Smoke gum for the greenhouse: how to handle tobacco, polycarbonate treatment, how to use for disinfection

Smoke grenade is considered one of the best ways to get a good harvest and get rid of diseases of greenhouse vegetables Smoke gum for a greenhouse is considered one of the best ways to get a good harvest and get rid of diseases of greenhouse vegetables Infection of greenhouses made of polycarbonate and plants with a variety of diseases occurs quite often, that is why, when growing vegetables in a greenhouseIt is necessary to forget about the preliminary treatment of the room against various diseases and pests. The best option for processing is considered smoke smoke, which copes well with various diseases and pests.

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    • Action of a tobacco checker for greenhouses
    • Checkers for processing greenhouses: when to use
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How and when to process the greenhouse with a checker

For the sanitary treatment of the greenhouse, you can select a variety of smoke bombs, in particular such as: sulfuric, tobacco and hexohloran. If plants in greenhouses suffer from fungi, bacteria and small insects, then in this case you need to use sulfur balls. With their help, disinfection is carried out not only of the soil, but also of the entire building. To eliminate insects and caterpillars that are in the soil, it is best to use smoke bombs made on the basis of hexachlorane.

Tobacco smoke bombs help very well against moths, ants and various diseases.

The elimination of pests and diseases in this case is carried out by fumigation. When carrying out this method of treatment, smoke permeates all the places of the hotbed, even scarcely accessible. With the help of this method of processing, you can cover a significant area with the lowest costs and without much difficulty. Cultivation of crops in conditions of closed ground is associated with the risk of infection of buildings and plants with various diseases, as well as the appearance of pests in the greenhouse. To avoid this, disinfection is required.

Smoke drafts perfectly cope with various plant diseases in the greenhouse Smoke drafts perfectly handle various plant diseases in the greenhouse

The most effective and efficient method for disinfection of soil in a greenhouse is considered to be the following pieces: :

  • FAS;
  • Hephaestus;
  • Whist.

They destroy almost all known species of larvae, fungi, microorganisms and many other infections. If the infection was insignificant, then it is recommended to treat the greenhouse with a greenhouse checker in the fall, after cleaning. The event lasts for 3 days, after which the greenhouse needs to be carefully ventilated and closed for the winter. In the case of severe infection or in the presence of various pests, once a disinfection will not be enough. That is why, it is necessary to carry out additional tillage of the soil in spring 2-3 weeks before the proposed planting in a greenhouse of seedlings.

Tobacco smoke cans can also be used in the period of active plant growth, since they do not do any harm at all, but they are very good at pest control.

Such checkers can be used in greenhouses made of different materials. Important!Fumigation with smoke bombs does not have a residual effect, since the spread smoke destroys diseases and pests in the greenhouse only during the burning of the draft and several hours after that.

Action of a tobacco checker for greenhouses

Tobacco smoke gadget for greenhouses helps very quickly to get rid of insects and mold, and also promote more active growth of plants and their fruit bearing.

Among the most common pests with which tobacco checkers are good, include :

  • Copper;
  • Aphids;
  • Whitefly;
  • Leaflet.

Tobacco smoke gadget for greenhouses helps to quickly get rid of insects and mold Tobacco smoke detector for greenhouses helps to quickly get rid of insects and mold

It is very easy to use these checkers. They need to be spread around the perimeter of the hotbed, set fire to and close all windows and doors tightly. The procedure for fumigation lasts for 3-4 hours, and then you need to open the hotbed and carefully ventilate. The checkers do not burn, they only very much smoke, completely enveloping the entire space of the hotbed and the soil.

Tobacco smoke is not harmful to plants at all, as the active ingredient nicotine is found in many vegetables, in particular, such as potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes, peppers.

During the vegetation period, it is necessary to carry out the greenhouse treatment by using a tobacco smoke bomb for prevention purposes for 10 days. One such piece is suitable for processing 50 m2.To get rid of the pests already available in the greenhouse, you need to take a lot more checkers. In this case, one tobacco smoke bomb goes to 20 m2.Disinfection should be done 2 times with a time interval of 15 hours. It is best to conduct the treatment at night or in the afternoon, when the weather is not particularly hot.

Checkers for processing greenhouses: when to use

Plants in greenhouse conditions are subject to a variety of diseases and pests. You can get rid of this if you regularly treat the hotbed by using special smoke bombs. This method of decontamination allows you to get rid of insects and diseases in just 1-2 procedures.

When smoldering a smoke bomb destroys all available in the :

  • Bacteria;
  • Fungi;
  • Viruses;
  • Harmful insects.

ASThis checker consists of 5-10 tablets, designed to handle a certain area of ​​the greenhouse. For processing, you need to take a certain number of tablets, set them on fire with a wick and leave a smoldering in a tightly closed greenhouse for several hours. This creates a lot of smoke, which completely fills the greenhouse.

Smoke very easily penetrates the most inaccessible places, to where the pathogens and pests accumulate.

When combined with steam and moisture, the released substance turns into sulphurous acid, which also exerts the required disinfecting effect, while decontaminating the walls of the greenhouse and the soil.

Despite the effectiveness of this method of disinfection, it is worth remembering that the sulfur smoke bomb is very toxic, which is why its use necessarily requires compliance with certain safety rules.

Smoke grenade for a greenhouse made of polycarbonate

Effectiveness of greenhouse treatment of the greenhouse against various diseases and pests. To obtain the maximum possible benefit, it is necessary to properly process the greenhouse.

After carrying out the treatment of the greenhouse, the smoke bomb must be cleaned thoroughly After the greenhouse has been treated with a smoke grenade, it is necessary to clean

. The processing involves :

  • Performing general cleaning of the greenhouse;
  • Wear personal protective equipment;
  • Carefully seal all cracks to ensure tightness;
  • Dampen all surfaces with water;
  • Set fire to the checker and close the door and windows of the hotbed tightly.

It is not always possible to use a smoke bomb for a greenhouse made of polycarbonate. Do not recommend its use for buildings on a metal frame, as the metal can rust, blacken and crumble. If parts of the greenhouse have darkened, then you should thoroughly wash it with a warm soapy solution.

Treatment with a smoke bullet of a greenhouse( video)

Carrying out the treatment of a greenhouse by using a smoke bomb allows you to get rid of various kinds of pests, fungi and bacteria. However, the most important thing is to observe the basic precautions when working with similar products.