In the greenhouse, cucumbers do not grow: why the fruits are bad and grow, what to do, poor harvest, slowly bear fruit

If you are the first to grow cucumbers in a greenhouse, then it is better to first carefully read all the nuances of this process If you are new to grow cucumbers in the greenhouse, then it is better first thoroughly familiar with all the nuances of this process Most often, poor fruiting associated with adverse growing conditions cucumber culture. Problems will also be due to poor-quality seeds and poor preparation for planting.

    • How to identify why not grow cucumbers in the greenhouse
    • main reasons why cucumbers do not grow in a greenhouse
    • Why fruit cucumbers do not grow in a greenhouse
    • avoid the bad harvest of cucumbers in the greenhouse
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How to identify why not grow cucumbers in the greenhouse

There are many reasons for the poor harvest or when fruits do not grow at all, or, despite the good zelThere can be a lot of empty colors. Also, instead of large and good fruits, small and ugly fruits can be formed.

The poor growth of cucumbers can be influenced by many factors, including substandard seeds On poor growth of cucumber can be influenced by many factors, including low-quality seeds

The reasons can be many, but the main ones are the following:

  • Poor quality seeds;
  • Non-observance of the sowing time, first of all, in the open soil and not in the prepared or poorly prepared soil;
  • If the plant has already been formed, but it produces a lot of Netherbloom, the cause may be a dense planting, lack of lighting, as well as adverse weather conditions.

Sharp temperature fluctuations and too abundant fertilizing with fertilizers harms plants. Non-compliance with the humidity and temperature regime in the greenhouse, especially at the first stages of cultivation, can also affect the development of plants and fruiting. Despite the purchase of seeds in good specialized stores, hollow, infertile seeds can be caught, as well as seeds that can not give good seedlings, resulting in plants growing weak and weak.

To prevent plant diseases, it is necessary to treat the soil and even the greenhouse before planting.

Another reason for the poor growth of cucumbers can be different diseases, as well as pests, an inexperienced gardener finds it difficult to identify the specific signs of a disease. It is desirable to do the treatment with natural herbal remedies. This is especially true when treating already grown plants, because if you use pesticides, then cucumbers can not be eaten for about 20 days.

main reasons why cucumbers do not grow in a greenhouse

If the fetus grows poorly, you need to find the cause of this, and fix it to have a harvest. Usually the reasons for the poor growth of cucumbers in the greenhouse are popular and well-known reasons.


  • Poor soil;
  • Diseases of plants of different bacteria;
  • Cucumbers may grow poorly due to improperly selected varieties;
  • Incorrect watering;
  • A large amount of nitrogen in the soil, which leads to an increase in green mass and, as a result, the plant does not have enough strength to form ovaries and develop fruit.

Bad soil can be one of the main reasons for the poor growth of cucumbers Poor soil can become one of the main reasons for the poor growth of cucumbers

To eliminate the last problem, potash fertilizers should be added to the soil. If cucumbers are ill, for example, a spider's glue, then the soil and internal parts of the greenhouse or greenhouse should be treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, as well as natural remedies, for example, infusion of arrows and garlic leaves.

Too dry soil or vice versa, too moist, can lead to root system depression.

So that the cucumbers grow well in the greenhouse, you should water them every 2-3 days, and on hot days, every day in the morning or evening with warm water. If the cucumbers are chosen not self-pollinating, this can lead to poor fruit bearing of the plants. Too bad growth can contribute too tight dense planting and in time not harvested weeds. The soil in the greenhouse during intensive use is gradually depleted, and as a result of this, plants have virtually nothing to eat. For the successful cultivation of this culture, it is recommended that in the autumn every 3-4 grams completely change the soil.

Why the fruits of cucumbers grow poorly in the greenhouse

Sometimes it happens that instead of the expected fruit of cucumbers, only empty flowers are formed, and then gardeners are wondering what to do in this case. One of the main reasons for this, poor quality seeds or improper preparation for sowing.

In order to get a good harvest, you should carefully select the seeds of cucumbers and fertilize the soil In order to obtain a good harvest, you should carefully select the seeds of cucumbers and fertilize the soil.

In order not to face this problem in the future, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Purchase of quality seeds and their testing before planting;
  • If the cucumbers form a large amount of greenery and extend upwards, then the main stem should stick to this case, and then perform ample watering;
  • It is recommended to collect daily cucumbers;
  • Poor plant growth and fruit formation may also be due to inadequate fertilization of plants with fertilizers and minerals.

It is recommended in the period of ovary formation, to process plants with means for ovary formation. When the plants bear fruit, it is desirable to collect in the morning or evening time. If you do not collect ready-made fruits in time, they overripe, and also restrain the appearance of new ones.

When growing cucumbers, you should create the most optimal level of humidity( no more than 85%) and temperature( no more than 35 ᵒС), and you should try to avoid drafts.

Only large and medium seeds should be selected. You should prepare a 3-5% solution of salt( 30-50 grams of salt per 1 liter of water), and put the seeds there for 2 hours. Empty and damaged seeds pop up on the surface during this period. Thanks to the measures taken, it is possible to achieve every year a good harvest of this type of vegetables, the main thing is not to be lazy and put some effort.

Avoiding a bad harvest of cucumbers in the greenhouse

Every grower wants to have a lot of cucumbers, but sometimes it happens so, despite all the efforts, the cucumbers grow slowly in the greenhouse, and the harvest, accordingly, is very meager. The reasons for this phenomenon can be several. Planting varieties of one species, as a result of which they begin to bear fruit at one time, and the crop is obtained only at one time, and it can be both abundant and very scarce. To avoid this, it is recommended to plant several varieties of hybrids of different maturation periods. Unsatisfactory watering can also lead to poor harvest

Poor soil - the soil is gradually depleted and it begins to lack humus, minerals and trace elements, which naturally leads to the fact that after a few seasons, the fruits are poured slowly and are obtained. The

Are no longer so big and tasty. The transplant can affect the poor harvest of cucumbers, as the plants are sensitive enough to transplant and, if the roots are damaged, the plants can stop growing or grow extremely slowly, so plants should be planted immediately. If a large number of ovaries of shoots and leaves are formed on one plant, this leads to the fact that the formation of fruits on the plant will be very scarce.

It may affect the poor harvest of cucumber untimely watering or vice versa, copious watering, as well as a violation of the temperature regime - when falling to + 11-12 ° C, the growth of the fruit stops. And at too high a temperature, plants can simply die.

For what reasons do not cucumbers grow in the greenhouse( video)

If you use these tips, you can find out how to grow vegetables properly. You can find out how the cucumber grows, and how to properly care for it every year.