Greenhouse for mushroom cultivation: growing 8, white and mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and chanterelles, Truffle all year round

Grow mushrooms in the greenhouse will be able even amateur Grow mushrooms in the greenhouse, even a layman can Everyone loves a variety of dishes made with mushrooms, but often the prices in the shops on this useful and nutritious product overstated. And special admirers of such mushrooms as chanterelles, fans of champignons, cherries are decided to create a greenhouse with their own hands. The technology of growing is not too complicated, and if you follow all the rules, you can easily get a good harvest.

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Terms mushrooms growing in a greenhouse

mushrooms are low-maintenance crops, and are capable ofThey grow in a film-covered greenhouse, but even they require certain conditions. Actually, for chanterelles, truffles and mushrooms, getting enough sunlight - upon its arrival, the growth of fungus cultures begins, but there is one limitation, the rays should not be straight, it is better that they are scattered. To do this, use a camouflage mesh, which needs to shade the walls and part of the roof.

Mushrooms are quite unpretentious crops Mushrooms are quite unpretentious culture

temperature conditions:

  • Do not allow the emergence of a high temperature in the greenhouse;
  • It is better to regulate the mode;
  • If there is a low temperature, the best growth of new crops takes place;

The humidity level should reach 90%, this is the most comfortable environment for the growth and reproduction of new species. If all the necessary conditions are met, you can get a sufficient harvest of mushrooms without much time and effort.

How to better grow oyster mushrooms in a polycarbonate greenhouse: conditions

Oyster mushrooms are less fastidious to the climate, although their cultivation is almost similar to the growth of champignons. The temperature in the room should reach +25 ° С, humidity - not less than 90%, at the stage of growth of mycelium the temperature regime decreases to +8 ° С.

Growing oyster mushrooms in a greenhouse is quite common in the country oyster cultivation in the greenhouse - a fairly common phenomenon in the country

To grow this kind of mushroom, it is necessary to prepare the bags:

  • medium in size;
  • Pre-filled with peat;
  • With mycelium;
  • Top-wrapped with sawdust.

It is also necessary to constantly ventilate the room, if this does not happen, it will be noticeable that the cheeks appeared and grew long legs, get rid of a similar problem by someone who simply complies with the temperature regime and constant airing.

In order to get a good harvest, it is necessary to lower the temperature inside the greenhouse, then a slower maturation will occur and a good fleshiness of the fetus will develop.

This species also has a wavy fruiting, passing in several stages with a break for several weeks each. Cultivation of the common oyster mushroom can bring not only the opportunity to regale with your favorite products, but also increase sales, thereby paying for the construction of the greenhouse.

Growing white mushrooms in a greenhouse: tips from

specialists White mushrooms not only require the right conditions in the greenhouse, but also a quality mycelium, then there will be a good harvest and excellent taste qualities in the harvested crop. Preparation of the greenhouse consists of several stages.

White mushrooms grow on their own plot with a greenhouse in the cellar

First comes the creation of compost, if the collection has been made by yourself, you need to:

  • sure to see under what tree was a mushroom;
  • Collect nearby lying branches;
  • Type the land.

This is necessary to obtain the most suitable nutrients for the future crop. If everything was bought in a special store, then you need to additionally purchase land for pouring. It is necessary to have a place to grow - if you plan to grow only mushrooms, then you need to wrap the entire greenhouse with a film to prevent sunlight from getting inside.

If a greenhouse is used in which vegetables grow, then the place reserved for mushrooms is covered in several layers with a film.

The required level of humidity and ventilation is required - these 2 indicators are common for the cultivation of all types of fungi. At the end of the harvest - if all the conditions were met correctly, the result will be, and will enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Technologies and cultivation of champignons in a home greenhouse

Champignons are the most popular species of mushrooms, they are not only versatile in use, and suitable for all kinds of dishes, but also have excellent taste qualities. For good growth of this type of mushroom, it is necessary to use components.

Growing of mushrooms in hothouse conditions is independent of seasonality, you can harvest throughout the year

The most suitable type of compost is horse, but you can also use:

  • Bird;
  • Cow;
  • Pig, although it will be less effective.

To make it suitable for growth of mushrooms, it is necessary to mix in equal proportions with straw. In the absence, it is possible to replace dried, without intertrigo of botanical plants or grass, also additionally all is wetted with water, then urea, gypsum and superphosphate are added, all this should last for 10 days.

After the preparation of the foundation, a pile is made, and the compost is laid out on it. Periodically, after a few days, a small amount of gypsum is added.

The most optimal temperature for planting a mycelium is 30 ° C, any changes of more or less than 10 units can lead to inhibition of the growth of the mycelium itself or its death. With the right temperature regime for the champignon breeding, the mycelium is planted, deepening it for 5-7 cm, and slightly mixing with the compost. Further, to create the necessary microclimate, cover the entire surface of the soil with sheets of wet paper, as it dries it needs to be wetted.

After a few weeks, the germination of the mycelium occurs, as evidenced by the small appearance of cobwebs on the surface and the specific aroma of the fungi. These signs are a signal that the temperature should be lowered to 15 ° C, and add the necessary amount of peat with limestone, and before the ripening it is necessary to constantly ventilate the premises of the greenhouse and regularly moisten the soil.

After 2 weeks, the harvest can be collected, this procedure is carried out with incomplete ripening of the fungi, when the film located at the bottom is not damaged, and you can see what can be collected. Champignon takes hold of the leg and gently scrolls, not touching the neighboring mushrooms, then the place where the harvest is harvested, covered with earth. Growth and reproduction of mushrooms has a peculiarity to occur undulating - after the first harvest, several days must pass before the new crop grows and yields its fruit, then the process repeats itself according to a new one.

Comfortable and safe greenhouse for mushrooms: the requirements of

If you make a greenhouse by all the rules, then you can grow any variety of mushrooms even in winter, it is possible due to the fact that the room meets all the necessary requirements.

Growing mushrooms in a greenhouse is an interesting and easy process Growing mushrooms in a greenhouse is an interesting and easy process


  1. Heating system - to build a better water, it differs the least air drying.
  2. Properly made sealing and warming system is necessary to maintain a suitable microclimate.
  3. Thorough ventilation allows the growth and development of mycelia and then fungi.
  4. The possibility of rapid watering - all mushrooms are very fond of moisture, so you need to provide access to water.
  5. Protection from direct sunlight is the key to obtaining in the future a sufficient amount of harvest.
  6. Also it should accommodate all necessary bags or containers with a base.

A greenhouse made of polycarbonate makes it possible to grow a wide variety of mushrooms all year round. White forms of mushrooms are not for nothing called royal, because they differ in the finest and most pleasant taste and aroma, but the price category for such a product is quite high.

Popular chanterelles - they are unpretentious and have an excellent taste even after drying and pickling.

Champignons are a common type of mushroom, it has a pleasant taste and versatility in use. The most rare and valuable type of mushrooms is the truffle, the price category of which reaches 1000 $.To grow it, you need to invest a lot of money, because it is pretty cranky in greenhouse conditions. Gruzes - this name is found in the country of Poland, there are true lovers of this kind of mushrooms, which turned dishes from them into a work of art. Oyster mushrooms - true connoisseurs of this mushroom know how to cook delicious and hearty dishes from it.

Champignons in the greenhouse( video)

Depending on the preferences of the owners, perseverance and desire, you can get any kind of mushrooms, and start your small business.