What can be planted in a greenhouse with cucumbers: how to plant a watermelon and pepper, the neighborhood of cabbage with zucchini, what to plant next

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Some plants coexist well in one greenhouse, which allows an early and varied crop Some plants get along well in a greenhouse to provide early and rich harvest On small plots is not always possible to build immediately a few greenhouses, so you can put in a greenhouse a few crops, but only when it is necessary to observe certainPlanting rules. Since different plants can "conflict" with each other, and can on the contrary "be friends".

    • What can be planted in a greenhouse with cucumbers
    • Watermelon and cucumber in a greenhouse: the conditions of joint growth
    • neighbors cucumbers in the greenhouse
    • cucumbers and cabbage in a greenhouse: the rules of care
    • answer agronomist whatcan be planted in a greenhouse with cucumbers( video)

What can be planted in a greenhouse with cucumbers

When planting different vegetables used a greenhouse, it is necessary to properly combine the plants, such as cucumbers and any otherOther cultures. It is necessary to carefully study the conditions of cultivation of garden crops. So cucumbers love frequent watering with warm water, nitrogen-containing fertilizers, and a certain temperature regime.

Most often in one greenhouse neighbors cucumbers and tomatoes most often in a greenhouse coexist cucumbers and tomatoes

Such conditions are not suitable for all plants, but only a certain, for example, such as:

  1. Eggplant - this plant, as well asAnd cucumbers like moisture and a sufficiently high temperature, while growing cucumbers and eggplants in the greenhouse should maintain a temperature of 27 - 29 oC.In this case it is desirable to plant cucumbers on one side of the greenhouse, and on the other side eggplant.
  2. Pepper - this plant also likes the same conditions as cucumbers, but you should choose either sweet pepper varieties, or only bitter. Sitting together sweet and bitter pepper is not worth it, as this will lead to cross-pollination. Together with cucumbers, you can plant dill, which will help protect cucumbers from parasites.
  3. In the southern regions of Russia, you can plant early beet, along with cucumbers, in mid-April, its tops can be used to make different salads. But it will need to be removed after the cucumbers go into growth.

When plants of different species are planted, despite the similarity of their requirements, they should not be interrupted. Usually, cucumbers are planted in the middle of the greenhouse, and at the edges of other plants, and while planting plants so that some cultures do not obscure the others. Some people plant green cabbage and cabbage together with cucumbers, it is usually planted in a greenhouse in mid-April, with appropriate care, you can get the first harvest in early summer.

Watermelon and cucumber in a greenhouse: the conditions of joint growth

With a good greenhouse, it can be planted not only to all the usual tomatoes and cucumbers, but even crops such as melons. But not all varieties of watermelon or melons are suitable for growing in a greenhouse, you should choose special adaptive varieties of watermelons, suitable for a particular climate.

To select plants for joint cultivation is necessary according to the microclimate conditions in the greenhouse select plants for the co-cultivation is necessary for climate conditions in the greenhouse

for growing watermelons in a greenhouse is necessary to create a plant certain conditions :

  1. Planted prepared seedlings in mid-early May, the distance between the plants shouldBe about 40 - 50 cm, and to save space, you can plant the plants in a checkerboard pattern.
  2. During June and July, you should tie the loops of watermelons, water them in time( about once a week), and you must make fertilizing, for example, during flowering it is necessary to feed plants with ammonium nitrate on the basis of 2 tbsp. L.On a bucket of water.

As for the compatibility of two plants - watermelon and cucumbers, it is better not to plant them in a single greenhouse, since these are too different plants at the request of a microclimate and watering in a greenhouse. So, for example, if there is high humidity in the greenhouse, the watermelon will suffer from this, and, eventually, the plants may die. And cucumbers need the opposite high humidity.

But such a culture as melons can be fully combined with cucumbers, as melon likes the same climatic conditions as cucumbers and they can be grown in one heifer, but in different beds.

Or it can be grown on one, but the plants should be fenced off from each other by some kind of barrier, for example, a screen of film or a piece of polycarbonate.

Neighbors of cucumbers in the greenhouse

It is believed that for each culture it is necessary to prepare a separate greenhouse, but it is not always possible to do several greenhouses on your site at once. In this case it is necessary to plant several crops, and it is necessary to plant plants that are "friendly" with each other.

Plants of different species in one greenhouse should be grown on separate beds Plants of different species in one greenhouse should be grown on separate beds

So, for example, in a greenhouse, with the cucumber, the following cultures can be planted:

  1. The most common are cucumbers in a greenhouse, As eggplants and peppers and at the same time they can not be confused with each other. It is best to plant cucumbers in the middle of the greenhouse, all other crops along the edges of the greenhouse.
  2. Also neighbors of cucumbers can be such crops as watercress, radish, dill. These plants have the same conditions for moisture, temperature and soil. Also perfectly with cucumbers such plants get parsley, garlic, basil and beans, onions and even salad.
  3. Some amateur gardeners grow even cucumbers together with cucumbers, they perfectly coexist with cucumbers and other plants. Some gardeners, especially from the northern regions, plant cucumber and corn in the same greenhouse together with cucumbers.
  4. To keep nitrogen in the soil, you can plant different beans, such as beans or peas. So that the soil is saturated with nitrogen, in the autumn, the roots of these plants are not pulled out of the soil.

You can certainly grow other cultures that seem incompatible with each other, for example, tomatoes and cucumbers. To ensure that such a neighborhood does not lead to the inhibition of one plant by another, it is necessary to fence part of the greenhouse with polycarbonate or pull the film onto the wooden frame. Due to what you can do in a greenhouse or a greenhouse several zones with its own microclimate. This is quite convenient, especially if the greenhouse or the greenhouse is large and its areas allow you to do so.

Cucumbers and cabbage in the greenhouse: care rules

Cabbage has been one of the most popular crops grown by truck farmers, traditionally grown in the open ground. But in order to get an early crop of cabbage, it is necessary to plant early ripening varieties, for example, not only the traditional white-bellied, but also the Beijing one. The first harvest can be collected in 30 to 40 days. Well, in order to minimize the risks of crop death from frosts and other unfavorable factors, cabbage can be grown in a greenhouse, and after it or together with it you can grow a cucumber.

Correctly plan the location of cucumbers in the greenhouse, so that they do not obscure other plants Correctly plan the location of the cucumbers in the greenhouse so that they do not obscure other plants

But for their joint cultivation, it is necessary to do the following :

  1. Cabbage white is perfectly combined with cucumbers, and can be grown together with cucumbersCabbage kohlrabi.
  2. You can grow late cabbage after cucumbers for the next season.
  3. You can also successfully grow cauliflower together with cucumbers, it will not hinder the growth of cucumbers.

It is important to engage in crop rotation during the growing of crops, within a year, no more than three crops can be grown on the same soil. The change of crops will prevent accumulation of harmful substances in the ground, but, nevertheless, it is best to disinfect the soil after each culture. You can avoid this rather laborious process if you divide a large greenhouse into several small sections. And in each section you can create a certain humidity and temperature, which will allow you to grow even mushrooms. But when growing cucumbers and mushrooms in a septum, small holes must be made at the top and bottom so that the carbon dioxide released by the fungi and the oxygen released by the plants circulate throughout the greenhouse.

The answer of the agronomist: what can be planted in a greenhouse with cucumbers( video)

Combining seemingly incompatible cultures in one greenhouse is entirely possible. The main thing is to observe certain conditions, and plant the plants according to a certain scheme. Where, how and with whom, has been described above.

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