Hotbed of plastic bottles with their own hands: photos of greenhouses, make a video, a bottle of water from pet, for heat

Greenhouses, the coating of which is made of plastic bottles, almost inferior in their characteristics to greenhouses of other materials Greenhouses covered with plastic bottles are practically not inferior in their characteristics to greenhouses from other materials There is not always enough money to create a greenhouse. At the same time I want a full-fledged, durable and strong greenhouse. That is why many are resolved to create an original greenhouse made of PET containers.

      • Pros of the greenhouse from plastic bottles
      • Building of the greenhouse from solid plastic bottles with your own hands
      • How to make a greenhouse with your own hands from plastic bottles by stitching
      • Construction of mini-greenhouse made of plastic bottles
      • Stages of creating mini-teplitsy from a plastic bottle:
      • greenhouse from plastic bottles with their own hands( video)

Pros greenhouses of plastic bottles

plastic bottles are not delayedvayutsya in homes and immediately go to the dump. But owners of suburban areas should think about how useful it is to use recycled materials. You can build an unusual greenhouse.

Against the background of other variants of greenhouses( from film or glass, for example) plastic looks the most advantageous Compared to other options greenhouses( foil or glass, for example) plastic looks the most advantageous

advantages of the original construction:

  1. It is resistant to adverse weather conditions( wind, snow, rain, hail);
  2. Plastic - a durable material, and, therefore, will serve such a greenhouse for a long time;
  3. You can easily repair by replacing individual parts of the greenhouse;
  4. Has excellent heat preservation properties, since air circulates inside each bottle;
  5. There will be such a construction cheap;
  6. The assembly of the greenhouse is simple, you can perform all the stages yourself;
  7. For the erection of such a hotbed does not need a solid foundation.

You can build a glasshouse from glass bottles. At the same time, the roof is made of polycarbonate sheets. Such a construction will still cost more than a polycarbonate frame house. But you have to pour a solid foundation.

Bottles have the ability to keep warm air inside. It is thanks to this that they make wonderful greenhouses.

The greenhouse will be quite heavy and massive, but beautiful and unusual. With the help of plastic bottles of different colors, you can create original ornaments. Also, such a building retains heat well. Even in winter time, you do not have to use additional heating systems.

Construction of greenhouses from solid plastic bottles with their own hands

Anyone can build a hothouse structure from plastic bottles. But it is important not only to understand the principle of combining PET containers, but also to take into account all the nuances of such an assembly. For this, it is worthwhile to look at a master class of online experienced people.

mounted greenhouse of plastic bottles with their hands very easily

First we need to make a drawing and prepare a place of work. It is best to give preference to a well-lit area. It is also advised not to install a greenhouse in an open area where there are strong and gusty winds.

Drawing follows. It is better to build a rectangular rectangle of regular shape. We need to consider the dimensions of the greenhouse, the placement of doors and windows, and also beds.

After that you need to prepare all the materials and tools. For the frame, you need a wooden beam and a mounting rail. It is also necessary to stock up with an awl, hacksaw, nails, level, measuring tape and nylon thread. All bottles will need to be washed and removed from them by stickers. Then you can start installing the frame.

Frame assembly:

  1. You can not pour a concrete foundation. It is enough to make a wooden base of bars, which are digging along the perimeter of the building. Wood should be treated with antiseptics. For greater strength it is necessary to fill with cement.
  2. To the foundation should be attached load-bearing wooden blocks. In this case, the interval of 1 m should be observed.
  3. Next, stretch the nylon thread between the beams. It is necessary to make the distance at which the fit plastic bottle.
  4. The next step is to install the beams for the roof base.

After the construction of the frame, you can start installing the walls. From all bottles you need to cut the bottom, so you can tightly connect the container with another bottle. The plugs will also need to be removed. Next, you can string bottles at each other to make a monolithic tube.

Light containers should be used for walls, as it better passes light, and the dark one is suitable for corners and patterns.

Corner bottles must be attached to the frame by means of screws or nails. It is advisable to strengthen the wall with slats. Bottles are threaded on a rail made of metal or wood and taped vertically on a greenhouse.

Roof installation scheme:

  1. Production of rows of 40 cm from bottles;
  2. The lining is made of a metal mesh( it is advised to do it more often);
  3. Attaching rows to wooden parts of the roof using self-tapping screws or nails;
  4. Winding of the attached container with adhesive tape;
  5. Installation of the element on the greenhouse.

Here's a useful use of plastic bottles. All works are simple, but it is important to perform them correctly. Otherwise, the greenhouse will not keep warm, and all the work will go to nothing.

How to make a greenhouse with your own hands from plastic bottles stitching

There is another way how to build a greenhouse from recyclables. This method is more labor-intensive. But in such a greenhouse, ideal conditions for microclimate are created for cultures.

To build a small greenhouse of plastic bottles with their own hands will need about 1000 pieces For the construction of a small greenhouse of plastic bottles with their own hands will need about 1000 pcs.

You can take 1.5 and 2 l containers of Hershey, Cola or any other drink.

For an alternative method, plastic bottles will be needed. Preparation of the material will take a lot of time and effort. Even for a small hotbed you need to cut out more than 5000 bottles. But at the same time more heat is stored in the greenhouse, it is more durable and light.

Sequence of building a greenhouse from bottles by stitching:

  1. First, you need to prepare the material. From the plastic bottle you need to cut the top and bottom. The resulting cylinder must be cut. The resulting workpiece must be leveled with an iron or press.
  2. Each workpiece must be punched with an awl along the entire perimeter. Using a nylon thread or a line, you should connect the elements together. It is important to place the material overlapping so that holes do not form.
  3. The stitched fabric must be fixed with a rail to the frame. So it turns out the whole wall of the greenhouse.
  4. Selectively on the wall you can fix several racks. This is done to strengthen the structure.
  5. In the same way, you need to create and fix the canvas on the roof.

More time will be spent on creating blanks. You need to work carefully and carefully with plastic. It is important not to spoil the material at the leveling stage with an iron or a press.

Construction of mini-greenhouse made of plastic bottles

The simplest way to use plastic containers is to create mini-greenhouses. They can be placed both on the street and in the house. They will look great on the balcony or on the windowsill of the apartment. Such hothouses are suitable for orchids, geraniums, herbs or radishes. Most vacationers are bred in miniature varieties of seedlings.

If you are not interested in growing sprouts in large quantities, then for you is a simple greenhouse of plastic bottles If you are not interested in growing seedlings in large quantities, then you can use a simple greenhouse of plastic bottles

Stages of creating a mini-greenhouse from a plastic bottle:

  1. The top of the bottle should be cut. The bottom leaves, it will fulfill the role of the roof for the greenhouse.
  2. The underside of the bottle must be drilled with an awl, knife or scissors.
  3. The bottom for the greenhouse will serve as a piece of foam plastic. On it it is necessary to fall asleep keramzit and moistened sphagnum. The foam itself should also be slightly moistened.
  4. Prepared bottle should be turned over and laid on the bottom.
  5. On the roof, make holes and mount a cooler to supply air to the interior of the structure.
  6. The most laborious in the construction of greenhouses - cleaning bottles from labels The most laborious in the construction of greenhouses - cleaning bottles from labels

On this arrangement of the mini-greenhouse is over. To control the temperature regime inside the greenhouse, you can install a thermometer. This option is great for growing flowers.

For mini-greenhouses you need to take 5 liters of a bottle.

The design of the greenhouse for seedlings is slightly different. To create it, you need to cut the container in half. To supply the mini-greenhouse, several holes are made in the bottom. Next, you should fill the ground and seed the seeds. The upper part becomes the roof for the greenhouse. For ventilation, simply cover the lid.

Greenhouse from plastic bottles with their own hands( video)

The process of creating a greenhouse from bottles can be quite labor-intensive. It will be necessary to properly prepare the material and fix it. But in the end we get an ideal greenhouse with good thermal insulation qualities.