Tall high-yielding tomatoes for greenhouses: tomato yielding varieties, best planting and high cultivation

It is recommended to grow tall tomatoes in large greenhouses Tall tomatoes are recommended to grow in large greenhouses Many growers grow tomatoes themselves, while many are interested in the question of which varieties are best to choose, so that the fruits are tasty and beautiful, and also please with a lot of fruits. To get all this, it is necessary to plant varieties that are characterized by high growth of the bush and a rich harvest.

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Which tomatoes for greenhouses are considered tall and yielding

The distinctive feature of the varietyis Busy practically unlimited growth of the main stem. Under comfortable conditions, in heated greenhouses in winter, these plants can grow almost all year round, giving a good harvest.

Within a year, with proper care, you can receive from each plant up to 11 kg, from each bush.

When growing tall tomatoes, they should be tied up When growing tall tomatoes, they should be tied up

To competently select a tomato variety, you must base on the main characteristics of each variety, which should be focused on - a large crop and its quick return, early species give gardenersLovers receive fruits 190 days after planting the plant. Plants can successfully resist unfavorable environmental conditions, as well as diseases that can kill, both the crop itself and the plants.

For an excellent harvest of these tomato varieties, it is necessary: ​​

  • To take care of them;
  • Carry out quality watering;
  • Do not forget about loosening the soil;
  • To carry out and generally accepted agrotechnical measures.

For a good harvest, tall tomato varieties need to be tied up in several places, and also to set the supports under the ripened fruit so that they do not break off the bush branches with their weight. Among the most loved by gardeners and gardeners are such high-yielding varieties as Mikado, Sprut, Cardinal, Major, Orange miracle, etc. These varieties have quite large fruits in size, and also have excellent taste qualities.

The tallest tomatoes for greenhouses

High plants are usually grown in industrial greenhouses, and their height can reach, under favorable conditions, up to 7 m, but they can be successfully grown on garden plots. It is important that these tall varieties for greenhouses meet certain requirements. It is necessary that the varieties correspond to the climatic zone, be resistant to disease, and also give a good harvest, which has excellent taste qualities.

The sustainability of a particular crop is important to:

  • Continuous heat;
  • Insufficient irrigation;
  • Temperature changes.
Tall tomatoes often give a lot of fruit, so they are good for growing for sale Tall tomatoes often yield many fruits, so they are well suited for growing for sale.

For northern regions of Russia, it is best to choose among those tall varieties those that are early-maturing. For the southern regions, varieties should be chosen that can easily tolerate heat for a sufficiently long time, and are also capable of yielding at least 2 crops per season.

You should also choose those varieties that are intended for growing in enclosed grounds, as well as those that are preferable to taste.

For example, for use in food is perfect for a variety such as Jane, which is distinguished by its excellent taste. If you want to get a big harvest, then you can pay attention to such a variety as the Miracle of the Earth. If a person wants to preserve tomatoes, then you can pay attention to a variety such as Cherry Red. Grow all the above varieties of tomatoes is necessary on trellises, which allow you to maintain a bush of tall tomatoes in a vertical position.

We plant tall tomato varieties for greenhouses

Tomatoes, the culture is quite thermophilic, so growing them in a closed ground is much easier than on the street, especially in the northern regions of Russia. To select the most optimized type of tomato, you must select a variety for certain properties. Yields - it is dependent on nuances, including such as the type of bush and microclimate of the greenhouse, in different greenhouses with different microclimate you can get different yields. Also, the yield depends on the care of tomato bushes.

With care, according to all the rules, you can get high yields.

The greenhouse itself is of no importance for selection of tall varieties, if a film greenhouse, then for them it is necessary to choose early-maturing varieties, or hybrid ones, which have a sufficiently short vegetation period.

To get a good harvest, tomatoes should be fertilized, watered and mulched

To obtain high tomatoes in winter conditions it is necessary: ​​

  • Select a greenhouse for glass seedlings;
  • Prefer polycarbonate greenhouses;
  • Variants with heated ground and air, especially in northern areas;
  • Varieties with a short vegetation period should be selected;
  • You can choose universal early and middle-term hybrid varieties, which are unpretentious for care and cultivation.

There are a lot of such varieties at the moment, and each summer resident chooses a certain type of variety for himself. Someone needs tomatoes for canning, and some for eating.

Correct planting of tall tomatoes in a greenhouse

In order to get a good harvest, you need not only plant the yielding varieties of tomatoes, but also properly plant and grow them. To grow high-yielding varieties in a greenhouse, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations.

Preparation of the land since the fall, this is:

  • Soil digging;
  • Manure application per 1 m2 3-4 kg;
  • With the onset of spring, it is necessary to dig up the soil again;
  • Remove any weed and grass;
  • Apply fertilizer( 1 m2 of potassium chloride and 6 tablespoons of superphosphate should be added to 1 m2).
When growing large tall tomatoes, the greenhouse should be equipped with an automatic watering system

Planting seedlings is performed 2 months before the expected date of disembarkation into the ground, before planting the seeds are soaked for 24 hours in a special liquid fertilizer during the day. Seedlings before planting must be sprinkled with copper oxychloride at a rate of 30 g. Preparation for 10 liters of water, this will protect seedlings from various diseases. In the soil greenhouses make holes on the bayonet of the shovel, the plants themselves are planted in staggered order, the interval of the rows should be equal to 47-65 cm.

The distance between the bushes should not be longer, since the yield will be even lower.

Watering of these varieties of tomatoes is done under the root of warm water, in the first days after planting water is carried out 2-3 times a week, when weather forecasters promise the sun, it should be watered more often. After watering, after a while, it is recommended to loosen the soil. During the cultivation, they should be fed - the very first feeding is done 9-13 days after planting with manure at the rate of 1 kg per 10 liters of water.

Efficient growing of tall tomatoes in a greenhouse

It is quite possible to grow tall tomatoes in a greenhouse. With proper care, each bush can yield a crop not only on the central stem, but also on the side shoots, which allows you to collect much more harvest than from traditional tomato bushes. In addition, these tomato varieties can bear fruit almost throughout the summer season.

Choose a variety of tall tomatoes, depending on the climatic conditions of the terrain and personal taste preferences To select a variety of tall tomatoes you need depending on the climatic conditions of the terrain and personal taste preferences.

For a perfect harvest, you need to follow certain recommendations:

  1. After planting, tomato bushes need to be tied up, and in several places, Since plants can reach a height of 5 m or more, but usually such plant sizes are characteristic for industrial cultivation. In gardens and orchards, because of the characteristics of greenhouses, plants rarely reach a height of 3 m.
  2. The plants must necessarily be planted, that is, break off or cut off excess side shoots, to exclude the expenditure of effort on fruits, and not to grow additional shoots.
  3. Be sure to remove leaves that touch the surface of the earth, as well as those that appear to be sick, and also withered.
  4. It is necessary to introduce fertilizers and fertilizing in the soil. Top dressing is done several times a season. Top dressing is performed by phosphate, potassium, manure, Bordeaux mixture, which protects tomatoes from disease.

Growing tall tomatoes in a greenhouse( video)

Thanks to the above written recommendations, each person who grows in gardens and orchards of different varieties can achieve very good results, and grow the best varieties of tomatoes. The technology of growing different varieties of tomatoes is similar to each other, the main thing is to show patience, diligence, for growing a magnificent crop.