Mounting the film to the metal frame of the greenhouse: polycarbonate welded fasten, the iron construction of the team

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There are special ways of fastening, which help significantly extend the life of the film on the greenhouse There are special mounting techniques, which help to significantly extend the greenhouse lifetime film Gardeners should be aware that the attachment of the film to the metal frame of the greenhouse largely determines the duration of its operation, as well as the climate inside the greenhouse. It is enough to weld 1 element of the "skeleton" incorrectly or not to be sure of the tightness of the film, so that a not very large volume of cold air destroys the entire crop. In order to build a qualitative greenhouse in all respects, it is necessary to build on the climatic features and nature of the soil.

    • old and new boards: fix a metal frame greenhouses polycarbonate
    • tackless fastening polycarbonate to the metal frame of the greenhouse
    • Fasten welded frame greenhouses at several points
    • Correct fixing of how to mount the film to the metal framegreenhouses
    • methods film attachment to the metal frame of the greenhouse( video)

Old and new board: fix the metal frame of the greenhouse PolikaryaBonnet

After the main part of the whole welded construction has been completed, you can think about how to fix the film. The most common form of steel plates, each side of which does not exceed 10 cm.

The special profile for fixing the film simplifies the installation and dismantling of the coating special profile at the film attachment simplifies assembly and disassembly of the coating

should verify before the start of their use is that all sharp corners were rounded, otherwiseCaptivity will quickly break. After this, each plate is treated with rubber-based glue.

In the next step, each board is "packed" into a polyethylene film.

The following procedure is as follows:

  • Each fixing point must be carefully treated with a similar adhesive;
  • Drill a small hole in each board;
  • Secure to an iron frame.

Speed, simplicity and availability are three characteristics of this technology. It should be noted that the method described above is permitted in a temperate climate, where there are no strong temperature jumps.

tackless mount polycarbonate to the metal frame of the greenhouse

technology is based on the fixation of the coating on the parts of the frame with wire, fishing line, and wooden slats. It is important to note that nails are not needed at all. In order for the result to please the gardener for a long time, it is necessary to think in advance of the location of the fasteners.

When attaching the film screws, be sure to use large washers, and preferably a wider bar be sure to use large washers, but rather a broad bar

Experience shows when securing screws of the film that the tension is not only on top of the film, but also in the side apertures to reduce the negative impact on greenhouse vagaries of nature.

The main factor in favor of choosing a nondestructive technology is the metal profile. Simply put, if the site is a composite structure of polycarbonate on the "skeleton" of metal pipes, you can safely fix everything without the use of nails.

If we talk about the advantages of this method, they look like this:

  • Assembly technology does not require any serious experience;
  • The warranty period for the operation of the entire structure is increased;
  • Fixing pins are replaced by pins made of metal;
  • Every 3-4 months, it is necessary to check the integrity of the structure to reduce the tension force;
  • Each elastic cord consists of at least two parts, which extends its operation.

The use of nails for fixing the film is allowed when the "skeleton" of the greenhouse is made of metal. At the design stage, the horticulturist thinks through the location of all the locks so that they are not only on the side, but also on top. It is important to remember that under the influence of wind and other elements of nature, the degree of tension of the film can be reduced.

We fix the welded frame of the greenhouse in several points

In order to attach the film to the metal frame of the greenhouse for several seasons, it is necessary to pay attention to the diameter of the "skeleton".If we are talking about PVC pipes, then we can confine ourselves to clamps. They rigidly fasten the film at several points, preventing it from falling out. For more "thick" designs, you need to take steel clips.

You can find them in a specialized gardening goods store.

For film greenhouses produce a special profile with ventilation mechanisms

If for various reasons this can not be done, the fixers are easy to make by themselves:

  • Determine in advance the required number of retainers;
  • Cut plastic or metal pipes;
  • Carefully cut off each side piece;
  • To ensure that the cutout in the clamp is of the correct size, it is necessary to pre-measure the grooves in advance;
  • To avoid damage to the film, partial fixing of the edge of the clips will help;
  • During installation, make sure that there is a small piece of material between the clip and the film, otherwise the repair can not be avoided.

The metal frame of the greenhouse made of pipes requires the choice of fixatives with maximum fastening force. If it is a question of its thin variety, it is allowed to apply the PVC option. To give preference to metal "seizures" is necessary in the case when the greenhouse is made of a "thick" profile.

Correct fixation: how to fix the film to the metal frame of the

greenhouse. Regardless of the type of material selected, it is necessary to choose the optimum method of clamping the film. Even a small error will cause excessive heat loss or cause destruction of the structure.

Profile with plastic clasp securely and tightly fixes the film Profile with plastic fastener securely and firmly fixes the film

If there is a budget option on the site, then 2 PVC fixers withstanding long-term ultra-violet radiation( UV) are suitable.

Depending on the manufacturer, they can be supplemented with an aluminum or galvanized profile. The latch is fixed on the profile at several points, for example, side panels, end faces or roof. At the same time, the film structure is not broken, which prevents accelerated wear. For those cases when there is a strong gusty wind in the region, it is recommended to use double clips based on the aluminum profile.

From a practical point of view, the technology of working with such attachments does not require special knowledge and experience.

In addition to the clips, there are a few more ways to fix the frame of the greenhouse:

  1. Using the eyelets - in this case it is necessary to purchase a film having special holes. On a mandatory basis, you should check that they are reinforced with metal rings.
  2. Flexible cord ( harness or rope) - the retainer is mounted over the applied greenhouse coating. It is highly recommended to make the greenhouse dressing with the Latin letter Z. Between each two cords located in parallel, there is always 1 diagonal.
  3. The mesh is characterized as one of the safest in the technical and environmental aspects of fixing the film. Initially, the entire construction is covered with the material, and then a special film must be applied from above. At the final stage, it is attached. At the same time, gardeners note a small practical drawback of the mentioned technology. We are talking about the need to often increase the tension of all fasteners.

Methods of attaching the film to the metal frame of the greenhouse( video)

The choice of the optimal method of fixing the film depends largely on the expected operating conditions. If the weather outside the window often presents unpleasant surprises, then in this case you need to make a choice in favor of the grid. In addition, before buying it is worth to carefully study the recommendations of the manufacturer of the film and the entire greenhouse. There it will be indicated how it is best to fix.

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