When planting seedlings in a greenhouse made of polycarbonate: how to plant and planting time, in April planted in August

A truck farmer must determine when to plant seedlings in a greenhouse The trucker should determine when to plant the seedlings in the greenhouse Polycarbonate greenhouses can have different sizes and shapes. But regardless of these factors, each gardener should know about the timing of planting each plant. In this issue, one must rely on individual characteristics of the growth of cultures and favorable time according to the lunar calendar.

    • When to plant seedlings in the greenhouse depending on the culture
    • Basic rules: when planting seedlings for the polycarbonate greenhouse
    • Which crops to plant in the greenhouse in August
    • Plants to be planted in a greenhouse inApril
    • Lunar calendar for the greenhouse in 2017
    • How and when to plant seedlings in a polycarbonate greenhouse( video)

When to plant seedlings in a greenhouse depending on the culture

capacity- seedlings in the greenhouse polycarbonate requires no special knowledge. It's not just the right construction, but also the care of the cultures. The first thing that interests every trucker is when to start planting seedlings in a greenhouse.

Features of planting :

  1. The date of planting seedlings in open ground should be taken into account. Oriented norm - by May 20.
  2. The appearance of the first shoots depends on the plant species. On average, it is from a couple of days to two weeks.
  3. It is important to focus on the age limit of plants.
  4. It is important to remember the adaptation of the seed after picking or transplanting.

Plant culture directly affects the time of planting. Each species has its own characteristics of growth, determined by nature. They also include temperature, humidity, and many other factors.

Plant culture directly affects the time of planting Plant culture directly affects the planting time

Dates other than the drop rate:

  1. Hybrid and early tomato varieties are planted before 1 June.
  2. Eggplants, peppers and common tomato varieties can be planted in late February and early March. This is possible under the condition of a heated greenhouse made of polycarbonate. It is important to monitor the seedlings so that it does not overgrow. This can only withstand pepper or celery. To prevent overgrowing, they resort to different methods and can plant seedlings in absolutely dark places without getting light. But all these techniques are ineffective.
  3. Sweet pepper is planted no later than June 5.
  4. Cucumbers planted at the end of May.
  5. Each type of cabbage has an individual landing time.

It is important when growing plants in the greenhouse heating the greenhouse, which makes it possible to grow plants in the winter. If there is none, then it is safe to plant only vegetable cultures resistant to colds. These include herbs( parsley, salad, dill).And also radish, Peking cabbage, kokabu, mustard.

If the outside is very cold, then the culture should be covered with non-woven material.

Any temperature changes affect the condition of the vegetables. For a comfortable growing, it is necessary to adapt the crops to low temperatures. Each week, you need to reduce the temperature to 16-18 degrees for 2-3 days.

Basic rules: when planting seedlings for a greenhouse of polycarbonate

Many owners of greenhouses choose the same conditions for growing different crops. So for cucumbers and tomatoes determine the same temperature and humidity. Cucumbers at the same time consider not very whimsical. More care for tomatoes, peppers and eggplant.

Rules for cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers :

  1. Cucumbers need a temperature of 27-29 degrees in sunny time and 22-24 degrees on rainy days. At night, the temperature fluctuates around 20-21 degrees. Humidity is measured in the range of 87-88%.
  2. Tomatoes are kept at a temperature of 21-24 degrees in the afternoon and 20 at night. Humidity is within 68%.

Tomatoes and cucumbers are significantly different in care. For good harvests, cultivation in two different greenhouses is used. In the first contain peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and greens. In the second film greenhouse must be grown cucumbers, watermelons, melons, pumpkins.

To achieve the desired humidity for cucumbers, you need to water the land between rows, and the plants themselves should only be sprayed with water.

Planting tomatoes and cucumbers in one greenhouse is possible only if the heating is divided. In this case, the size of the greenhouse should allow this. You can place a little seedlings of cucumbers in a greenhouse with tomatoes, but not vice versa. Also you need to take care of normal conditions of keeping vegetables. They should not be cramped. So the risk of pest damage is reduced to a minimum. Special attention is required for different types of cabbage.

For each culture, there are own rules for growing Each culture has its own growing rules

Features of cabbage cultivation of different varieties :

  1. Seeds of white cabbage are sown in early February. If it's a seedling, then it's better to plant it in early April. To grow a white variety is necessary, when plants are strengthened, and appeared from three leaves.
  2. The Beijing variety loves humidity and temperature in the limit of 14 degrees. In the absence of regular watering cabbage wilts. That is why it is desirable to install automatic watering. The period of cultivation is 20 days. Ripeness is determined when a tight head is formed.
  3. Cauliflower should be regularly fertilized. For this it is enough to make 2 additional fertilizing. There are no special requirements for temperature. The main thing to exclude sharp changes.

To obtain a good harvest of cabbage, the soil must be dense, clay and moist. It must be regularly loosened and fertilized. For fertilizing manure is used.

What crops to put in the greenhouse in August

The last month of summer is quite loaded among truck farmers. This is the time of assembling many crops and preparing the greenhouse for the new planting season. But some plant species can be planted and at this time.

In the greenhouse in August, you can plant broccoli In the greenhouse in August broccoli can be planted

Plants that can be planted in August :

  • Rapidly ripe cucumber species;
  • Chinese cabbage;
  • Broccoli;
  • Greens( dill, lettuce, onions);
  • Spinach;
  • Early-morning radish.

At this time, you can begin to plant some colors: pre-ems and cyclamen. Everything depends on the personal preferences of the vegetable grower. But do not neglect the advice of specialists.

Plants that need to be planted in a greenhouse in April

Spring is the time for a mass planting of seedlings. Usually the optimal period starts from the end of winter - the beginning of spring. But some varieties need to be planted later, in April.

In the spring in a greenhouse it is possible to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and many other plants In the spring, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and many other plants can be planted in the greenhouse.

Cultures for planting in April:

  • Cucumbers;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Eggplant;
  • Cauliflower;
  • Flowers: Primrose, Physalis.

At this time, you can plant thermophilic flowers. Petunias, asters, and dahlias belong to such. You can also sow carrots, peas, greens. At this time, often planted grafted roses. But you need to start at the end of April. In the middle of spring, you can plant all the vegetables.

Lunar calendar for the greenhouse in 2017

It is not necessary to spend a whole day in the greenhouse. When studying the lunar calendar only a couple of hours at work can be more prolific than the whole working day. To apply knowledge about the cosmos in practice, it was accepted long ago. The influence of the moon on our life activity is proven, so do not be skeptical about this knowledge.

The new moon is the time of rebirth of the new moon. During this period, any work with soil is prohibited.

The lunar calendar has many aspects. But there are 2 basic prescriptions that are the basics of this science. During the growth of the moon it is necessary to plant plants for which characteristic ground growth. And with a decrease in the moon it is worthwhile to do vegetables with underground growth.

When growing crops, special attention should be paid to unfavorable planting days. It is important to compare the work with the soil with the lunar calendar of each year. During the planting period, specific days are identified which have a poor effect on crop growth.

When growing plants, special attention should be paid to unfavorable planting days When growing plants, special attention must be paid to unfavorable planting days

Unfavorable days :

  • In April - from 6 to 8;
  • In May - 3 days from 5 to 7;
  • In June - from 4 to 6;
  • In July - from 3 to 5;
  • In August - from 2 to 4 and 31.

In this case, each individual plant has its favorable days for planting in each month. In 2016, peppers should be planted in spring: March 13, April 8-9, and in May - 11, 17 and 25. Tomatoes are best planted on March 13 and 16 in March;8-9, 14 in April;11, 17 and 25 in May. For cucumbers good days - March 16, April 8 and 9, 11 and 25 May. Greens can be planted on March 25 and 27;8, 9, 11, 12, 21 April;2, 11, 12, 18 May.

How and when to plant seedlings in a polycarbonate greenhouse( video)

Each plant has an individual planting time. It is important to take into account all factors, how to properly contain vegetables in a glasshouse made of polycarbonate. You can not say exactly what kind of cultivation is worth using. But it is necessary to pay attention to humidity, temperature, top dressing, watering.