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Tomatoes in the greenhouse are the most common crop for growing Tomatoes in the greenhouse are the most common crop for growing Growing tomatoes is not a simple but very promising and profitable occupation. Whether it is selling vegetables with commercial benefits, or growing for your own table, cultivating tomatoes will pay off with a vengeance: vegetables will bring both commercial benefits and will please the family, saving money on market purchases. What sorts of tomatoes to choose and how to grow a culture in a greenhouse - read below.

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Tomatoes in a greenhouse: selection of a variety

Tomatoes can be grown in glass, Greenhouse film and polycarbonate. Due to the capacity of the materials, the variety should be selected specifically for the greenhouse( for example, for a glasshouse of glass suitable such varieties as Verlioka, Etude-NK).

In order to choose the optimal varieties of tomatoes for growing, you need to study the features and requirements of each, read the reviews of gardeners who have already grown these specific varieties.

In addition to classic tomatoes with red fruits, there are black, orange, yellow and pink varieties. According to most gardeners, the most delicious and sweet tomatoes are Sanka and Miracle. Sour varieties of tomatoes are used, mainly for preservation and salting.

Before planting tomatoes, read the characteristics of a variety Before you plant tomatoes, review the characteristics of a particular variety

If you want to grow tomatoes with a bright taste and unusual appearance, then pay attention to Japanese varieties( for example, Japanese truffle, which is not only differentBeautiful black fruits, but also very useful).

For areas with a short summer period tomatoes of Siberian selection will do. If you need unpretentious varieties for a warm climate, then you should choose Chinese early, which grows well in the middle and southern strip of Russia.

Fruiting tomato greenhouse

Tomato varieties are chosen depending on the maturation period. So, for the cold regions, early and supernormal tomatoes( for example, Siberian trump card, Big Mommy) will suit. For the Rostov region and the middle belt - tomatoes with an average maturity. Some late varieties are fruitful until the fall.

Tomato varieties are chosen depending on the timing of their maturation Tomato varieties are chosen depending on the maturation period

In a year-round, heated greenhouse, tomatoes can be grown even in cold, autumn-winter and winter-spring periods.

If you grow greenhouse tomatoes for sale, then harvesting should begin before the fruits are fully ripe. If you already gather ripe tomatoes, you may have problems with prolonged storage and transportation, as soft fruit, as a rule, quickly deteriorate. Harvesting of tomatoes should occur in warm weather, until the dew fell out. How many fruits can be harvested from a single plant is difficult to say: the result depends on your care, tomato variety.

We grow tomatoes in the greenhouse for beginners

For beginners we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the technology of planting tomatoes on Mitlajdera. Some truck farmers write that landing on Mitlajderu achieved an increase in crop yields by half.

Before planting a tomato, the greenhouse should be carefully cleaned Before planting a tomato, the greenhouse should be carefully cleaned

Experienced truck farmers have long developed an algorithm for growing tomatoes, which greatly simplifies the life of novice farmers:

  1. Before planting tomatoes, the greenhouse needs to be carefully cleaned.
  2. The optimum temperature in the greenhouse should be maintained at +16-23 degrees. Do not allow temperature fluctuations.
  3. It is necessary to arrange watering of plants on the 10th day after planting shoots in the greenhouse and then irrigate the seedlings every 4-5 days.
  4. The hotbed should be ventilated during the day, without forgetting, at the same time, closing it for the night.

To feed and form shrubs should be based on agrotechnical recommendations to the variety.

Large greenhouses for tomatoes

Industrial production of vegetables brings a considerable profit. In large industrial greenhouses, for example, "Farmer", the most popular vegetables and fruits, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, radish, sweet peppers, as well as greens( parsley, celery, onions, garlic) are grown all year round.

Industrial production of vegetables brings a considerable profit Industrial production of vegetables brings a considerable profit

Tomato varieties for industrial cultivation should have a skin-resistant peel and pulp( such hybrids as Aswon, Wirth).

Agrotechnics of industrial tomatoes does not differ from greenhouse cultivation. Difficulties are eliminated only by harvesting a large crop. In Japan, there was even developed a robot for harvesting tomatoes in industrial greenhouses.

Greenhouse for tomatoes with their own hands

For beginners, the greenhouse is an ideal solution, becauseDoes not require large investments in manufacturing and heating. Anyone, even a beginner summer resident can easily make a greenhouse with their own hands.

A greenhouse for a tomato is easy and simple to make by own hands It's easy to make a greenhouse for a tomato

But, it should be taken into account that:

  1. The height of the hotbed should not be more than one meter( low and dwarf varieties of tomatoes are chosen for greenhouses).
  2. It is not recommended to make a greenhouse unheated.

The greenhouse supports can be constructed from PVC pipes, and the walls can be covered in a greenhouse with a simple polyethylene film.

Humidity in the greenhouse for a tomato

The most suitable humidity for normal growth and fruit fruiting is 60-70%.The presence of a higher level can lead to various fungal and viral diseases of tomatoes( powdery mildew, phytophthora).Also, at high temperatures and humidity in greenhouses, pests( aphids, whitefly, bear) appear

Suitable moisture for normal growth and fruiting of the crop is in the range of 60-70% Suitable humidity for normal growth and fruiting of the crop is within the range of 60-70%

Optimum humidity in arid climates andIn the summer it is possible to achieve due to artificial moistening of the soil or installation of a fogging system in the greenhouse.

Most of all tomatoes need watering during such periods of life as ripening and fruiting.

How to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse

When growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, the main thing is to look at the name and grade of tomato, the size of the bush. So, tall tomatoes that have large shoots( for example, Vano, Bull's heart, Paradise and Signor) must be tied up on trellises. Hooks for tapestries can be attached to the transverse beams of the roof of the greenhouse.

Some truck farmers prefer to grow tomatoes in buckets: the water and soil in them heats faster than on the bed, which greatly approximates the harvesting period.

As for alternative types of greenhouses, in some cases it is possible to do without even a primer. These methods of growing plants include aeroponics. Tomatoes on hydroponics are more viable and ripen faster.

For tomatoes in the greenhouse requires proper care The tomatoes in the greenhouse require proper care

All about tomatoes in the greenhouse

Let's look at some facts that will help grow tomatoes correctly.

One of the main conditions for greenhouse growing tomato is good lighting. Light plays a key role in the photosynthesis of plants.

It should be borne in mind that tomatoes like weakly acidic soil - this is the ideal environment for their cultivation.

It is very important to observe the right crop rotation of crops on site. Tomatoes should be planted after root crops. After tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, pumpkins and melons grow well. Next to tomatoes grow well strawberries, legumes, carrots.

Tomatoes in the greenhouse( video)

A cottage with a greenhouse is an ideal place for growing tomatoes. Culture can be grown both by experienced gardeners and by amateurs. Fulfilling all the recommendations for cultivation, you will get a great harvest. And the proposed review will help you with this.

tomatoes in a greenhouse( photo examples)