Diagrams of paintings for cross-stitching: download for free, Gapchinsky's flowers, lovers, rider of Kramskoy

A picture embroidered with a cross can decorate the interior of a room or turn it into an excellent gift A picture embroidered with a cross can decorate the interior of a room or turn it into an excellent gift. Embroidery of cross-stitch patterns is a wonderful activity thanks to which you can relax, relax, and achieve inner harmony. The needlewomen of the 21st century have the opportunity to embroider by their own hands reproductions of paintings by famous artists or their self-portraits. For example, E. Gapchinsky or I. Kramskoy, and also the great V. Kandinsky is very famous. Hang this product in his office, at home or put up for sale, everyone can, but initially you need to properly prepare for work.

      • Embroidery with a cross: pictures and diagrams
      • Schema selection and where to find them
      • Author schemes - where to find and how to create
      • Symbolic embroidery value
      • Picture "Clock" for cross stitching( Video)
      • Diagrams of paintings for cross-stitching( photo)

Embroidered cross-stitch: paintings and diagrams

Embroidering a beautiful and complex scheme of a cross is realistic, but it all depends on how competently to approach the matter.

Namely, you need:

  • Choose a pattern and diagram for embroidery;
  • Decide on the material;
  • Pick up a floss;
  • To familiarize with technics of performance.

Embroidered with a cross decorate clothes, home textiles and decorative items

It is worth noting that for embroidery, you can choose a variety of paintings that depict ancient buildings, roses, lilacs, rider, royal flowers or nature. The level of skill of the needlewoman can affect the choice of drawing. To be more precise, if the level of the beginner, then the picture should be simpler, and for the pros fit big pictures with complex patterns, made in the technique of monochrome.

Rules for embroidering of paintings

There are certain rules, observing which you can create not really beautiful and high-quality product:

  1. You need to select an account scheme.
  2. Acquire the canvas, and much better to give preference to white material.
  3. At the beginning of work the thread is added in two rows, but deviation from the norm is possible, which is sometimes indicated in the diagram.
  4. In order to fix the thread in the canvas it is strictly forbidden to use the nodes.
  5. You need to do everything in accordance with the scheme.
  6. Before starting work, you need to sweep the edges of the canvas so that it does not crumble.

Cross-stitch embroidery starts from the middle of the picture Cross-stitch embroidery starts from the middle of the picture

The embroidery is executed from left to right, and crosses from the lower left corner to the right and from the left upper corner to the bottom right.

Choosing a schematic account and where to find them

In order for embroidered pictures to live up to expectations, you need to select understandable schemes, which there is a lot of them.

For example:

  1. There are color schemes, each square of which is filled with a certain color, for which calculation is carried out.
  2. There are black and white schemes, each square of which is filled with a symbol corresponding to the shade of the thread.
  3. There are schemes for which you need only two colors, such pictures have recently become very popular.
  4. It is not uncommon to find on the sale schemes, applied to the material - canvas. As a rule, such materials are sold in sets with a mulina.

    You can create authoring charts with your own hands, relying on your originality and imagination You can create authoring charts with your own hands, relying on your originality and imagination.

    To purchase an account of the scheme it is enough to pay attention to magazines, books for needlewomen, and also a lot of sites on the Internet. Especially popular are the schemes in sets and individual sheets, sold at an affordable price and in a large assortment.

    Author schemes - where to find and how to create

    Author's schemes are an original solution for those who love creative pictures. To be more precise, now there are a huge number of ways to create a product depicting famous personalities, brands or two lovers on their wedding day.

    You can create authoring schemes:

    • Independently;
    • With the help of computer programs;
    • Referring to specialists.

    As an author As the author's scheme for embroidery, you can use the children's drawing

    Using a special program, you load the necessary drawing or photo, and then automatically mark the image. Embroidering on such a scheme is much more difficult than simple, but the result will be simply unimaginably impressionable.

    Symbolic meaning of the embroidery

    Did needlewomen notice that we often embroider certain pictures, for example, reproductions or animals, but few people think about what these drawings mean.

    It is worth noting that embroidery as a method of needlework appeared many years ago and earlier people invested something else in embroidery.

    The embroidered symbol can dramatically change a person The embroidered symbol can dramatically change a person's life, so carefully choose the drawings

    In the culture of Feng Shui special attention is paid to symbolism. Those who study this topic believe that banal symbols, images of houses and animals can affect a person's life and even its importance in society. To be more precise, there is a belief that the needlewoman is embroidering, in fact it is not the result of fantasy, but of the subconscious. And sometimes it is. Those who dream of children embroider children, those who want to improve their financial situation, pay attention to embroidery of trees with coins, piggy banks or symbols attracting wealth.

    There is a lot of evidence that the chosen circuit at random can cause the car to move or buy. That is why modern needlewomen began to give preference to copyright works and the creation of their own masterpieces filled with only their energy. Doing your favorite thing can achieve great success.

    What are the most popular products:

    1. The tiger is a symbol of home protection;
    2. A basket with sunflowers means prosperity and wealth;
    3. Bird - new events of a favorable nature, love to embroider lovers;
    4. House - this is the house and from what it will be in the picture depends on the real marital status.

    Picture "Clock" for embroidering a cross( video)

    Do not create chopped bridges, closed wickets or negative pictures, because all this can affect life and emotional mood.

    painting scheme for embroidery cross( photo)