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To the monetary tree really acted, it is necessary to embroider it correctly and place it in the right place To make a money tree really work, you need to properly embroider it and place it in the right place. Money tree is a Chinese symbol that attracts wealth to the house. It refers to the direction of Feng Shui, which is the philosophy of the correct arrangement of furniture and objects in the apartment. The needlewomen make this tree from a variety of materials, if you know how to embroider, then it will not be difficult for you to paint this symbol on a piece of canvas. Today we will talk about all the nuances of embroidering this Chinese welfare symbol.

    • Correct embroidery of a money tree with a cross
    • A money tree embroidery scheme using coins
    • Money tree embroidered with a cross: a scheme with paper bills
    • Where to hang a money tree embroidery with a cross
    • Rules for embroidery of a money treeCross and diagram( video)

Correct embroidery of a money tree with a cross

Cross-stitching a money tree must follow all the rules of feng shui. Otherwise, this home amulet will not have magical power.

In feng shui, everything is important, and the number of coins or paper bills, and their size and location in the picture. To the money tree embroidered with a cross is not just a picture, you need to take into account all the nuances.

The cross must be embroidered only with trunk and greens on the money tree, and the money itself is better to take these

Manga tree embroidery rules:

  1. The best numbers in terms of feng shui are nine, elevenAnd fourteen, so that's the number of fruits on the money tree. Moreover, paper bills should be exactly nine, and metal coins can be taken in any positive quantity.
  2. Flowers and fruits can be embroidered on such a plant only in an odd number. In this case, one flower or fruit, you can not embroider it strictly.
  3. The most favorable days for embroidery of a monetary tree are 14 lunar days. It was during this period that the moon is particularly prone to wealth.

The fulfillment of these conditions is a pledge of the action of the embroidered amulet to attract wealth. Although many people are skeptical about this culture, Chinese sages are confident in the truthfulness of their philosophy.

Money tree embroidery scheme using coins

First of all you need to prepare all necessary accessories for embroidery. These are embroidery hoops, floss threads, scissors, needle for embroidery, canvas and coins.

Coins can be purchased at handicraft shops, usually they already have holes made. If you did not find such, you can take money of the same size, drill holes in them with a hand drill.

Remember that flowers and fruits on the crown of the money tree should be present in the picture in an odd number Remember that flowers and fruits on the crown of the money tree should be present in the picture in an odd number.

Instructions for describing the cross-stitch of the money tree:

  1. First, Should be strong and beautiful, to withstand all the wealth.
  2. Then you need to decorate the tree with green threads, you can embroider it whole or fill only the places between the coins.
  3. Next comes the turn of colors and fruits.
  4. The last ones are sewn onto the coin picture. They should be evenly distributed along the crown of trees. Take coins in the amount of 9, 11 or 14 pieces. Sewing coins must be firmly, for holes drilled in them.

Ready work should be placed in a frame and hung on the wall. We will talk about the place for this later.

If no real money was found, you can embroider them in the picture with a golden thread.

You can find a free scheme here or purchase a ready-made set in the store, by the way, in such sets, usually, coins with hieroglyphs already enter.

Money tree cross-stitched: diagram with paper denominations

You do not have to make a tree with metal coins, you can use paper bills. In this case, they need to be folded in accordion and bandaged in the middle. For the thread binding the money and you can sew a bill to the tree.

Many advise to use artificial days, however, to attract real wealth, it is better to sew real bills.

It does not matter what value the paper money will be, the main thing is that if you are sewing money on a tree, you do not spare them No matter how valuable the paper money is, the main thing is that you do not spare them for sewing money on a tree.

Embroidering a tree that will be filled with paper fans from money, you can only draw a barrel with a cross. Nine fans( namely, as many as they should be on a tree) will fill the whole crown. To make the work more aesthetic around the picture, you can sew small coins or long golden beads.

Where to hang embroidery of a money tree by a dagger

It is important not only to embroider a tree, but also to place a picture by all rules. If you hang a tree in the wrong place, then it will not have any magic effect. On the other hand, if you embroider such a pattern for decorative purposes, then it is not necessary to follow certain rules.

A tree with paper bills and metal coins are hung in different parts of the house.

A correctly placed picture with a money tree will bring prosperity and wealth to your family Correctly located picture with a money tree will bring prosperity and wealth to your family.

A picture with paper money can only be hung on the southeast side of the house. Only this way the picture will have the maximum effect.

Money tree with metal coins should be placed in the northern part of the apartment. In this case, the picture should be located opposite the door.

The rules of embroidery of a money tree with a cross and a diagram( video)

Money tree - this Chinese amulet of wealth and prosperity. Embroider it according to all rules, and prosperity and wealth will come to your house!