Boiler for greenhouses: on wood heating, solid fuel boilers, gas own, solid fuel for 500

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Heating systems for greenhouses with wood-fired boilers are now the most affordable heating systems greenhouses fired boilers today are most accessible gardeners frequently mounted boilers for greenhouses to create a comfortable temperature for the seedlings. Unfortunately, thin film or polycarbonate sheet is not able to protect green plantations from the vagaries of nature. The problem can be solved with the help of heating systems operating on different types of fuel. Before you go to the store, you need to study the "pros" and "minuses" of each model.

    • Types of boilers for heating greenhouses
    • Choosing the boiler for the greenhouse on the wood
    • Efficient boilers for greenhouses
    • The beneficial boilers for greenhouses solid fuel
    • boiler for greenhouses( video)

Types of boilers for heating greenhouses

reliability, safety, economy, aesthetics - depending on the model of the heating equipment, these characteristics are combined in a different sootWearing. Most often in the greenhouse installed water heating system, which means that the choice must be made in favor of solid-fuel varieties. Regardless of the type of fuel, the device for heating seedlings uses it economically enough.

The boiler for greenhouses is that equipment which will allow to receive a good crop even in severe frosts boiler for greenhouses - is the equipment that will yield a good harvest, even in severe frosts

However, that is no reason to lose vigilance.

In order not to have to regret the money spent in vain, it is necessary to understand the functional differences between the different types of fuel:

  • Classic boiler furnace;
  • Pyrolysis with a chamber for smoldering;
  • Coal;
  • Coal-wood;
  • Pellet;
  • Gas.

In the technical description of the product it is always possible to find data reflecting the "gluttony" of the boiler on solid fuel. The lower this value, the cheaper the operation will be. At the same time, one must remember that for large greenhouses, a more productive unit is needed. Unjustified desire to save will result in prolonged cold.

In the event that an electric heat transfer system is used on the site, a preliminary calculation of the required power must be made. Based on the data obtained, an electric boiler is selected.

The main thing is not to make a mistake with the size of the area that needs to be heated. It is not recommended to take the boiler with a large or not very high reserve. All this will only provoke unnecessary waste.

When choosing heating equipment for greenhouses, it is necessary to pay attention to three factors. It all starts with the size of the design. If a model for solid fuel is suitable for a small greenhouse, then for large ones there are electric varieties. In addition, it should be remembered about the heat supply system present in the greenhouse and the characteristics of the planted crops.

Choosing a boiler for a greenhouse on firewood

Availability of such technological solutions makes them truly popular. It is well known that firewood is much easier to find, especially when it comes to the garden house in the village. In addition, the popular rumor rightly attributed some of the advantages to this type of fuel.

Each vegetable grower who decides to start heating the greenhouse may face the difficulty of choosing a boiler Every vegetable grower who decides to start heating the greenhouse can face the complexity of choosing a boiler

Environmental safety, attractive appearance, high heat output are only a small part of the positive characteristics.

Do not forget about another quality of wood-fired boilers. In addition to providing greenhouse heating, a by-product of combustion can be used as a fertilizer. We are talking about a useful for seedling tree room.

have described the heating system has several positive characteristics:

  • rapid achievement of the desired temperature;
  • No even the slightest risk of detonation;
  • Safety of storage and transportation of used fuel.

Even a beginner summer resident can build his own wood heating system. Economic efficiency, safety, efficiency, availability are only a small part of the advantages of using natural material. If to speak about lacks of the described model it is necessary to emphasize the need for large areas for storing firewood.

Efficient gas-fired boilers for greenhouses

Representatives of the middle price segment have proved themselves well both in industrial and domestic greenhouses. Gas heating systems provide a high combustion temperature of up to 500 degrees Celsius.

After the construction of the greenhouse, it is necessary to start creating a heating system, the central element of which will be a boiler After the construction of the greenhouse, it is necessary to start creating a heating system, the central element of which will be the

boiler. At the same time, it will take a little time to calculate the maximum power required. Otherwise, seedlings will literally become platinum.

"Space" gas bills in just a few months will undermine the family budget.

If done correctly, the gas heating will provide the following benefits:

  1. The carbon dioxide released is immediately absorbed by the seedlings in the process of photosynthesis.
  2. No need to remove combustion products outside the greenhouse.
  3. During peak periods, resource consumption increases.
  4. As the gas consumption increases, the pressure in the pipe may drop. Avoid this will help install a storage tank. It is not cheap, but it helps to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Installation of gas heat supply systems is beneficial when it comes to a large attached greenhouse. In this case, the gas boiler house is connected to a centralized resource supply system without unnecessary costs. It should be remembered that gas is an expensive coolant. It is necessary to install a system of sensors that can measure temperature in real time. Based on the information collected, the system itself will regulate the heat supply.

Than boilers for solid-fuel greenhouses

are beneficial. If it is not a question of the need for long-term( year-round) use, it is better to choose in favor of solid fuel systems. Opens a list of such systems model, working on coals. If we talk about its advantages, then attention should be focused on the possibility of a good savings. Unlike a water or electric heating system, coal does not require the installation of expensive infrastructure.

Solid fuel boilers got their legal recognition not only in heating the dwelling, but also for heating greenhouses of large and small areas Solid fuel boilers got their legal recognition not only in heating the house, but also for heating the greenhouses of large and small areas

In addition, you do not need to contact the plant representatives for expensive spare parts. On the market you can pick up homemade coal boiler houses, the cost of which is low.

If you look at the All-Russian Product Classifier( OKP), then you can find a bit more useful information:

  • Heating code of the heating system is 1500;
  • It is recommended to purchase a sufficient amount of cleaner, because burning of coal is always accompanied by the release of a lot of soot;
  • Use of wood pits helps to get rid of such problems, but they are allowed only in small hotbeds;
  • The presence of the built-in temperature sensor allows monitoring and regulating the combustion temperature in real time;
  • The ability to quickly acquire fuel exists in any locality, for example, Kotlas always sells coal in bags or by weight.

Boiler for a greenhouse( video)

The correct choice of heating system for a greenhouse depends on several factors. It starts with the financial ability of the gardener. After that, you can go to the study of the need for heating. How much space does the greenhouse occupy?Is it used year-round or seasonally?Answers to the above questions will help to assess objectively your own needs. Do not forget about the cost of the resource. Even a small mistake will lead to economic collapse.

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