Automatic machine for ventilation of the greenhouse: automatic Dusya san, automatic ventilator with own hands, device Ufopar

The automatic device for ventilation of greenhouses should be chosen very carefully The machine for ventilating greenhouses must be selected very carefully Ventilators for greenhouses are a real salvation for those who grow a large number of crops in their garden and do not have the ability to constantly monitor the temperature in the greenhouse. Automatic ventilation systems are opened and closed when a certain temperature is reached in the greenhouse. You can also make the simplest unit yourself with a small garden.

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Automatic ventilation of greenhouses

There are two types of devices that are implementedAutomatic ventilation of greenhouses: mechanisms and automatic systems that operate on electricity. From their names it becomes clear that some designs are powered by electricity, that is, sockets, while others can work on metal properties or hydraulics. In the device of such a window opener, a mechanism is incorporated that performs opening and closing operations. Depending on the price and method of the device, the ventilator can be either with a complicated mechanism or with the most primitive one. Ventilation of a greenhouse with the help of electricity has both its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros :

  • Small size and high-tech;
  • Very quickly aeration of the greenhouse;
  • Has high power.

Cons: If a breakdown occurs in the operation of such an automaton or electricity is cut off, all plants may die to prevent this, you should buy a spare electric unit, if any part of the system breaks down, you may need to replace the entire unit. Independent mechanisms in this regard are more reliable, because they do not consume electricity.

Automatic ventilation of greenhouses has advantages and disadvantages Automatic ventilation of greenhouses has advantages and disadvantages

They are divided into three categories :

  • Metal;
  • Based on hydraulics;
  • Pneumatic.

In the first case, the system operates on the principle of metal expansion during the increase in temperature in the greenhouse. In the machine of such a plan are two types of metal, which allow you to achieve a different expansion ratio and open or close the window in the greenhouse. Hydraulic units are manufactured and operate quite simply. Open the window, this unit will be, if there is a difference between the temperature of the oil and the material of the tank, the rod is gradually replaced with time and allows you to open the window in the greenhouse. Pneumatic installations for ventilation of greenhouses in their basis contain the use of thermal energy.

Ventilate the greenhouse correctly

Every gardener or gardener dreams of an ideal greenhouse that is ventilated by itself. And this dream is quite feasible in our time, given the presence of a huge number of modern automatic pane openers.

Ventilation is very important during the growth of greenhouse plants. :

  • Incorrect temperature can kill plants( above 40 ° C the plants wither);
  • If the temperature is constantly above 32 ° C, then the crops cease to bear fruit;
  • Regular airing avoids many diseases, such as mold and other fungi that can kill seedlings;
  • Incorrect temperature can slow down plant growth.

To plants in the greenhouse was comfortable, it is necessary to properly air it To ensure that the plants in the greenhouse are comfortable, it is necessary to properly ventilate it

It is the right temperature that is the basis of a good harvest and healthy crops. To facilitate this process, special mechanisms of automatic ventilation are invented. Ventilate the greenhouse correctly using a ventilator.

Dusya san: automatic machine for airing the greenhouse

Automatic airing device Dusya san( sun) - is a simple device and a hydraulic cylinder, and does not require electricity. This mechanism is easy to install on the door or window, and its action is based on hydraulics, when the liquid is heated, the piston moves and airs the greenhouse.

If the temperature drops, the liquid cools down and the machine returns to its initial position, ie the ventilator closes :

  • This unit does not develop much force, and the maximum load on it should not exceed more than 7 kg;
  • If you install this device correctly and adjust it, Dusya san will serve for more than a decade;
  • The opening operation of the window opens when the temperature reaches 20 ° C, the adjustment must be made manually;
  • If the air in the greenhouse is heated to 30 ° C, the vent window will open up to the full length, up to 50 cm;
  • If the air drops, the vent will start closing, thus keeping the optimum temperature in the greenhouse;
  • If the air warms up in the greenhouse from 50 ° C, the device may not work properly;
  • Also strong wind gusts may worsen the operation of the ventilator.

Dusya san is a simple device for ventilating the greenhouse

The automation of this ventilator is suitable for polycarbonate greenhouses, combined with auto-irrigation. A glass greenhouse suitable for growing tomatoes is also suitable for the installation of a device.

How the automatic airing of greenhouses

works. The vent holes in the greenhouse must be at the top of the structure, the openings are located at a distance of 2/3 from the bottom of the greenhouse. Following these rules, you can achieve an ideal airing. The number of windows depends on the climate, where the greenhouse is located, and also on the humidity of the air. The warmer and wetter, the more pans will need to be done in the greenhouse, most often 3-5, but there may be more if the greenhouse itself is larger.

It may happen that a window has been installed in the greenhouse. Then you do not need to add anything, if the humidity in your area is normal. Also pay attention to the sun rays falling on the greenhouse.

In addition to the location of the ventilation pans at the top of the structure, you can install them near the doors. Advantages of this method are as follows: the ventilator allows to prevent the appearance of drafts;There will be no slamming during strong gusts of wind;The possibility to achieve an even distribution of air flows. With your own hands, you can build both a greenhouse and automatic devices for opening the windows and ventilating. If the hothouse is installed, but the ventilators are not available, then you can buy them or make them yourself.

Ventilations in the greenhouse ensure its ventilation Ventilated ventilations provide for its ventilation

Currently the following popular autodetectors are on the market:

  • Open planet;
  • Listthreads;
  • Forum;
  • Arduino;
  • Ufopar reinforced.

User reviews of these devices are different.

Doing automatic ventilation of the greenhouse with your own hands

In case when the greenhouses are small or there is a desire to save money on the purchased automatic ventilators, you can create the most primitive device with your own hands from improvised means. Make such a device without too much effort. All tools are found in the country, and even buy nothing. And such an installation will serve for a long time.

The basis for the machine will be any container, for example :

  • Metal container, small canister, ordinary bottles or beverage boxes;
  • Stoppers or covers to close the containers tightly;
  • Pipes for connection;
  • Engine oil, shock absorber, fill the tanks;
  • Scaffold and wheel.

Make automatic ventilation for the greenhouse can be hand-made from improvised means Make automatic airing for the greenhouse with your own hands from the handy tools

A small container is placed outside and poured liquid, a large container is placed inside the greenhouse, the tubes are tightly inserted between them so that oil can flow from one container to another. Such a mechanism is simple, using hydraulic pressure. When the sunlight hits the external container, it heats up, the liquid under pressure through the tube flows into another container, the vent window opens.

To close the window, it is necessary that the liquid inside the greenhouse is cooled, then the liquid flows back and closes the window.

However, you have to adjust the temperature so that the ventilator opens and closes freely. Also, once a month, you need to inspect and top up if necessary. However, this homemade device is not intended to ventilate the greenhouse with large heavy windows on the roof. This hydraulic lift is not suitable if you need a side opening.

Utophor: device for ventilating greenhouses

Utopar - universal airing for greenhouses, has a good auto-ventilation. The window opens and closes when temperatures from 16 to 25 ° C are reached in the greenhouse. The design is perfect for greenhouses with tomatoes, where it is especially necessary to monitor the optimum temperature in the greenhouse. The controller is in hydraulics, the oil heats up and causes the rod to be displaced, thus the ventilator opens. The window closes when the oil temperature decreases and causes it to contract. The installation of this autovent does not take much time and effort, only the assembly of the machine on the frame and the window in the greenhouse is done.

UFOPAR - a universal airing for greenhouses, which can last for many years UFOPAR is a universal airing for greenhouses that can last for many years.

Use the ventilator correctly, then it will last :

  • If necessary, lubricate the moving parts of the mechanism;
  • On the so-called opening umbrella you need to install a sun screen to prevent the machine from getting lost and not getting warm from the sun;
  • With the onset of frost, the device should be removed in order to extend the life of the device;
  • To ensure that the stock does not snack, a small axial force is required.

UFOPAR is not equipped with an electric drive, which makes it an absolutely safe and convenient automatic window opener in the greenhouse.

Ventilation of the greenhouse( video)

The operation scheme of these automatic opening devices is different depending on their type and cost. You can make the most primitive device yourself, if there is a need for airing small greenhouses in the suburban area. Now in shops it is possible to find with ease an ideal for the ratio of price and quality avtookryvatel windows for greenhouses and install it for a couple of minutes. The garden and garden should please the owners.