Average tomatoes in a greenhouse: medium-sized varieties, medium-ripe tomatoes

Average tomatoes can easily grow not only experienced vegetable growers, but also beginners Average tomatoes can easily grow not only experienced vegetable growers, but also beginners Tomatoes are eaten fresh, boiled, stuffed, added to salads, grinded and even dried to get a dry dressing. Many tomato lovers prefer to grow the vegetable themselves to know exactly in what conditions it grew and developed, what fertilizing was used.

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Which tomatoes for greenhouses are considered to be medium-sized

Tomatoes can be grown as in the apartment conditions( on the balcony and loggia) and in the suburban area. If tomato bushes are to be planted on a plot, it should immediately be decided, it will be preferable to grow vegetables in unclosed soil or in greenhouse conditions.

Medium-sized tomatoes can be grown in a greenhouse of any size Medium-sized tomatoes can be grown in any size greenhouse

Tomato varieties may vary:

  1. The color and size of the fruit - red, yellow, pink and even black fruit, can range from tiny to gigantic.
  2. For yields - can be characterized as large volumes of harvested crops, and rather scarce.
  3. The ripening period is early ripening, mid-ripening and late-ripening varieties.
  4. The height of the bush - dwarfish, medium-sized and high up to 2 m and above.

In a greenhouse, a tomato bushes is commonly used, referring to medium-sized bushes. Experience shows that the most frequent solution is the planting of tomatoes in a stationary greenhouse.

Choose medium-sized tomato varieties for greenhouses

Medium-sized plants should be nursed. Such specialized cutting of excess shoots should be carried out at a height of 30 cm, in order to give the sunlight more access to the lower parts of the tomato bush.

Considering medium-sized varieties grown in greenhouse conditions, stand out:

  1. Three fat men.
  2. Abakan pink.
  3. Adam's apple.
  4. Ivan Kupala.
  5. Orange pet.
  6. Russian soul.
  7. Dusya is red.
  8. Andreevsky Surprise.

The first is a tomato shrub that can reach 1-1.6 m in height. This variety is distinguished by large class dense fruits weighing up to 750-850 gr. Excellent for preparing various blanks.

Medium-sized tomato varieties are sold on the Internet or in the grocery store Medium-sized tomato varieties are sold on the Internet or in the grocery store

The second grade is characterized by large pink fruits, whose weight can reach 450-550 gr. The height of the bushes reaches 1.3-1.7 m.

The third refers to medium height shrubs up to 1.2-2.4 m high with fruits up to 568 grams. Fruits differ in round shape, in red. They are pretty fleshy. Yield up to 5 kg of tomatoes from one bush.

Ivan Kupala shows the yield to 3-3.5 kg from one bush. Tomatoes average up to 200-300 gr. Weight. The bush grows to 1.3-2.6 m.

Favorite variety for people with young children. The pet, since it is hypoallergenic. As you can see by the name, the fruits are orange, rather dense. By weight from 200 to 300 gr. The height of the bush, on average, is 1.4-1.6 m.

The Russian soul is a tomato variety characterized by high resistance to diseases. Productivity reaches 4-6.7 kg from one bush. The weight of the fruit itself varies from 654 to 856 grams.average. Fruits are round in shape, scarlet. An excellent option for stationary greenhouses and film greenhouses.

Medium-ripening tomatoes Dusya, this is a variety that grows well under hothouse conditions. Bushes up to 1.6 m high, with plum or oval fleshy fruits with dense skin. Weight fruits can be 150-350 gr.

The height of the Andreevsky bush can reach 1.4-1.6 m. The fruits themselves are fleshy, sweet, in shape are slightly flattened from above and from below rounded. The weight of tomatoes can be up to 850-950 grams, there are also kilogram giants. In addition, this variety is quite resistant to various diseases of tomatoes.

Variety Samara F1: medium-ripened tomato for greenhouses

The variety is a hybrid of the domestic product, bred by breeders specifically for growing in a heifer or a greenhouse. Indeterminant tomato refers to carpal species of tomato. It is an indeterminate plant. The fruit is rounded, the weight varies from 80 to 105 gr. Before you give your preference to the grade Samara F1, you should learn all the pros and cons of this tomato hybrid.

Among the advantages of tomato varieties Samara F1 is worth noting the rich flavor and aroma Among the advantages of the tomato variety Samara F1, it is worth noting the rich flavor and aroma

The pluses are:

  1. Rapid maturation. The variety belongs to the early ripening, which means that it will be possible to please yourself with fresh vegetables quite quickly.
  2. The variety is long fruit bearing.
  3. The fruits are smooth, almost identical, which is well suited for blanks.
  4. Resistance to various diseases. For example, to such diseases as fusariosis, kladosporiosis and tobacco mosaic.
  5. Resistance to cracking due to dense flesh of the fetus.
  6. Variety Samara F1 well tolerates transportation from site to house.
  7. Fruits are universal in terms of processing and eating.

From the minuses can be identified minor points - a hybrid tomato of this class is suitable only when growing on open ground, and bushes of tomatoes need a garter. There are small features in planting a variety. Planting seeds for growing seedlings is better at the end of December. And after the appearance of the first young leaves, it is necessary to hold a picking plant, and also to feed young seedlings.

Miracle of the Earth: medium-sized tomato for greenhouses

The variety was bred by Russian breeders for growing in different climatic zones. It should be noted that this tomato variety is subject to such diseases as tobacco mosaic and brown spotting. Early-ripening variety of tomatoes, differing in some features.

The medium-sized tomato Miracle of the Earth is well suited for both canning and fresh consumption Medium-sized tomato Miracle of the Earth is well suited for both canning and fresh consumption


  1. Resistant to periodic droughts and water shortages, automatically makes the grade ideal for gardeners whoFor some reason they can not always provide high-quality watering of plants.
  2. Early ripening of fruits. From the planting of young plants in the closed ground of the greenhouse, up to the appearance of mature fruit can pass no more than 95-105 days.
  3. Fruits are tomato pink, characterized by a rounded shape, slightly flattened from above. The weight of tomatoes, on average, is from 550 to 700 gr. In this case, the lower the berry grows, the larger it is.
  4. Long-term storage of ripe tomato.
  5. Tomatoes Miracle of the Earth well tolerate transportation even by car on our roads.
  6. High yield. On average, with 1 m2 of planting inside the greenhouse, you can gain 13-24 kg of fruit, and with proper timely care - up to 20 kg. Due to the large volume of harvested crop, this variety can be grown for industrial needs.

In terms of consumption, the Miracle of the Earth is one of the universal varieties in terms of consumption, due to the fact that on the same plant there are fruits of different sizes.

Fine fruits that grow on the top of the bush, and are excellent for preservation, salad cooking. Large fruits germinate in the lower parts of the plant and are suitable for making tomato juice, lecho, various sauces, homemade ketchup, and also for pasta.

Varieties of medium tomatoes in the greenhouse( video)

Garter twigs are mandatory. Remember, the bigger the bush, the stronger it needs the supports. This is especially true for branches with large fruits. For fertilizing, phosphorus- and potassium-containing fertilizers are well suited.