Greenhouses Will: Greenhouse arrow, reviews of the company polycarbonate, Summer ECO, assembly

Greenhouses of domestic producers are made taking into account our climate Greenhouses of domestic manufacturers are manufactured taking into account our climate Before buying the imported options it is worth looking at the folk greenhouses produced by "Volya".They are cheaper, but the quality is quite good. Before buying it is important to study information about the company itself and about different models.

    • The difference of the company "Will" from other greenhouses
    • Pros and cons of greenhouses made of polycarbonate "Will"
    • Varieties of greenhouses "Will"
    • Features of the greenhouse "Arrow" from the company "Will"
    • A variety of the greenhouse "Will": "Dachnaya Eco"
    • Advantages of the greenhouse "Treshka" from the producer "Will"
    • Comments about the greenhouses "Will"
    • Assembling the greenhouse "Will"( video)

»From other greenhouses

CompanyI "Will" offers greenhouses of high quality, but a modest design. The greenhouse is equipped with special rubber seals, which makes the construction completely sealed. Plants are reliably protected from cold and other unfavorable conditions.

Only a screwdriver or a screwdriver will be required to install the greenhouse. To fix, you need to stock up the nuts and bolts. The length of the greenhouse is determined by the buyer.

The greenhouse has no length limitation and is determined by the need of the buyer The greenhouse is not limited in length and is determined by the buyer's need.

Greenhouse functions "Will":

  1. Providing plants with correct watering;
  2. Polycarbonate coating guarantees reliable protection;
  3. The set includes metal walls for beds of galvanized iron;
  4. Automatic airing is set;
  5. Lighting is equipped with lighting fixtures with photographic lamps.

The model range of the "Volya" greenhouses is quite wide. You can choose the option of any form and price policy. The firm provides greenhouses for personal summer cottages and large industrial complexes. Each summer resident will be able to choose the optimum for its value and functionality.

The manufacturer constantly uses novelties of technology for designing different models. This allows farmers to keep up with the times.

It is the use of advanced technologies that allowed the hotbeds to become popular, both among amateurs and professionals. Greenhouses "Will" includes tested new developments. Such improved greenhouses allow the cultivation of different crops.

Pros and cons of greenhouses made of polycarbonate "Will"

Advantages and disadvantages of "Volya" greenhouses have been written out based on the opinions of farmers on different forums on the Internet. The manufacturer also conducted personal experiments, checking the greenhouses for quality and durability. Based on this, you can make a comprehensive assessment of the pros and cons of greenhouses.

Save the greenhouse in winter will help dismantle polycarbonate sheets Conservation of the polycarbonate sheets in the winter will help to save the

The disadvantages of the "Volya" hotbeds are small strength and fast wear resistance. The reason for this can be not only a low level of quality, but also other factors. So the vegetable grower can simply break the structure during installation, not observing the instructions of the instructions.

Also, perhaps, the summer resident incorrectly chose the model. Some designs require dismantling in the winter. Unfortunately, the wrong sale of greenhouses can also cause low strength, when the seller is going to deceive and offers spring-summer options under the guise of year-round hotbeds.

Purchase of greenhouses is better conducted by proven manufacturers. Otherwise, you can be disappointed in the quality of the design. The official plant is located in the Krasnogorsk district near Mitino.

The company "Will" offers different models. These are greenhouses for year-round cultivation and greenhouses for summer and spring. It should be noted that it is better to dismantle such structures for the winter. But there are justifiable design flaws.

Cons of greenhouses "Will":

  1. The latches and hooks on the doors and windows are weak. They should be replaced by stronger fasteners.
  2. Locks must be done by yourself.
  3. Difficult to install. Even for a specialist, this period can be from 8-10 days.
  4. The ill-conceived design of the windows. Only in the "Arrow" model, this nuance is more thoughtful.

"Will" offers a wide variety of different options. The most well thought out design in the "Strelka" greenhouse. But all the shortcomings do not prevent the greenhouses from taking an honorable place among the leaders of sales. This is due to the benefits of greenhouse: strength, durability, a variety of models.

Types of greenhouses "Will"

Features of the "Volya" greenhouses concern the frame and the covering. The frame determines the strength and reliability of the greenhouse. It is made of metal arcs. Pipes are covered with a special protective coating, which protects the metal from corrosion.

The greenhouses are divided into different types of strength and application of the covering material The greenhouses are divided into different types of strength and application of the coating material

It is possible to divide the models according to the strength class. So distinguish the ability to withstand titanic loads, guaranteed and standard.

The coating can be a film or polycarbonate. Cellular sheets have high strength, flexibility, light transmission in the region of 80-90%.Film coating is suitable for greenhouses. It's not as strong as polycarbonate, but it can last a long time. In the winter, such greenhouses need to be dismantled.

Variety of models:

  1. "Dvushka".Inexpensive greenhouse, but strong enough. Characterized by small size, which allows you to place the greenhouse, even in small areas.
  2. "The Little Thunder".Also known as "Dachnaya 2DMU".It has enough dimensions, it includes 2 doors and windows.
  3. Arrow. A popular variety from the producer from Dubna. The greenhouse is capable of withstanding heavy loads, so it can easily be used in the cold season. The model has an arched shape that does not allow the sediment to linger on the surface.
  4. Optima. It has an average resistance to precipitation. But the design is still strong enough.
  5. "Delta".The uniqueness of the greenhouse is a removable gable roof. This is a convenient structure, which has its advantages at any time of the year.

The first 3 options refer to greenhouses with a polycarbonate coating. This is the optimal coating for growing vegetables all year round. Popular varieties under the film is "Pepper".It is worth noting the model for industrial production - "Farmer".It has large dimensions, which allows large-scale cultivation of crops. Among the popular options are also Omega, Orion, Dacha Zvezdochka and Betta.

Features of the arrow "Arrow" from the company "Will"

The model "Arrow" consists of metal pipes measuring 20x60 mm. This ensures greater structural strength. Galvanized coating makes the frame resistant to rust. The shape of the greenhouse is gable. This does not allow snow to linger on the roof. And the height of the greenhouse ensures the cultivation of tall crops.

Gable roof prevents the formation of snow caps Gable roof prevents the formation of snow caps

Advantages of the Arrow:

  • Quality;
  • Unusual form;
  • Easy installation;
  • Long service life.

The cover of the model is made of polycarbonate. The thickness of the sheets is from 4 mm. In appearance it is a plastic with an air layer inside, which guarantees the preservation of heat inside the structure.

It is recommended to use Sellex polycarbonate. It has a special layer that protects seedlings from ultraviolet radiation and radiation.

Polycarbonate is considered an ideal coating for a greenhouse. It is durable, but light and flexible material. Dimensions of the "Arrow" greenhouse allow the placement of 2 loose beds within.

A variation of the greenhouse "Will": "Summer Eco"

This model is developed from environmentally friendly materials. Dimensions of the greenhouse - 3h2h4m. Its design is specifically designed for a temperate climate, but with small snow loads."Dachnaya ECO" is a simpler version of the "2DUM" model.

Greenhouses are installed on the ground or prepared foundation Greenhouses installed on the ground or prepared foundation

Model dimensions:

  • Width - 3 m;
  • Height - 2 m;
  • The length can range from 4 to 8 m.

T-shaped endings are used to secure the frame. To increase the strength, you can use special amplifiers. This is necessary in areas with a high snow load. You can buy special amplifiers in the form of supports. Also there is an option to remove polycarbonate sheets in the cold season. You can make backups with your own hands, but in this case the manufacturer does not answer for the quality of the construction.

The length of the greenhouse can be increased by additional inserts of arcs.

The price of a greenhouse is quite affordable. It depends on the size of the greenhouse, as well as on the condition of the coating. The complete set of a design includes arches, connecting elements, profiles, the instruction.

Advantages of the "Treška" greenhouse from the producer "Will"

The "Treška" greenhouse is an arch type of polycarbonate. This is the modernization of previous models. In this version, a simplified assembly.

To build a greenhouse it is better to turn to professionals To assemble the greenhouse it is better to contact the professionals

Advantages of the model:

  1. The vent and doors provide good ventilation of the greenhouse;
  2. Warranty from the factory is 2 years;
  3. The greenhouse can be mounted directly to the ground, without first pouring the foundation;
  4. Lightweight installation due to a number of improvements;
  5. Light is evenly distributed over the greenhouse due to polycarbonate coating;
  6. Durability of the frame due to special processing of zinc;
  7. Possibility to withstand loads of 180 kg;
  8. It is possible to plant tall plant varieties in the greenhouse.

Building a greenhouse in this model is much simplified. It is enough to assemble the frame. For greater stability it is possible to make a wooden foundation from a bar. After fixing the frame, polycarbonate coating can be installed.

The price of different models depends on the size of the structure and the materials used.

On average, the greenhouse costs 12,000 rubles. This is a greenhouse with a length of 4 m. The price increase may be due to additional elements of the arrangement.

Reviews about greenhouses "Will"

There are a lot of comments about greenhouses produced by "Will".When choosing a certain model, you can open the Internet and on the forums to get acquainted with the real experience of vegetable growers. At the same time, there are enough both negative reviews and positive ones. Opinions are completely different.

Negative feedback is often made due to the wrong choice of the greenhouse Negative feedback is often presented due to incorrect selection of the greenhouse

The reviews mainly concern:

  1. Qualities;
  2. Assemblies;
  3. Strength;
  4. Term of Service;
  5. Hothouse functions.

Many complain that after a short time the frame begins to rust and deform. Also, many frighten the complexity of the installation. The variety of models is quite wide, as is the price range. Perhaps many summer residents purchased poor quality greenhouses in unverified producers or made a number of mistakes during installation.

Most gardeners praise the convenient construction, the ability to withstand significant loads and the ability to grow tall crops.

It should be noted that the "Will" greenhouses do have some disadvantages. But the manufacturer is trying to eliminate them, developing improved models. Also, the company is trying to follow new technologies, which often attracts buyers.

Assembling a greenhouse "Will"( video)

Production of greenhouses "Will" has its pros and cons. The metal frame has good strength, but many reviews complain of the presence of rust after a couple of years of use. The cost depends on the model chosen, but you can pay for the coupon that provides discounts.