Vintage cross-stitch patterns: 18th century Europe, free designs of the 17th and 19th centuries, plots for the Bulgarian cross

For connoisseurs and lovers of history there is a way to plunge into the spirit of a bygone era - an ancient cross-stitch For connoisseurs and history lovers, there is a way to plunge into the spirit of a bygone era - the old cross-stitching Fans of the classical direction often choose the old patterns of cross-stitching to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a bygone era. Masters with experience say that it is necessary to convey not just a visual image, but the spirit of that time. In order to cope with the task, it is necessary to carry out qualitative preparatory work. It is connected with a chain of successive actions.

          • Ancient embroidery designs: selecting the right image
          • Ancient cross-stitch embroidery: assembly rules
          • Implementing ancient cross-stitch patterns
          • Classic vintage cross-stitch patterns( video)
          • Vintage cross stitch patterns( photo)

Diagrams of vintage embroideries: choosing the right image

Who is going to be presented with a job?Where will it be installed?First of all, the answer must be found on these two questions. If to speak about the addressee, here it can be a question about enamored, mum, the grandmother, the girlfriend or the colleague. Depending on this, the appropriate schemes are selected. For example, lovers or newlyweds can be presented with images of Shakespearean heroes or magnificent Spanish ladies. Would you like to please a friend or spouse?

Then the emphasis can be made on courage bravery - the famous musketeers Dumas will be very handy. Harder, when embroidery will not be a gift, but a stylish decoration of the living room, bedroom or office.

Before embroidering a cross you need to choose a pattern of vintage embroidery, and also decide the question: where do you install it Before starting embroidery with a cross, you need to select a pattern of vintage embroidery, and also solve the question: where do you install it?

In this case, you need to pay attention to the following recommendations:

  1. Degree room illumination - in tooThe dark room should be discarded using threads of a similar tone;
  2. Images of classical literary characters will be quite appropriate in the study;
  3. Designed in a modern or minimalist style, the living room will require warmer images. Natural motifs will look good;
  4. Wishing to emphasize the strengths of family ties, the choice should be made in favor of floral arrangements.

Ancient cross-stitch embroidery: assembly rules

Moderation and color balance are the golden rules of needlewomen of the classicism era. Vintage embroideries have not lost their popularity thanks to the ability to convey the desired mood or idea with the help of several images. If you study possible plots, then it is easy to see the prevailing minimalism. The abundance of free space on a white canvas was not considered at that time a crime.

For example, the emphasis on the mother's warmth will make a lady with a child who plays or sits on his hands.

As a rule, in most schemes of the ancient cross-stitch embroidery beautiful flowers are depicted As a rule, most of the old-style cross-stitch patterns show beautiful flowers

Regardless of the chosen concept, the basis of the embroidery was the right color:

  • Red threads - focus on strength, willAnd the desire to achieve the set goals. In ancient Spain, this color is often associated with romance and the power of feelings. If you want to make a gift for a couple or newlyweds, then red roses on embroidery are a great way to wish long years of happiness;
  • Green and its shades - used to form foliage, grasses and minor visual accents;
  • Blue or blue - you do not need to abuse it for several reasons. Firstly, the age of the classics used it for the costumes of less significant characters and commoners. Secondly, sky-blue - a symbol of freedom and flight, so apply it better where you need patterns. They look good as a thin frame, creating visual accents.

We realize patterns of ancient cross-stitch embroidery by

It happens that there is no specificity in the head for a long time and no. In this case, the inspiration can be searched in the global network. Here are presented multiple schemes that take into account different tastes. In most cases, they are free, so downloading them will not be difficult. In this case, designers warn against "mixing" styles and directions.

The scheme of the ancient cross-stitch embroidery will enthrall you with the creative and artistic process An ancient cross stitch scheme will enthrall you with the creative and artistic process

The ancient cross stitching schemes assume the same imagery of ideas and forms, so it is necessary to create something from many drawings.

Practical implementation will be much easier if you follow the following tips:

  1. Correctly selected canvas - the key to success. Linen version is suitable, if it is planned to embroider a detailed landscape or a picture with a large number of objects. Cotton variant is recommended for cases when the cornerstone is minimalism. There is also a mixed type of material that is suitable for creating three-dimensional works;
  2. The work begins strictly in the central part of the canvas;
  3. The central part of the composition is always sewn with two strings, which creates a visual accent;
  4. Classical Europe preferred a certain lightness of images. If you plan to recreate a knight or a hero-lover, they are stitched with a single contrast to the color of the rest of the cloth thread;
  5. A certain dynamism of the image is attached to pets, if it is a picture of the life of the family. In order to show the dynamics of nature, you can take advantage of the Bulgarian stitch. I also call it "snowflake" or "cross".It is produced vertically on the front side.

Classic vintage cross-stitch patterns( video)

Vintage schemes like not only fans of retro, but also a fan of unique in all respects decorative elements. A stylish gift or just decoration for a room - the old schemes for embroidery will allow to completely transform the surrounding space. The main thing is not to overdo with the number of embroidered elements.

Vintage embroidery stitch circuit( photo)