Cross-stitch embroidery flowers: girl with camellias, field pictures, vintage collection, face sets, threads

Today, products made by themselves, are valued more and more Today, the products made by their own hands, are valued more and more Today, many connoisseurs decorate your house different paintings and souvenirs that are made with their own hands. In the modern interior, such products bring an original touch of decor. One of the directions in needlework is cross-stitching. The original patterns are decorated with bedspreads, towels, curtains. Elegantly on the walls are embroidered cross-stained paintings of flowers.

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embroidery colors cross

Embroidered flowers always look very romantic.

For this reason, these patterns can be used on:

  • Napkins;
  • Tablecloths;
  • The various bedspreads that decorate the living rooms or bedrooms.

For beginner embroiderers, flower motif patterns are considered to be the simplest. There is a huge selection of schemes, which depict flowers in cups and pots. To do this, take a canvas with a large cage.

Flowers are embroidered not only for pictures, but also for decorating them with napkins or tablecloths Flowers embroider not only paintings, but also to decorate their napkin or tablecloth

Fabric, which is embroidered with floral poetry can be a different color from white and pastel beige to dark saturated colors.

The color of the fabric is the basis of the picture on which only the composition itself pours out. The embroidery itself can be carried out using tools such as a frame or a frame. Thanks to these objects, you can stretch the embroidered area and at the same time hands will be free. Also for embroidery you need a pair of scissors and a special needle. In order to embroider floral still lifes, it is best to purchase sets of colored threads. For those who are just beginning experts recommend using small schemes for stuffing hands.

Threads used for cross stitching

To embroider a picture on which an image of field flowers will be needed, several tints of threads are needed. Basically, for embroidery with a dagger, special floss threads are used. Sometimes you can use silk and woolen. To date, the market is simply littered with a variety of threads for embroidery, and sometimes it is very difficult to choose the right ones for color and quality.

Before selecting the thread, it is worthwhile to carefully study the quality:

  1. The main thing to note is the strength and thickness.
  2. The quality yarn should be strong and not tear every time it is pulled.
  3. Thickness should be uniform throughout the entire length.
  4. Quality yarns do not have the shedding property, which is very important in embroidering a flower miniature.

Rudolins have a lot to choose from: now a huge number of threads are on the market Needlewoman have to choose from: now on the market given the huge number of threads

most popular threads are considered to be the French manufacturer DMC and Madeira made in Germany. These firms have their own face and their own color map, which facilitates the selection of the desired shade. In the shops of needlework, experienced salesmen will always help newcomers to make the right choice.

Embroidery pictures with a cross:

colors Patterns of pictures or patterns can be purchased at any needlework store or compiled yourself.

A schematic is a graphic representation of a picture that is expressed by symbols or colors in separate cells.

Each cell of the circuit corresponds to one cross in operation. There are various subjects of schemes for embroidery. When we embroider flowers or other patterns, a certain symbolism is invested, so every connoisseur of beauty chooses or makes a scheme at his own discretion. Pictures with flowers are suitable not only for decorating a house, but also for a gift. Basically embroider a single large flower or make a bouquet. For a single image of a flower use red roses or poppies, beautiful large peonies or white lilies, a large camellia can make a certain charm in the picture. In the image of bouquets use different types of flowers.

Embroidered paintings look great in the interior, decorate the room and add to it the originality Embroidered pictures look great in the interior, decorate the room and add to it the originality of

When composing embroidery bouquets adhere to certain rules:

  • For completeness, the bouquet consists of far and near colors, where the first alwaysMore bright and large, and the second pale and small;
  • The bouquet is composed of flowers of one inflorescence or a growing place, for example, summer or spring, field or garden;
  • For the dilution use twigs or blades, they are usually embroidered with one line of green, gray, golden and silver hues.

If this is not enough, pictures with flowers can be supplemented with a butterfly, a fairy or just a beautiful vase. Such embroidered pictures can decorate a room for children - this will be a kind of "face".Flower patterns can be used to trim the bed linens for the child and his parents.

Cross-stitch kits: flowers

In handicraft shops, you can find ready-made kits for embroidery for every taste. Very popular were sets of images of paintings by artist Jen Harbon. This young girl has created watercolor paintings on which flowers are depicted.

In her paintings prevail:

  • Purple;
  • Blue;
  • Pink;
  • Pastel shades.

Choose a scheme for cross stitching according to your taste, and then, embroidering, you will get more than just pleasure Choose the pattern for cross stitching according to your taste, and then, embroidering, you will get more than just pleasure.

The vintage collection of her paintings was transferred to embroidery schemes and became favorite images of needlewomen. Also, ready-made sets with different images and themes are sold that can decorate any and complement any interior.

Cross-stitch: garden flowers( video)

Embroidery is always easy to accept, despite the fact that there is a flower or a large vase with a bouquet. Embroidered vintage patterns add to the interior of austerity and mystery. The paintings, embroidered with a cross, can become a real masterpiece with their own hands and will perfectly suit as a gift to dear people.

flowers in cross stitch( photo)