the harvest.

    • use of early varieties of radish greenhouse
    • Agrotechnics landing early radishes in a greenhouse
    • How to grow early radishes in a greenhouse: soil preparation and seed
    • Early planting radishes in a greenhouse and proper care of plants
    • early radishes in a greenhouse( video)

use of early varieties of radish for

greenhouses for year-round cultivation should choose and early maturing varieties of radish. Typically, gardeners experimentally determine which grade is best for their greenhouses. In this case, all varieties can be divided into several classes, based on the maturity.

Classification radish depending on the ripening time:

  • ripening - the harvest can be gathered after 20 days;
  • Early - the time of maturing is 30 days;
  • Middling - 40 days;
  • Late cultivars mature more than 40 days.

So you can grow several types of different grades in a greenhouse and have a crop at all times. The most productive varieties considered "Deck", "Heat", "Varta", "Quart", "Mark", "Rex the F1", "Sachs".Also there are varieties provided only for greenhouse cultivation - "Greenhouse" and "Greenhouse mushroom".

For year-round cultivation, it is better to select early and early ripening grades of radish for year-round cultivation should choose early and early maturing varieties of radish

Top maturing varieties of radish:

  1. «18 days."This is the time required for the appearance of the first fruits. In appearance it is an elongated vegetable of cylindrical shape. The taste is soft and gentle. The variety does not shoot and quickly pours.
  2. "Globe".It takes 18 days to get the harvest. The shape of the vegetable is almost perfect, it has excellent commercial properties. The taste of the fruit is characterized by a soft, but crisp structure.
  3. "Children's F1".The rate of maturation of this variety is amazing - only 16 days. The sharpness of the vegetable is practically the same, so it will please even the little ones.

Radish is unpretentious in grooming, but even such a vegetable requires a special selection for greenhouse cultivation. Not all varieties are equally well tolerated by the greenhouse microclimate. Among the early varieties in a sheltered environment, Saksa, Krasa, Alex, Gribovsky Greenhouse are most comfortable.

For the year-round cultivation, the main parameter when choosing varieties is cold resistance.

In addition to cold resistance, grades must meet a number of other parameters. Planting hybrids can be carried out directly into the ground, without pre-treatment of the seeds. But the seeds of varieties before planting are recommended to be processed, as they can carry a fungus and other infections. Inlaid seeds are covered with a protective shell, which helps the radish to ripen faster. Also there are drained seeds. They get maximum nutrients and protection.

Agrotechnics planting early radishes in a greenhouse

Radish is an annual culture that is classified as a cabbage. Vegetables require a lot of light and a warm environment. For the year-round cultivation of radish in the greenhouse it is necessary to equip the greenhouse with additional lighting systems.

If the hydrogen index of the soil is acidic, there is a risk of infestation of the radish with kiloi. If there is a shortage of nitrogen in the soil, plant growth will be inadequate, and the leaves will turn pinkish. If there is not enough potassium, then the harvest will be late.

The temperature norm for growing a radish is 18 degrees. But the vegetable can grow even at lower temperature values. But it is important to take into account other features of agricultural technology for obtaining high yields.

Radish must be grown in well-moistened soil Radish must be grown in well-watered soil

Radish features:

  1. Light-loving culture that does not like shade and close planting;
  2. Can not coexist with cabbage, salad and turnips;
  3. Likes well-moistened soil, but the root itself is weak;
  4. Grund for radish should be well fertilized with organic and loose enough;
  5. Needs a lot of potassium in the ground.

Greenhouse planting can begin in March. The soil should already thaw 10 cm. The radish is cold-resistant enough. It can begin to grow at 3 degrees Celsius.

How to grow radishes early in a greenhouse: soil preparation and seed

primer before planting radishes should have a neutral pH value. The soil in obtaining good harvests plays an important role. For the implementation of early planting, the land should be prepared in the autumn.

method of preparing the ground in autumn:

  1. Earth should be dug and add fertilizers in the greenhouse. It is necessary to prepare a solution of superphosphate( 40 g) and potassium chloride( 15 g) per 1 m square.
  2. To achieve a neutral soil, a number of activities should also be carried out. On 1 m sq. It is necessary to take down 1.5 buckets of compost. This will help regulate the acidity of the soil.
  3. Also in the autumn time you need to take care of the formation of beds. Each should be 1 m wide.

Ground for radish should be prepared from autumn Ground radish should be prepared in the autumn of

acidic soil in the greenhouse need to be limed. To do this, with the calculation for 1 m square, add 500 g of lime to the land. After a good digging of the soil, lime is introduced( if necessary), compost, ash, mineral fertilizers.

When growing a radish, you do not need to soil the soil with fresh manure. In this case, all the nutritional value will be taken away from the leaves, and the fruits themselves will start to grow poorly.

Seed preparation involves careful calibration. Select only large seeds - 3 mm in diameter. Small ones are poor planting material with low yield.

To prevent diseases, seeds should be soaked in water for 15 minutes. The temperature of the liquid is 45 degrees. Such an event promotes the best radish germination.

Early planting radishes in a greenhouse and proper care of plants

radish make small holes in the beds to meet the interval of 10 cm from each other. The resulting grooves should be poured with warm water. Seeds are placed at a depth of 1.5 cm, observing a distance of 3-4 cm.

The depth of seeding should be chosen correctly. If you plant the seeds too deep, then 50% of the planting will not rise.

When planting seeds, the air temperature in the greenhouse should be 10-12 degrees. It will take 16-18 degrees to germinate the vegetable. When the first leaves begin to appear, the temperature should be lowered to 8-10 degrees for 3 days. Then you can raise again.

To grow radish all year round, it is necessary to equip artificial light sources to grow radishes all year round, it is necessary to equip the artificial light sources

Features care radish:

  1. lighting should not be less than 12 hours a day. To grow a radish all year round, it will be necessary to equip artificial light sources. More than 12 hours for normal development of radish does not require. Otherwise, it will begin to fire. In the summer, beds even have to be shaded.
  2. Watering is very important for radish, it loves moist soil. Water should penetrate to a depth of 10-15 cm. To prevent evaporation of the liquid, the earth should be covered with peat or humus. To radish not succumb to pests, after watering should be ventilated greenhouse.
  3. Top dressing is carried out only if no fertilizers have been applied in the autumn. To do this, use superphosphate, ash, urea.

Also in the greenhouse, you should regularly thin and weed the beds. A couple of days after the shoots, you need to perform the first thinning. As the land grows, the greenhouse needs to be loosened and weeded.

Early radishes in a greenhouse( video)

With the first warming in the greenhouse can be planted early radishes. It is resistant to cold and very unpretentious in the care. The main thing is to properly prepare the soil for planting from the autumn and observe all the rules of agricultural technology.