Greenhouse snowdrop: terrible reviews, BashAgroPlast, greenhouses from Leroy Merlin, from the manufacturer and their own hands

Greenhouse "Snowdrop" has a well-thought-out system for installing and fixing the covering material Greenhouse "Snowdrop" has conceived a system installation and fixing covering material Many gardeners set in suburban areas greenhouses. But choosing a comfortable and solid construction is not easy. In this issue, it is worth paying attention to the mini-greenhouse "Snowdrop".Comfortable accommodation is convenient for both summer residents and plants.

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features greenhouse "Snowdrop" in Leroy Merlin

greenhouse frame "Snowdrop" is made of arcs of a polymer. Covering material is fixed to the frame thanks to the sewn pockets. This makes the greenhouse stronger and stronger.

The "Snowdrop" can be easily blown away by the wind. Therefore, you should firmly fix the greenhouse on the ground.

The hotbed is easily mounted. It's enough just to unpack the package and put it in the right place. To the ground, the frame is attached using pegs. They are simply buried in the ground. And thus the basement is not required to be installed.

The greenhouse is equipped with strong and light arcs made of polymer Greenhouse equipped with strong and light polymer arcs

Specification greenhouse "Snowdrop»:

  1. greenhouses width - 1.2 meters;
  2. The length of the greenhouse depends on the configuration of the arcs and can be 4, 6, 8 m;
  3. Height of the greenhouse - 1 m;
  4. The frame is made of HDPE pipe with a diameter of 20 mm;
  5. Pegs and clips are also made of plastic;
  6. Covering material - non-woven "SUF-42".

The greenhouse is quite comfortable when caring for plants. The small height of the greenhouse is not a hindrance, as the coating material slides easily over the arcs. This is due to the convenient fixation with the help of clips.

The frame is made of environmentally friendly material. These are sufficiently strong arcs that are resistant to corrosion. Cover material also has many advantages. It does not pass ultraviolet, durable, has good air and moisture permeability. Cultures are in fairly favorable conditions, they are protected from burns or temperature changes.

Pros and cons of the "Snowdrop" greenhouse from the company BashAgroPlast

The "Snowdrop" greenhouse is mainly used for stunted plant varieties. Operate the greenhouse in spring and summer. The species are determined by the size of the greenhouse.

The covering material is made of acrylic and has many advantages over the film covering material is made of acrylic and has numerous advantages compared with the film

Pros greenhouse "Snowdrop" from BashAgroPlast:

  • light weight, which makes it easy to move the greenhouse;
  • Affordable price;
  • Robust construction, which determines the durability;
  • Well retains heat of soil and air;
  • Simple installation;
  • Well conducts moisture, which guarantees natural watering.

But there are some drawbacks of the greenhouse. One of them is high sailing. Also worth noting is the small height. But at the same time it does not create any inconvenience during the care of plants. Still in the "Snowdrop" greenhouse there is a small width. This allows you to plant a few beds.

Agrofibre perfectly passes moisture. This allows for natural watering and greatly simplifies the care.

Types of greenhouses are due to their size, namely length. There are greenhouses at 4, 6 and 8 meters in length. Such dimensions are due to the number of arcs: 5, 7 and 9 elements respectively.

Assignment of the "Snowdrop" greenhouse from the manufacturer

The greenhouse from the manufacturer is compact enough and can find a place on any country site. BashAgroPlast( Bashkiria) provides strong and reliable "Snowdrop" greenhouses. Production in Ukraine and Belarus is also adjusted. There are several types, which are due to the size of the greenhouse.

When folded, the greenhouse is very compact In a collapsed state, the greenhouse is very compact

The functions of the "Snowdrop" greenhouse:

  1. Keeps heat well and creates a comfortable microclimate for plants;
  2. The greenhouse is capable of withstanding frosts up to -5 degrees;
  3. Provides protection against any inclement weather;
  4. An inaccessible structure for pests and rodents.

Greenhouses are used not only for growing vegetables. In a greenhouse it is convenient to plant seedlings, greens or berries. You can sow the seeds of tomatoes, cucumbers or cabbage.

When combining different crops, the most similar requirements for the microclimate should be selected. You can also make partitions to separate certain plant species.

In compact greenhouses, you can grow eggplants, peppers, onions, garlic, greens. It is important to consider that tomatoes and cucumbers do not stand up to the neighborhood. They have absolutely different requirements for temperature and humidity.

Features of the "Snowdock Plus" greenhouse

The "Snowdrop Plus" greenhouse is an improved version of the above-mentioned greenhouse. It can be used at a temperature of -7 degrees. This is achieved due to the high density of agglomerates and resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Also the greenhouse is much cheaper than a greenhouse. A sufficiently high strength of the structure is also noted. This allows to resist any unfavorable natural conditions.

The covering material of the greenhouses can have different characteristics

Features of the Snowdrop Plus:

  1. Simplified care for crops. The height of the structure allows you to easily care for plants.
  2. Creation of a comfortable microclimate. Keeps the correct temperature, humidity and provides protection from bad weather.
  3. Increased duration of the harvest season. You can start landing 2 weeks before the start of the season. At the same time, you can finish growing after 3 weeks of harvesting.
  4. High mobility. The greenhouse can be easily transferred. It's easy and quick to do. This greenhouse does not take up much space.
  5. Durability. Do not spoil in the winter and autumn when not in use. Agrofiber for this period is collected and stored in comfortable conditions.

It is these large sizes that determine the peculiarity of the "Snowdrop Plus" hotbeds. This is a large height and an expanded area. Also worth noting is the increased strength of the agglomerate and frame.

Manufacturer BashAgroPlast claims that the development of the unique "Snowdrop Plus" greenhouse was based on customer feedback. This is the only model with an agglomerate density of 60%.

The greenhouse includes a non-woven SUF-60 coating with a higher density. Also worth noting the presence of more solid frame arcs made of plastic, pegs and clips. Connectors, side cords and instructions for proper installation are also provided.

Assembling the "Snowdrop" greenhouse with your own hands

You can buy a "Snowdrop" greenhouse in the specialized store of Leroy Merlin or in the market, and also make by yourself. This is a fairly easy to manufacture design. The need for independent production can be due to the selection of the right sizes.

The greenhouse includes convenient clips for fastening the covering material The greenhouse kit includes convenient clips for fastening the covering material

Material selection options:

  1. The frame can be supplied with various materials that are of sufficient strength. Also it is worth considering that they should be in the form of an arch. You can buy pipes from plastic. The diameter of the pipe should be from 2 cm. Also, the material can be metal or fiberglass reinforcement.
  2. Agglomerate is used as a covering material. The manufacturer can be any. The main requirement is the density of 42. Also, when buying cover material, its width is taken into account.

Collecting a hotbed is quite simple. First, the frame is mounted. The distance between the arcs is 1 m. To fix the frame on the ground, you need to use pegs from any available material( wood, metal, plastic).An alternative to pegs is the armature. Then plastic is put on it.

To improve strength, you need to install a wooden base. The arches are fixed along the sides of the foundation. Fixation with wood is due to self-tapping screws or clamps.

After installing the frame, it must be covered with agrofiber. You can simply cover the structure with a cover material and fix it with clips or ordinary clothespins. But you can complicate the process by sewing small pockets into the material in the form of folds on the agrofiber.

So you can make a greenhouse like "Snowdrop" by yourself. All operations are simple. Materials can serve as any elements that are available.

Reviews of the "Snowdrop" greenhouse: how terrible or good

For compiling a comprehensive assessment of the "Snowdrop" greenhouse it is possible, if you look at the customer reviews. The percentage of those who claim that the greenhouse is terrible, insignificant. Basically, these are inexperienced vegetable growers who do not know how to choose the right greenhouse and operate it. Most buyers liked to use the "Snowdrop" greenhouse.

Mounting the arches to the ground will ensure a reliable and durable operation of the greenhouse Mounting of arches to the ground will provide reliable and durable operation of the

Reviews of the greenhouse are concerned:

  1. Longevity of the greenhouse. The design can last a long time without losing its operational properties.
  2. On the excellent protective properties of the "Snowdrop" model. Plants feel comfortable enough, they are protected from ultraviolet light, rain, frost, drought.
  3. Simplify work in the garden. Caring for sprouts and vegetables in the greenhouse is much easier. In addition, in the greenhouse conditions, the cultures ripen faster.
  4. On the instability of the greenhouse. If you do not take action, then a strong wind can simply blow down the structure.

The "Snowdrop" greenhouse is quite simple to install. In many reviews this is also indicated. It's enough just to buy a kit, which is simply transported at the expense of small sizes. On the site you just need to get all the details and put them on the beds.

The small cost of a mini greenhouse will please consumers. This is a decent model at an affordable price.

The greenhouse was created for use in spring and summer time. For the winter, he is advised to dismantle and hide. This will protect the design from defects in case of heavy snowfalls.

Tips for using a mini-greenhouse "Snowdrop"

There are certain rules for operating a greenhouse. If you follow them, you can extend the life of the greenhouse. It is also worth noting that if used improperly, you can quickly ruin the design.

The greenhouse is suitable for growing only small plants The greenhouse is suitable for growing only stunted plants

Operating tips:

  1. In winter, it is necessary to collect the greenhouse and store it in the factory cover in a dry place. In the storage room can be absolutely different temperature, a durable coating will withstand any loads.
  2. Every year it is necessary to erase the agricultural fiber. You can do this procedure even in a washing machine. Mini-greenhouse provided for the cultivation of only low-growing crops.
  3. Use only clips to secure the cover.
  4. It is necessary to carefully use agrovolokno, so as not to accidentally pierce it with sharp objects.
  5. Before installing the greenhouse, the ground needs to be dug and moistened.

The rules are fairly simple, you do not need to resort to special efforts. The service life of the hotbed is 5 years. But if you implement these measures, you can extend the duration of use.

Snowdrop Greenhouse( video)

The compact "Snowdrop" greenhouse of the BashAgroPlast production represents a solid construction and a dense coating. This is an ideal value for money. Of course, there are certain disadvantages. But they are insignificant and easy to fix. Pleases and easy installation.

Examples of of the "Snowdrop" greenhouse( photo)