Cross-stitch embroidery of tulips: cross-stitch scheme for free, bouquet of red on black

Embroidery of tulips by a cross is an excellent occupation for women Embroidering tulips with a cross is an excellent exercise for women Spring will soon come and streets of urban courtyards will be filled with the aroma of the first spring flowers. One of these lovely plants are tulips. These beautiful flowers fill the soul with joy and love. To keep the memory of the first spring days as long as possible, we suggest you to embroider tulips with a cross.

    • What can be decorated with embroidery Tulip cross
    • Cross Stitch tulips: schemes and sets
    • Simple Red Tulip: cross-stitch
    • complicated cross-stitch: a bouquet of tulips
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What can be decorated with an embroidered tulip with a cross

Since tulips are very delicate spring flowers, they fit in almost any interior. Even if your house does not have a new repair, these flowers will make it much cozier.

You can decorate kitchen textiles with tulips. Towels embroidered with these flowers will be the main decoration of the cooking zone. The tablecloth of white color is animated by spring plants embroidered in the center. The tulip can be red, white and even black.

A black tulip is a flower that is extremely rare. Despite its name, it is probably not black, but a dark purple color.

Embroidery tulips cross-stitch will be a wonderful decorative decoration for pillows Embroidery of tulips by a cross will be a wonderful decorative decoration for pillows

You can embroider tulip flowers on linen napkins, which you can decorate the table for a long time at a dinner party. The same embroidery will decorate the bed linen of a young girl.

Recently it became fashionable to embroider a cross on jeans clothes. A bouquet of these spring flowers can decorate the back of the denim jacket.

Experienced needlewomen embroider tulips on a black background of leather bags. However, for such creations you need a lot of experience and a set of special tools.

Embroidery with a tulip cross: schemes and sets

Tulips are easy to embroider. But there are schemes in which there is a huge number of colors of threads. Such work can only be done by skilled craftsmen with a large margin of patience.

Many craftsmen complain that the schemes provided on the Internet have too many different colors. This is due to the fact that programs for drawing up schemes, allocate any, slightly different, shade. To simplify such free benefits, you need to look at the diagram and find out, without which shades the embroidery will not lose its appearance.

In ready-made sets there are all necessary materials and tools for embroidery, as well as a description explaining the progress of work All the necessary materials and tools for embroidery are present in the completed sets, as well as a description explaining the progress of the work

Usually remove the colors of the threads that are present in the picture in only a few cells. Also, you can remove shades that differ only by one unit of the number.

Many wizards offer download schemes of famous designers who accurately indicate the number and firm of threads used in their work.

If you do not want to spend time searching for schemes, you can purchase a ready-made set for cross-stitching. The scheme can be provided on a separate sheet, or be already printed on the canvas.

Simple red tulip: cross-stitch

It is better for beginners to choose a simpler scheme. Ideal option will be a picture of one or three flowers.

One of the simplest schemes contains only three shades of green, and four red and one cream. Such embroidery will ideally look on a napkin, scarf, needle bed or pillow.

Beginners should begin with those pictures that contain a small number of shades and complex transitions Beginners should begin with pictures that contain few shades and complex transitions

Description of the embroidery of a sprig of three tulips:

  1. The edges of the three buds of tulips are embroidered in bright red. Usually they are present only in 2-3 vertical rows.
  2. Most of the bud is filled with soft pink crosses. The gaps between rows of pink color can be distinguished by creamy threads.
  3. The stems of the tulips are embroidered with threads of dark green color.
  4. The long leaves of these flowers should be embroidered in light green and grass color. In this case, the outer part of the greenery should be more saturated than the inner part.

If you want to make your embroidery more unusual, you can decorate the edges of petals of tulips with French knots. Such a technique will make of ordinary colors, terry tulips.

A complex embroidery with a cross: a bouquet of tulips

A bouquet of tulips, especially if it is hard to embroider in a vase or basket. If you do not have enough patience and perseverance, then it is better not to undertake such work.

Most of this embroidery is taken by the background. More often it consists not of one, but of a whole range of shades. Tulips in complex works are also not limited to three colors. And even the vase has its own transitions and overflows.

In one embroidery of tulips there can be up to sixty shades of yarn One embroidery of tulips can have up to sixty shades of threads

It is most convenient to embroider voluminous work by parking. Thus, you will have more chances to embroider a picture without having mixed the colors, and not allowing any mistakes.

How to embroider tulips by parking:

  1. Divide the canvas with a special flushable marker into squares of 10 by 10. Thus, in some squares there will be only one, in some tulips or a vase, while others will contain several elements of embroidery.
  2. Proceed to the embroidery of the first square. Take a thread of one color and embroider it with all the necessary crosses in the square, park the thread in the next division. Do this with all the colors that should fill the square.
  3. The following squares may require new colors. Do not be afraid to start them even from the middle of the canvas.

When the whole picture is embroidered, you can fix all the threads and remove the excess. The work should be rinsed in cool water and ironed.

Elegant cross-stitch: tulips( video)

Tulips are the first spring flowers. They will fill your home with comfort and warmth even on the coldest day.