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Small hotbeds are installed in the greenhouse, on the balcony, on the veranda where there is a need for creating a special microclimate Small greenhouses are installed in the greenhouse, on the balcony, to the veranda where there is a need to create a special microclimate Many gardeners do not require large-scale production plant. They have enough beds for personal purposes. That's why they choose small greenhouses. They can be placed even in an apartment. So always at hand will be fresh vegetables and greens.

    • Purpose mini greenhouses made of polycarbonate
    • Types of mini-greenhouses for seedlings
    • What can be grown in the mini-greenhouses
    • Features a mini-greenhouse "Dachnik»
    • Installing a mini-greenhouse for the gardenwith his hands
    • Mini-greenhouses( video)
    • Examples of mini greenhouses and greenhouses( photo)

Purpose mini greenhouses made of polycarbonate

Jobs mini-greenhouse is to create optimal plant steametry microclimate in any season of the year. The greenhouse is set on a sunny spot. Transparent coating allows easy sunlight to warm up the culture. In this case, plants are protected from wind and any other unfavorable weather conditions. This content allows you to quickly get crops or grow thermophilic crops in cold regions.

In our harsh climate, where spring heat alternates with frost, the greenhouse is the only way to protect plants against weather whims In our severe climates where heat alternates with spring frosts, a greenhouse is the only way to protect plants against weather vagaries

Mini greenhouse can be room greenhouse. In appearance it is a structure with a transparent coating and peat tablets or soil in small cells. In such a greenhouse it is convenient to grow greens and flowers.

Features and Benefits mini greenhouses:

  1. Protecting crops from adverse environmental conditions;
  2. Creates a comfortable temperature and humidity inside;
  3. You can gently temper the crops;
  4. Provides easy maintenance of plants;
  5. Has an affordable price;
  6. You can install it quickly and easily with your own hands.

But it is worth noting that small sizes can carry negative aspects. Many cultures can not be planted in a greenhouse. In particular, those that have a lot of growth. Mini greenhouse is suitable for growing berries, greens and low vegetable crops.

Mini greenhouse can be installed absolutely in any part of the villa due to its compact size. Or even resort to using the balcony of the apartment.

A small greenhouse can be installed on a country plot with a limited area. She does not take much space, but the gardener will have an opportunity to get early harvests of her favorite crops, plant seedlings or plant flowers. But then the seedlings will have to be transplanted into a higher greenhouse or into open ground. After this, the greenhouse can be planted with greens or low-growing crops.

So in a mini-greenhouse you can plant radish. For the season he will give up to 3 harvests. In winter and autumn, the greenhouse can be planted with greens. In summer, a small design will be an excellent place for strawberries. So, year-round cultivation can be organized.

Types of mini-greenhouses for seedlings

There are several types of mini-greenhouse design. They differ in size and design features. There may also be house or street buildings. The variety is wide enough.

Summer residents do not suffer from gigantomania, therefore they prefer compact, inexpensive and effective protective structures Residents do not suffer from gigantomania, therefore they prefer compact, inexpensive and effective protective structures

Types of mini-greenhouses:

  1. Home. It has small dimensions. It can be installed even on the windowsill. Cultivate crops in this design can be year-round. Often, such hotbeds are used for breeding seedlings and germination of seeds. In appearance it can be a small copy of a street greenhouse, which is placed on the apartment window.
  2. Outdoor arched greenhouse. The frame is made of arches and resembles a tunnel. Coverage can serve as a film, agrovolokno, polycarbonate glass.
  3. Street portable greenhouse. This design has a high mobility, it can be transferred depending on the situation. The top is a lid made of glass, film or polycarbonate. The purpose of the greenhouse is to protect early plantations from frosts.
  4. The deep greenhouse. The main part of the greenhouse is buried in the ground. Thanks to this, there is always a positive temperature inside, even if there are severe frosts in the street. It is possible to equip a mini-greenhouse, if desired, with additional heating.
  5. Butterfly. Thanks to two doors, which can open simultaneously, the greenhouse resembles a butterfly. Sufficiently comfortable greenhouse. For plants it is easy to take care of the well-adjusted ventilation system.
  6. Snail or breadcrumb. A hotbed like a breadbasket reminds this device because of the way it is opened. The use of such a greenhouse is quite comfortable. And the installation will not create difficulties.

You can purchase prefabricated structures or build homemade greenhouses. The most popular companies for making mini-greenhouses is the Green apple. It produces popular greenhouses Snail and JXX 11003 and yellow model JXX 10013. Buy structure can be in the IKEA store.

What can be grown in the mini-greenhouses

Portable mini greenhouses are often used for forcing seedlings from seed. Under optimal temperature conditions, the seeds quickly rise and strengthen for further planting in the open ground. Such cultivation begins at the end of winter - early spring.

Built mini greenhouse with their own hands will not be worse than finished, but will cost much less built mini greenhouse with their own hands will not be worse than the final, and will be much cheaper

What can be grown in a mini-greenhouse:

  • greens;
  • Flowers;
  • Low-growing vegetables;
  • Seedlings with further transplant;
  • Strawberry berries;
  • Strengthen the bushes of raspberries, blueberries and other berries.

Greenhouse feel good cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, melons. With greenhouse cultivation it will be possible to satisfy your favorite cultures for a couple of weeks before. But each plant requires more space.

to greenhouse is not idle the whole year without a job can use the year-round cultivation of crops, as each plant has its own optimal planting time. You can grow several harvests of radish, then plant greenery, and then color.

The height of the mini-greenhouse is limited. Previously, we had to blindly determine the time of planting, so that before the growth of crops it was possible to transplant them. But numerous reviews on the Internet allow not only to learn all the nuances of small greenhouses, but also to determine the correct time for planting.

In a mini-greenhouse, you can cultivate cuttings of ornamental flowers and medicinal plants. But as they grow, cultures will have to be transplanted. For rose hips or roses it is better to create a special "kindergarten".

Features a mini-greenhouse "Dachnik»

To make a greenhouse, using different materials. It can be plastic, metal or wooden, depending on the frame. The covering material is polycarbonate, glass or film. Of course, a good polycarbonate greenhouse is quite expensive and not everyone can afford it. Therefore, the mini-greenhouse "Dacnik", which is covered by "Eurogarden", presents an alternative budget option.

Long before the plants can be planted in the open ground, you can put it in a greenhouse, such mini greenhouses for cottages will allow to grow seedlings before the summer season Long before the plants can be planted in open ground, you can put it in the greenhouse, such a mini greenhouse to give permit to grow seedlings until the summer season

Features cover "Evrogardenspan»:

  1. Breathing structure;
  2. Provides a stable temperature;
  3. Protects against adverse effects of the environment;
  4. Creates the right microclimate, which allows plants to quickly yield crops.

Installation of such a hotbed can be done independently. All the details are light enough, and a preliminary foundation pouring is not required. The complete set includes polymeric arcs from plastic pipes, covering material, which is presented by a cover and all the necessary connecting elements.

Installing a mini-greenhouse to give yourself

You can build a mini-greenhouse on your own or make to order. If you make a greenhouse with your own hands, you need to first familiarize yourself with some of the features of erecting greenhouses. You must first make a design drawing and select the correct location for the installation. If the greenhouse is portable or homemade, then the place can not be chosen.

Mini-greenhouse made at the site of the dacha with their own hands is an excellent opportunity for growing strong seedlings or early vegetables Mini-greenhouse made on the site by own hands - an excellent opportunity for growing strong seedlings or early vegetables

Before installing the hotbed, it is necessary to process the bed. You need to water it well and fertilize it. This will ensure a good harvest.

Before starting work, you should also think over and stock up with materials for making a greenhouse. Even handy old items can come up. For example, wooden boards, metal arches, window frames. Consider step by step how to make a simple arched greenhouse.

Stages of construction of arched mini-greenhouse:

  1. It is necessary to make several identical arcs of plastic or metal.
  2. The arc should be inserted into the ground at a distance of 40 cm. 30 cm of material must enter the ground.
  3. Using a wooden rod and wire, it is necessary to fix the arcs together.
  4. You can cover the structure with a film. You can attach polyethylene with clamps.
  5. The ends should also be sealed with a film.
  6. For stability of polyethylene it is necessary to put several weighting agents. They can be bricks.

This is the easiest option for giving. You can also build a portable greenhouse with a wooden base. You can use different materials and make the greenhouse more durable. Everything depends on the wishes and finances of the summer resident.

Mini-greenhouses( video)

There are many varieties of mini-greenhouses. Some can be placed on the street, others - in the apartment. Home options can be backlit and special fertilizers. Street can be made of polycarbonate or film, can be mobile or recessed into the ground. There are a lot of options. The main thing will be determined by the purpose of the greenhouse and your own wishes.

Examples of small greenhouses and hothouses( photo)