Greenhouse Bunny: drawing with dimensions, polycarbonate greenhouse with own hands, photo and reviews, how to make, video

For small plots of land use more models of hotbeds "Khlebnitsa" For smaller plots of land use more models of hotbeds "Khlebnitsa" The gardeners in the plots can see a variety of different greenhouses, ranging from basic structures to technologically sophisticated structures equipped with automation. Among all the designs of greenhouses, one species stands out, which is called Khlebnitsa.

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Drawing with the specified dimensions of the hothouse Breadbasket

In appearance the Hlebnitsa greenhouse resembles a real breadbasket, Practically completely corresponds to this kitchen element. The upper part of the greenhouse reclines in the same way as the breadbox.

Greenhouse "breadbasket" differs from similar structures by its compactness and aesthetics The breadbasket is different from similar structures with its compactness and aesthetics.

Such a greenhouse is not a very large structure, but at the same time, quite comfortable.

The top cover can be completely detached, and access to the seedlings is convenient. But this design does not allow planting high plants. Its size may vary, it all depends on the size of the bed and the financial capabilities of the person.

Many gardeners usually install greenhouses:

  • Length from 2 to 4 m;
  • The height of such a hotbed usually does not exceed 1.5 m;
  • The width can be different, if the lid is tilted from one side, then the parameters are rather narrow - from 0.8 m to 1.3 m;
  • And if the cover reclines from 2 sides, you can make it wider - up to 2 m.

In different sources, you can find different drawings and sizes of such a greenhouse, as each grower, based on their needs. So, if such a greenhouse is needed for industrial purposes for mass growing seedlings, then such models can reach a length of 4 m. Despite the ready-made drawings, which can be found in different books and other sources, it is possible to make those designs that will be most optimal for eitherOther site. Such a hotbed can be made, both with your own hands made of different materials from metal from metal plastic pipes, etc., you can also buy ready-made kits that will not be difficult to assemble and install on the necessary place.

Advantages of the greenhouse

breadbasket The variant of use of such a hotbed allows to use the most optimal design space. The frame of such a greenhouse can be made of wood, metal profiles, from galvanized profiles, and even from metal-plastic pipes. Coverage of such a greenhouse is usually made of cellular polycarbonate with protection from ultraviolet. Before assembling such a greenhouse, it is necessary to install the frame in a dry place, while the greenhouse should not be in the shade, it is also installed on a foundation that can be made of concrete or treated with antiseptic wood.

There are no passages in the greenhouse, so its area is used for one hundred percent There are no passes in the greenhouse, so its area is used for one hundred percent

In addition, this greenhouse has other advantages.

  • Versatility;
  • Functionality;
  • Allow this greenhouse not only to grow seedlings, but also to grow other plants;
  • Thanks to the tilting lid, it's easy to ventilate the heifer and take care of the greenhouse.

Industrial greenhouse The bread basket has a light enough weight, and it can be easily transferred 2 people from place to place. And also such a greenhouse can be easily assembled and disassembled, for example, in order to be stored for winter.

Due to its low height, this greenhouse practically does not react to wind, but also thanks to a semi-circular shape, if the structure remains in the winter, snow easily slips from it, and polycarbonate, like the greenhouse itself, does not break under its weight.

The only weak point of such a greenhouse can be the foundation, if it is made of a wooden beam. But this is also a small problem - just raise the frame of the greenhouse, and replace the damaged parts of the basement.

How to make a greenhouse with your own hands according to blueprints

polycarbonate breadbasket A similar greenhouse The breadbasket can be made by hand, if you use drawings, as well as tools and necessary materials for manufacturing. Making a greenhouse begins with the definition of its size, on different drawings you can find different parameters of this design.

Dimensions of the breadbasket can be different Dimensions of greenhouse breadbasket can be different

The length of the greenhouse can be from 2 m to 4 m, its width can also be different.

Everyone in his garden chooses the size of the greenhouse that is most convenient for him. Materials for making this type of greenhouse can be - galvanizing, bent pipes from metal and even wood, the frame is covered with polycarbonate. The very process of making it is not very complicated.

For this you need to do the following:

  1. First, in the size of the future greenhouse in the ground, a shallow ditch is dug out.
  2. A foundation is installed in the pit. It can be made of wood from treated wood or concrete, which is best.
  3. The base of the greenhouse is installed on the foundation.
  4. All other components are attached to the base. First set the arc, they can be fastened by welding or bolting, then a horizontal bar is set to amplify.

At the finishing stage, a tilting cover is attached, which consists of half-arches and horizontal fasteners. This design is attached to the frame on the bolts so that it mono was opened and closed. And the roof can be opened, both on one side and on the other. After the whole construction is assembled, sheets of polycarbonate are attached to it, and on this the construction of the greenhouse can be finished.

Overall dimensions of the greenhouse Hlebnitsa

In its appearance, the Hlebnitsa greenhouse resembles the breadwinner of the same name, thanks to the fact that the lid comes off like in a breadbox. And it can be torn completely for caring for plants and for airing on hot days. Also, it can be torn partially, and, thanks to the construction of Fedorov, the roof of such a hotbed is easily transformed. Coverage of such a hotbed in recent years is carried out using polycarbonate, due to which plants receive a sufficient amount of ultraviolet, and the microclimate of such a structure is optimal for growing plants. The size of such a hotbed depends on the area of ​​the plot and the number of plants grown.

It is desirable to install the greenhouse on level ground, away from trees and houses, so that there is enough light It is desirable to install the greenhouse on a flat surface, away from trees and houses, so that there is enough light.

Nuances of installation and dimensions:

  1. When it comes to growing plants for sale, in particular seedlings, As a rule, the size of such a hotbed can reach a size of up to 4 m in length.
  2. Some gardeners in their area install several such greenhouses, and they can vary in size from the minimum to the maximum.
  3. To correctly locate greenhouses on your site, you should make a drawing on it, where you can specify the location of the elements on the site, so you can most optimally arrange on your site a structure of this type.

The width of the structure depends on how the lid will come off, if in one direction, its width can reach 1 m( maximum 1.5 m).And if the greenhouse is arranged so that its lids open both on one side and the other, then in this case the width of such a construction can reach 2-3 m.

Hotbed Hlebnitsa( video)

Such greenhouses have got to themselves only positive reviews, And those people who have long used such structures on their sites, do not regret the construction of such structures with their own hands.

Design of the Hlebnitsa greenhouse( photos of the examples)