Metric cross-stitch patterns: for the girl child, free for the boy, download without registration, video

Embroidered cross-stitch children Embroidery of the children's metric with a cross will remain in your child's memory for many years. Baby metrics are a commemorative cross-stitch embroidery that captures important dates and figures related to the birth of a child. Usually the name, patronymic, surname, date of birth of children, if desired, the height and weight of the child are indicated. You can embroider them in different ways, the design depends on your preferences and whether you have purchased the sets you have bought, or you downloaded the embroidery scheme from the Internet.

    • Metric for a girl, cross-stitch:
    • features
    • Metrics for a boy with a cross: what to embroider
    • Children's metrics: cross stitch patterns and rules for beginners
    • How to put crosses
    • Embroidery schemes for a metricFor a girl with a cross( video)
    • Correct pattern of embroidery metric cross-stitch( photo)

Metric for a girl, cross-stitch: features

If the theme of the metric dedicated to the boy, Still have to think, then for girls, any children's theme will do. Usually used favorite girls are mice, kittens, bunnies, pupae and angels. Embroidery can be adorned along the contour by climbing plants, flowers, hearts, asterisks and butterflies.

Baby metrics for girls are used with lots of pink threads and beautiful patterns Baby metrics for girls are used with lots of pink threads and beautiful patterns

A sleeping in a bed a teddy in a pink shirt is a frequent option that is embroidered for the girl's metrics. At what, it can be quite large, and the metrics themselves are embroidered on a pillow where the witches sleep, or a blanket. The same mihutka, only in blue, can be embroidered also for the boy. Especially beautiful look such metrics with mishute, if you have twins, and they will hang over the cradles of children.

Metrics for the boy with a cross: what to embroider

The machines, horses, pyramids, and predominantly blue-blue tones come to mind. And this is also used often, although it is considered already a little bit hackneyed options. Therefore sleeping peacefully baby in the cradle is embroidered more often, or the embroidered figure of an angel for the boy's metric is also not uncommon in use.

Blue and blue threads are ideal for embroidering metrics for boys Blue and blue threads are ideal for embroidering metrics for boys

Increasingly, with the help of a wonderful needle, the metric is embroidered with the embroidering of a toddler. The image is almost photographic. There will be complex color transitions, a photo effect will be created. Embroiderers without experience, of course, may not master this job, but already experienced needlewomen have a reason to undertake such a scheme.

Children's metrics: cross stitch patterns and rules for beginners

When embroidering children When embroidering children's metrics, beginners should stick to the basic rules of

If you can not brag about embroidering, but embroider with the cross, the following rulesCan come in handy. Do not think that the scheme and the key is sufficient for successful embroidery - sometimes the beginner stumbles on seemingly simplest stages.

Where does embroidery begin?

  • Beginning almost always starts from the middle of the canvas;
  • This is due to the fact that the drawing in this scenario does not "run away" anywhere, and remains exactly in the middle;
  • In this case, it is easier to follow the scheme, as well as making the necessary calculations;
  • In the middle there is a large part of the picture, so you will simply be more interested in sewing from there;
  • Find the middle is not difficult - fold a couple of times the canvas in half, and where there will be a place for crossing the fold lines, there is the middle.

The cross stitching of the children The cross stitching of the children's metric must be started from the middle of the drawing

Mark the middle in any convenient way. With a paper scheme, you can do all the same. You can also advise making a copy from the drawing scheme, in case something happens to the original. And if you have marked out the canvas on the squares, then where the work begins - not so important. By marking the layout of the figure is clearly calculated.

How to put the crosses

Embroiderers often argue about crosses - how to put them all right. This is a matter of convenience, habit, style, if you want. But one thing is certain - all the upper stitches must have a one-sided direction.

Experienced needlewomen always embroider upper stitches only in one-sided direction Experienced needlewomen always embroider upper stitches in one-sided direction only

Embroider crosses in two main ways:

  • Classic or English cross. That is, first you sew one semicirc, and already on it you impose the second.
  • Danish. I'm good at embroidering large arrays. First a series of half-crosses is made, after which the second row is laid on top, returning to the beginning of the work - the first half-skirts are sewn either horizontally or vertically.

But it's not limited to ordinary crosses. And all this can be used for embroidering metrics. When you are doing the metric, do not start from the center, but shift the drawing a bit to make an allowance for the inscription.

Diagrams of embroidery metrics for girls cross( video)

When you start to embroider, do not rush to learn everything at the fastest pace, embroidery cross does not tolerate fuss and haste. This quiet activity, which gives not only excellent results, but also teaches you to concentrate, be calm, relax and enjoy the slow process.

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diagram embroidery metric cross( photo)