Fighting spider mites in the greenhouse: measures for disposal, treatment in the spring, means of prevention, destroy

Entangled in a web of yellowed leaves indicate the appearance of a tick in the greenhouse enmeshed in a web of yellowing leaves indicate the occurrence of mite in the greenhouse While infecting plants spider mites foliage begins to turn yellow and fall off. It is not possible to notice single individuals of the pest, but the mites settle in groups, which allows them to be detected. There are different options for getting rid of spider mites. Their choice depends on the area of ​​infection, the development of plants and the personal preferences of gardener.

    • Types of measures to combat spider mite in the greenhouse
    • Nuances processing greenhouses from spider mites spring
    • How to handle the greenhouse from spider mites folk ways
    • The process greenhouse in the spring of spider mites
    • Prevention spidermite in the greenhouse
    • way to combat spider mite in the greenhouse( video)

Types of measures to combat spider mite in the greenhouse

There are 4 ways hutsthe detection of the spider mite. These include the use of chemicals, biological method, agrotechnical and folk methods of disposal of pests. When using chemicals, acaricides are used. This is a universal remedy against all kinds of ticks.

Try to get rid of pests in time, so that the plant does not have time to relax Try to time to get rid of pests, the plant did not have time to loosen

biological method includes the following operations:

  1. Use of biological nature. They act on mushrooms, but have a disastrous effect on the spider mites. This method is quite effective, but at the same time it is environmentally safe.
  2. Use of natural enemies of a spider mite. They are ticks-predators who hunt and eat carnivorous species.
  3. Planting of special plants. They give off a special scent that repels pests.

Folk methods that help fight insects include the use of infusions, decoctions and medications. Apply laundry soap, ammonia, onion and garlic. Also use a decoction of dandelions, cyclamen, horseradish, wormwood.

Popular measures of struggle are distinguished by cheapness and ecological safety. You can take those funds that are at hand at any mistress.

Agrotechnical methods mean the creation of comfortable conditions for crops and unfavorable for pests. Also, such methods serve as an excellent prophylaxis for the occurrence of a spider mite. To do this, make digging of soil twice a year: in spring and in autumn. It is also important to get rid of crop residues, weeds, especially if they are infected. It is important to regularly carry out weeding, sprinkling and watering.

Nuances processing greenhouses from spider mites spring

Species spider mites a lot. They are different for coloring, have small size and fast reproduction speed. Also worth noting the viability of ticks. When unfavorable conditions arise, they skillfully hide in different slots. Usually, thus, pests winter.

It is desirable to treat the greenhouse with chemicals before planting plants in it It is desirable to treat the greenhouse with chemicals before planting

Options for greenhouse treatment in spring:

  • Chemicals;
  • Sulfur checkers;
  • Biological methods.

spring greenhouse can handle such preparations as "Nero", "Akarin", "Fitoverm", "Vermitek".In some cases, use dichlorvos. Small pieces of tissue are impregnated with this remedy and placed next to the affected cultures. On top of the fabric should be covered with a film. Copper sulphate or chlorine lime is also effective.

Spider mites can adapt to different chemicals. That's why the drugs should be alternated.

The use of sulfur checkers is often used not only to destroy a pest, but also as a preventive measure. Smoke penetrates into all the cracks and destroys the entire population of ticks. When working with sulfur checkers, it is important to follow the instructions of the instruction. A few days it is necessary to close the greenhouse tightly, after which the hotbed should be well ventilated.

Biological measures are less effective, but more secure. Against ticks special microorganisms work. Also, such preparations are good for the plants themselves, stimulating their growth.

How to treat a greenhouse from a spider mite in folk ways

When an ovary starts to form on plants, the use of chemicals is prohibited. This can completely ruin the harvest. Processing of greenhouses by folk methods includes recipes from herbs or medicines.

Spraying with chemicals should be done prior to ovary formation Spraying with chemicals should be done prior to the formation of the ovary

Some gardeners use dichlorvos or turpentine in pest control. Affected plants are sprayed with alcohol, which is diluted with water. Spray crops( leaves and stems) using a spray gun. Also use turpentine, impregnating them with tissue.

When using dichlorvos, the culture must be isolated by putting a garbage bag on the plants. But this method should be used only at the beginning of the formation of ovaries. After 3 hours after treatment, the bags should be removed and the remnants of the drug washed off with water.

Infusions and decoctions of plants:

  • Cyclamen;
  • Dandelion;
  • Calendula;
  • Millennial.

Prepare infusions or decoctions. It should be done several procedures every 8-10 days. The treatment cycle is 1-2 weeks.

A great deal of effectiveness is provided by household soap. It is enough to grate 20-30 g and add to the solution.

Garlic and onions are also used for fighting. Toxic to the pest is the smell of these components. Solutions are prepared and cultures are sprayed.

Than to process a hothouse in the spring from a spider mite

Folk methods of fighting are good for small infections. But when the spider mite completely dominates in the greenhouse, it is worth resorting to more radical methods. To do this, chemicals are used, which, unfortunately, are destructive not only to parasites, but also to crops.

Before winter and early spring, you can treat the greenhouse with a special smoke bomb Before the winter and early spring, it is possible to treat the greenhouse with a special smoke detector

Effective preparations:
  • "Fitoverm" - suitable for planting and protecting indoor plants;
  • "Benzyl benzoate" - acts on the entire accessible population of ticks;
  • "Actellik" is an effective preparation that effectively destroys pests;
  • "Bi-58" is quite a powerful tool, it is used when other methods turned out to be absolutely inefficient;
  • "Kleshchevit" - gives a good result when processing;
  • "Aktofit" - should be used in clear weather;
  • "Vertimec" - is often recommended to poison a spider mite.

Treatment involves abundant watering before applying chemicals. This is done to prevent stress or burns. Also, add 50 g of potassium soap to the solution. This will increase the processing efficiency.

A chemical preparation is applied to plants and soil around them. But the solution should not be in contact with the root system.

The main thing is to observe the concentration of chemicals so as not to ruin crops. The first treatment should act not only on adults, but also on larvae. After 1.5 weeks, a second treatment is carried out. But other drugs are used.

Prevention of spider mites in the greenhouse

To avoid wasting time, effort and yield when dealing with mites, preventive measures should be taken in time. Simple measures can help prevent the occurrence of a parasite. Moreover, these methods can be effective against other pests.

Careful cleaning and digging of the greenhouse in the off-season minimizes the occurrence of pests during the growing period Thorough cleaning and digging of the greenhouse during the off-season minimizes the occurrence of pests during the growing period

Prophylaxis of a mite:

  1. Correct crop rotation. It is necessary to alternate cultures. After the cucumber put tomatoes, which can not tolerate kleshi. Their tops are even used as a folk method for controlling pest.
  2. Timely cleaning of weeds. In autumn, it is necessary to burn the remains of plants, tops, weeds.
  3. It is important to maintain cleanliness in the greenhouse.
  4. High humidity also negatively affects the spider mite.
  5. It is necessary to properly and timely watering.
  6. Seedlings and soil should not be attacked by pests. It is important to check them before using.
  7. Between the plants it is necessary to plant marigolds. The mites do not tolerate them.

It is also important to observe a certain interval between seedlings. You do not need to plant plants too close. Otherwise, when infected with a spider mite, the pest easily spread throughout the greenhouse.

Prevention includes regular inspection of crops. It is important to notice the infection in time.

Preventive measures are fairly simple. For efficiency, it is necessary to regularly apply all measures. The main thing is to observe all the precautions.

Ways to combat the spider mite in the greenhouse( video)

Fighting a spider mite involves several techniques. You can process greenhouses and vegetables with chemicals and folk recipes. Also, biological methods and proper care of plants will help to get rid of pests.