Hothouse Uralochka: reinforced reviews, comfort and modernity of polycarbonate, video assembly, window leaf and size

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Uralochka is a prefabricated greenhouse, so when you buy it, the summer resident gets all the details and assembly instructions Uralochka Teplice is prefabricated type, because when purchasing summer visitor gets all the details and assembly instructions Hotbeds "Uralochka" - a reliable domestic manufacturer. He offers different models, which have some differences among themselves. But all are equipped with a steel frame and guarantee durability.

    • Feature greenhouse "Uralochka enhanced»
    • Advantages greenhouse "Uralochka comfort»
    • Features greenhouse "Uralochka Nouveau»
    • «Uralochka enhanced" assembly steps greenhouse polycarbonate
    • Overview greenhouse "Uralochka"(video)

Feature "Uralochka enhanced" greenhouse

Numerals reviews on the Internet to help make the right impression on the greenhouse, "Uralochka enhanced".This greenhouse belongs to the arched species. It has long been popular with summer residents, as a reliable design that can withstand any bad weather.

Теплица "Уралочка" усиленная имеет сборную конструкцию. Ее каркас — металлический профиль прямоугольной или квадратной формы The "Uralochka" hothouse has a prefabricated structure. Its frame is a rectangular or square metal profile

"Uralochka" stands before the loads of snow and strong winds. Its strength is due to the steel frame with solid arcs. Due to this, the greenhouse is capable of withstanding the snow load of 30 kg per square meter.

The metal frame is coated with an anti-corrosion coating. Thanks to it, the base does not rust and does not rot.

But such characteristics are available and standard models. But the enhanced version has more arcs. They are located in steps of 67 cm

A distinctive feature of the "Uralochka reinforced" greenhouse is the base of a single arc with a larger cross section than in conventional models. The ends with doors and windows should be assembled using

electric welding. This ensures additional reliability. But the weight of the greenhouse is small. You can not fill the foundation and move the hotbed if necessary.

details, which included a greenhouse, "Uralochka enhanced»:

  1. Props for the frame to attach the greenhouse to the ground;
  2. One-piece arcs;
  3. A pair of doors and windows;
  4. Two gables;
  5. One-piece base with longitudinal ties;
  6. Couplings;
  7. Documents for the greenhouse;
  8. Assembly instruction;
  9. Polycarbonate sheets.

This design ensures the reliability and durability of the model. Assembly can be done independently with their own hands, observing the instructions. To install the framework you need to allocate a few hours. Strengthen polycarbonate is still advised with the help of a knowledgeable person. In winter, you can disassemble the greenhouse and hide until the onset of spring.

It is worth mentioning the polycarbonate sheets with which the "Uralochka" greenhouse is covered. Their thickness is 4 mm. Such dimensions make the material resistant to weathering and wind load.

Advantages greenhouse "Uralochka comfort»

Appointment Greenhouse "Uralochka comfort" - the creation of optimal conditions for growing different plants. This model is covered with polycarbonate sheets, the thickness of which is 4 mm. Such a cover material keeps the heat well and protects the crops from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

"Uralochka Comfort" is a steel greenhouse of arched shape, with anticorrosive polymeric coating of white color or galvanized, intended for covering with honeycomb polycarbonate «Uralochka Comfort" - steel greenhouse arch shape with an anticorrosive white polymeric coating or galvanized intended to cover cell polycarbonate

Pluses greenhouse "Uralochka comfort»:

  1. frame processed anticorrosive agent, Which increases the service life of the greenhouse;
  2. The model is capable of withstanding any weathering;
  3. You can increase the length of the greenhouse by 2 m if you install additional inserts;
  4. The kit includes all the necessary assembly elements;
  5. Cellular polycarbonate serves as a covering material - a light, flexible and durable material;
  6. To mount a greenhouse, do not need a preliminary installation of the foundation.

The frame is a metal profile pipe. It is painted white with polymer-powder paint. The kit includes 2 doors and windows that need to be placed on the front of the greenhouse. Self-tapping with rubber-metal washers is used to secure the polycarbonate.

The "Uralochka comfort" greenhouse needs to be installed on a hard base of wooden blocks, bricks or blocks. This will ensure better stability of the model.

Polycarbonate sheets for this greenhouse can be lightweight. This option is ideal for summer construction. Under the order the greenhouse can be equipped with additional windows, automatic irrigation and ventilation.

Features of the greenhouse "Uralochka modern"

The frame of this model is steel, painted with powder paint. A distinctive feature of the "Uralochka Art Nouveau" greenhouse is a cover. It is made of reinforced film, which is equipped with a light stabilizer.

One of the most popular greenhouse constructions in our country is the greenhouse "Uralochka modern" One of the most popular greenhouse constructions in our country is the greenhouse "Uralochka Art Nouveau"

The film coating provides tightness and complete absence of drafts. So it is possible to maintain a comfortable microclimate for crops.

An obvious plus of the model is mobility. Compact size allows you to easily transport a greenhouse in a car. On the land you can carry it from place to place, without letting the soil drain. Winter can be easily collected.

Advantages of using reinforced film:

  1. Sufficiently strong coating, able to withstand mechanical influences;
  2. Protects plants against ultraviolet light;
  3. Do not spoil or rot;
  4. No drafts;
  5. Simple repair if necessary;
  6. Lightness;
  7. Environmental safety, as the film does not use toxic substances;
  8. Affordable price.

In this case, you can build the greenhouse yourself. For convenience, you should take an assistant, but you can do without it. To install the "Uralochka Art Nouveau" greenhouse, no additional tools are needed. The assembly is carried out on latches. The finished frame is covered with a single film of polyethylene. It connects to the base with the help of lines and buckles. The entire structure can be assembled in an hour.

Stages of assembling a greenhouse made of polycarbonate "Uralochka reinforced"

Assembly must begin with a check of all the components. The greenhouse consists of metal arches, a base and polycarbonate sheets. During operation, it is necessary to follow the instructions, which are also included in the kit of the greenhouse.

Before assembling and installing the structure, level the ground, and then mark the pegs where the greenhouse should stand before assembly and installation design Smooth out ground, then mark the pegs, which should stand greenhouse

«Uralochka enhanced" greenhouse assembly Steps:

  1. Site Preparation. It should be a well-lit area. The earth needs to be aligned if necessary, all roots and weeds need to be removed. An unevenness of 5 cm is allowed.
  2. Cutting polycarbonate sheets. It is necessary to place the material on a flat surface and cut off 2 strata with a size of 2.02 m and 1.96 m.
  3. Assembling the ends. It is necessary to lay them so that the door and the pane open freely.
  4. Sheet with a size of 2.03 m should be laid on the end, after removing the protective film.
  5. Fastening of polycarbonate. It is carried out with the help of screws and screwdrivers.
  6. Next, cut out the polycarbonate holes for the door and window. To properly operate the door, cut holes for the hinges.
  7. Sheet with a size of 1.96 m should be installed buttewith another layer and fastened. In the same way, another end is mounted.
  8. Fastening of hooks and handles for doors and windows.
  9. Assembling the frame. To begin with, the base is fixed and attached to each other.
  10. Installation of arcs. They lie on the bayonets of the base.
  11. Fixing of arcs with screed.
  12. Connection of the structure to the ends using screws. Using the level you need to check the evenness of the greenhouse.
  13. Polycarbonate coating with self-tapping screws.
  14. Fixation of the greenhouse to the ground.

This completes the assembly. If properly assembled, the design will last for many years. In winter time it is advisable to use additional supports. Suitable wooden beams.

Overview of the "Uralochka" greenhouse( video)

You can install the "Uralochka" greenhouse on your own. Each model has its own features of assembly and operation. The main thing is to follow the instructions.

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