Growing roses in a greenhouse: flowers how to grow for sale, care and technology with their own hands, Ekibastuz and photos

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Growing roses in a greenhouse - a whole complex of different procedures for obtaining luxurious flowers roses growing in the greenhouse - a whole range of different treatments for the gorgeous flowers On any special occasion make up a bouquet with roses. That is why growing this flower in a greenhouse can be a good business. To effectively grow roses, you need to familiarize yourself with all the features of growing a plant.

    • How many grow roses in a greenhouse: the different varieties
    • Features greenhouses
    • roses How to grow roses in the greenhouse: detailed landing rules and care
    • Grafting roses flowers in a greenhouse
    • roses growing in the greenhouse(video)

How many grow roses in a greenhouse: the different varieties

There are a variety of different varieties of roses, but not all are suitable for breeding greenhouse. It is important not only the appearance of the flower, but also resistance to possible unfavorable conditions. These include increased moisture, powdery mildew.

There are many different types of roses, but not all are suitable for greenhouse cultivation There are many different varieties of roses, but not all are suitable for greenhouse cultivation

Popular rose varieties for the greenhouse cultivation:

  1. best-known varieties are considered Floribunda and grandiflora. Often in a greenhouse can plant small tea roses.
  2. The most resistant to greenhouse pests Rose Gozhar or Queen Elizabeth.
  3. Popular hybrids are Carina, Baccara, Casanova, Pascali. They are distinguished by a large palette of shades for buds.
  4. Many miniature varieties designed specifically for greenhouses - Little Flirt, Skarlet Gem, Beauty Secret. They have a different color range: with a yellowish, orange tinge or deep red.
  5. The cultivation of Dutch roses implies the use of such varieties as Aqua, Fred, Medzhik, Versilia.

The variety must be selected based on the method of planting. In one case, roses can be planted, and in another - planted with the root. Grafted roses are more stable, but their number is much smaller.

Features greenhouses

roses roses growing in the greenhouse - not an easy task, which has a lot of nuances. The construction of the greenhouse itself should be spacious. It is important to equip the correct ventilation system. You can construct it yourself.

To effectively grow roses for sale, you need to equip a fully automated greenhouse. Manual work in the greenhouse will create a lot of difficulties. An important place in the cultivation of roses is the preparation of seedlings.

If you order flowers by mail, you need to be prepared for the fact that the seedlings will lose a lot of moisture. Planting then requires pre-replanting the plants.

You can nourish roses by placing them for 18 hours in water. If the flowers have been without water for a long time, then there is a whole technology of bringing seedlings into a normal state. After exposure, the root is digested, but the place of inoculation remains open.

The humidity in the greenhouse where roses are grown should be within 70% humidity in the greenhouse, where grown roses, should be within 70%

Thereafter rose must properly watered. And for the prevention of diseases it is necessary to process bushes with a copper compound. It is better to buy flowers in boxes with peat. In this case, plants need only moderate watering.

Sequence of planting roses :

  • It is necessary to dig a pit for a bush with a depth of 60 cm;
  • Filling the pit with soil mixture;
  • Planting rose bushes.

The humidity should be within 70%.In this case, the soil should be regularly fertilized. In winter, the air temperature should be within 0-3 degrees. The soil must be regularly loosened.

To grow roses in the greenhouse of Russia, in the Krasnodar Territory it is possible with the help of peat, turf and manure. Fertilize the soil with superphosphate. Perlite and mineral wool are used to strengthen the soil.

During strong frost, roses must be hidden in cloth. Roses love water, but watering can only be done when they are wrapped. If the period of cold weather is long, then you can prikopat plants.

How to grow roses in a greenhouse: detailed rules for planting and care

To grow roses, it is necessary to prepare seedlings for planting. It is important here how they were transported. If the flowers are dehydrated, then they must be immersed in water for at least a day to restore moisture.

If the term storage of bushes is long enough, then when filling the soil with a root, you need to open the place of vaccination. In this form, the plants are regularly moistened and treated with a solution of copper sulfate. If the roses were delivered in a box of peat, then the planting technology will be standard.

Methods of growing roses :

  • In the greenhouse;
  • In the pot.

The first option involves the preparation of greenhouse soil. We need to properly fertilize it with a mixture of peat, turf and manure. Such fertilizer should be prepared in advance one year before planting. And just before planting, fertilize the soil with them through a special pit with a depth of 60-70 cm. For good growth, meat-and-bone flour is added to the soil.

Fresh manure is never used when growing flowers. Fresh organic can ruin young bushes. Manure needs to be cooked a year before planting roses. And you can only make a top dressing by mixing the mixture of litter and earth with water.

Before planting roses, the soil temperature should be at least 12 degrees.

The root system must be held in water before planting. Place vaccination and young shoots should not be underground. Otherwise roses will fall ill. After that they are thoroughly watered.

Technology of planting roses in pots:

  1. Planting flowers in a pot;
  2. In early January, it is necessary to take out the seedlings in the greenhouse;
  3. We trim the roses above the graft point;
  4. We focus on the temperature in the area of ​​6 degrees 10 days;
  5. Next, you need to increase by a few degrees every decade;
  6. After reaching the temperature of 10-12 degrees, stop raising it;
  7. After 20-25 days buds appear;
  8. After that we raise the temperature regime to 20-22 degrees;
  9. After getting the buds of color, lower the temperature to 16-18 degrees.

After planting, the rose needs proper care After planting, the rose needs proper care

Many are interested in how much roses are growing. But it depends on the grade, temperature and proper care. On average, the period of their growth is a month.

After planting roses, you need to ensure a good care for the flowers. It includes watering, feeding and providing fresh air. They feed potassium roses. With good growth can use ammonium nitrate. In addition, mineral fertilizers are used throughout the development: calcium and potassium nitrate.

We should not forget that fresh air like times. For this purpose, a ventilation system is installed in the greenhouse. In the summer, you can simply open the upper windows of the greenhouse. In winter it is necessary to take care that the plants do not get fresh air at once. For this, a screening system is used.

Irrigation of roses:

  • In winter - once for a decade;
  • In the spring - once a week;
  • In summer - every 4 days.

It is best to water the flowers for dinner, in order to reduce the risk of damage to pests by seedlings. When the leaves start to blossom, you need to increase the humidity level in the greenhouse. To do this, you can sprinkle water during irrigation.

Distillation is widely used in greenhouse flower breeding. One escape is driven out, and the side parts are removed. Leave one slice with three buds. A week later, excellent roses will grow.

Grafting of rose flowers in a greenhouse

You can get roses not only by direct planting in the ground, but also by grafting. Usually, rosehip is used for this purpose. With its help you get strong flowers with large buds.

In winter, grafting is possible only after the preparation of plants: keeping them in the cold.

This operation is best carried out when the plant starts an intense sap movement. At this time, the crust is easily separated from the trunk. The best time for this is the end of summer. Also, the vaccine can be done in late spring.

There are several ways to inoculate roses There are several ways to inoculate roses

Methods of grafting roses:

  1. Grafting is the most common method;
  2. Splicing - for this purpose, a cut is made in the bark of the dog rose and a stalk is placed in it, then the inoculation is fixed;
  3. Copulation is the union of plants along an oblique cut.

For vaccination take only persistent varieties of rose hips and roses. Endurance of roses can create some discomfort: a large number of spines. That's why choosing a place for vaccination is very difficult. But there are also less cold-resistant crops with a moderate number of thorns, which are excellent for this purpose.

Growing roses in a greenhouse( video)

Growing flowers in a greenhouse is a profitable business. You can breed any variety. If the technology is observed, a real pink valley will appear, as in the city of Ekibastuz.

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