Scheme of small cross-stitch embroidery: mini and small, small size, free download, motifs for postcards

The world of cross-stitch embroidery is fascinating and interesting, every day it conquers more and more fans World Cross Stitch is fun and interesting, every day it is gaining more and more fans Cross-stitch - is a special world, once introduced which will be impossible to forget about creating new patterns of creative ideas about decorating boring everyday life. A creative person will like the free sketches of embroidery. The needlewomen will not only spend their leisure time with good and good mood, but I can create a real masterpiece, if necessary, adding interesting details, originality and immediacy.

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embroidery small cross - the little girl

scheme is very simple, do the job can dthe same child.

The following materials and tools are required for embroidery:

  • Canva;
  • Threads of a floss;
  • Special needle for embroidery;
  • Embroidery frame;
  • Scissors.

With a small scheme, the child will be able to cope on his own and without the help of an adult With a little scheme the child can cope on their own and without the help of an adult

Threads floss is better to take cotton, in extreme cases, suit coat. The colors needed will be the following: red, pink, yellow, black, blue, red, brown. For embroidering skin color, a moulinet of flesh tinge is suitable. Embroidery simple, following the pattern can be embroidered in a few hours.

Vintage embroidery cross - small schemes

Schemes in the style of "vintage" today are very relevant. More and more needlewomen prefer small vintage embroideries. Vintage embroidery is done on the same principle as all the others.

Fine vintage pattern is usually used for decoration:

  • Towel;
  • Pillows;
  • Curtains;
  • Tablecloths;
  • Napkin;
  • bags and so on. D.

Very often vintage embroidery is decorated with pillows, towels, blankets and other textiles Very often decorated with vintage embroidered pillows, towels, blankets and other textiles

options, where to use ready-made embroidery small variety of sizes. Beautiful products can "live" independently in the form of paintings or postcards, can decorate the mother's dress or brooch. On the Internet you can find many different ideas.

Interesting mini cross stitch -


Schematic patterns and motifs can be different. These can be rings, flowers, fairies, angels, temples, birds, hieroglyphics. Total and not count. It is important to choose the motif for embroidery exactly according to the proposed scheme. Apply mini embroidery in a variety of areas. In addition, as already mentioned embroideries on embellishments, textile embroideries embroider little embroideries.

Types of patterns for embroidery

  1. Folk;
  2. Geometric;
  3. Flower.

Geometric patterns look great on tablecloths and towels, and embroider them quite simply Schematic designs look great on the table cloths and towels, and embroider them quite simply

Floral ornament, it is one of the categories of floral motifs. Patterns are usually a weave of berries, wreaths and leaves. Lacy ornament will look great on pillow cases, on the corner of a tablecloth or on napkins.

For simple schemes, a full cross should be used, for a more complex variant, incomplete cross techniques and joints for vine embroidery may be used.

For such embroidery, it is better to choose natural fabrics and threads. Experienced needlewomen can use silk floss.

Embroidery with a small cross, small patterns, children's patterns

Children's patterns are commonly used for embroidering paintings, decorating curtains, bed linen, clothes.

The pattern can represent itself:

  • Pencils;
  • Bottles;
  • Nipples;
  • Butterflies;
  • Machines;
  • Carriages;
  • Bows;
  • Boots;
  • Hearts, etc.

Embroidered with a cross a child The cross-stitched children's pattern will surely please your child

Mothers who have small children are pleased to embroider and decorate the children's room, clothes and underwear. And children's patterns can help decorate the frame for a photo or a birthday card.

The thread and fabric on which the embroidery will be performed depends on the patterns of the embroidery.

For pictures in the nursery is better to choose a large canvas. She does not have to be white. For a towel you can take flax. Threads should be natural, better, if it is cotton, silk.

How to embroider a cross

Embroidery a cross is a separate kind of needlework, which requires a minimum of preparatory work. In this work on embroidery requires perseverance and patience, of course, time.

It is worth noting that embroidering a cross is a very interesting and fascinating occupation, after which you can spend the whole day It's worth noting that embroidering with a cross is a very interesting and fascinating activity that can be spent all day

The embroidery instruction is as follows:

  1. The first step is to prepare a scheme that will be executedembroidery. For starters, it's better to choose a simple 20/20 scheme.
  2. The second step is to pick up the threads of the colors as in the diagram. You need to buy only the shades specified in the scheme, you can not replace colors, it will affect the result.
  3. The next stage is the preparation of the canvas.
  4. Then you need to prepare a sharp needle with a large eye.
  5. Next, you need to prepare a convenient hoop.
  6. Begin to embroider from the thread in the needle. Needle with a thread should be inserted in the left square from above and stretch to leave the reverse end in 3-5 cm.
  7. Next, you need to stretch the thread in the right corner along the diagonal, the same square. Then thread must be pulled in the lower right corner of the same square and stretched again diagonally. Repeat as many times as the diagram indicates.
  8. After the last stitch is made, it is necessary to pass in the opposite direction,
  9. The crosses are obtained. The thread tip on the wrong side should be hidden under vertical stitches.
  10. This is not a complicated way to embroider the whole scheme. The hoop must be moved. After the product is finished it should be steamed with an iron from the wrong side and cut off any excess threads.

How to start embroidering according to the scheme( video)

A little practice and it will be possible to receive interesting products that will become an ornament of the house, clothes, interior items. The main thing - patience, and success will not take long!

Examples of simple circuits embroidery stitch( photo)