Cross-stitch embroidery for beginners step by step: video tutorials, how to correctly learn, photo in stages, how to start

  • Canvas. Cloth for embroidery, which has a different density and color. Due to the special interlacing of threads, distinct cells with free holes for the needle are formed. The most popular is Aida.
  • Needles. Special needles for embroidery with a wide eyelet and a pointed round tip. Each has its own size, depending on the fabric on which to embroider.
  • Threads. More often you can find a mulina - 100% cotton of various lengths. Pasma consists of 6 separate strands. On the diagrams, each color or shade is indicated by a special number.
  • Diagram. The indicated cell on the diagram corresponds to the embroidered cross on the canvas.
  • Thimble. It is necessary for working on a dense canvas.
  • Embroidery frame. With the help of them the web is stretched and does not allow it to deform.

Some kits include a tissue marker, scissors and a centimeter tape. If these tools are not available, they can be purchased separately.

Before starting work, be sure to check whether the threads are shedding or not.

Instruction and rules of embroidering with a cross for beginners

In order to get straight vertical lines from the wrong side and a classic cross to the front, you need to adhere to the established rules. Instruction for beginners will be a good helper in this matter. Only by observing them, you can get a beautiful and accurate embroidery.

Be sure to use the instruction for beginners when embroidering the first products Be sure to use the instruction for beginners when embroidering the first products

Basic rules for embroidering a cross for beginners:

  • In nature, there are only 3 directions of stitches;
  • Sewing work only need a needle in an upright position relative to the canvas;
  • The upper stitches must be made in one direction;
  • The stitches are embroidered in two stages: from the bottom stitches we sew the stitch, and then the top stitches complete the crosses;
  • When embroidering a separate row, it is necessary to completely, immediately execute each cross.

Try to fix the thread imperceptibly and do not leave knots on the embroidery Try to fix the thread imperceptibly and do not leave knots on the embroidery

In case you need to skip a few cells, the thread should be stretched from the wrong side to the desired cell and continue embroidering.

Never make knots on embroidery, there are many ways to fix the thread imperceptibly.

Master-class: cross-stitch for beginner needlewomen

You can master the cross stitch using the master class in a phased manner.

Master Class for Beginners:

  • Perform the first stitch. We stretch the needle from the wrong side to the front side and insert it into the right lower opening of the cell. Output the needle from the right upper square and enter it in the lower left corner diagonally. Our stitch is ready.
  • To save time, you can use another way of doing the cross. Start embroidery on the left edge. We perform inclined stitches in a row from the upper left corner to the bottom right, and then move back.
  • Before fixing the 1st stitch, you need to fix the thread on the wrong side of the canvas. To do this, place the tail of the thread in the completed loop and tighten it.

The master class on embroidery is a great way to learn how to embroider beautiful and original products The embroidery master class is a great way to learn how to embroider beautiful and original products.

When sewing stitches, do not tighten the thread too tightly.

For beginners it is recommended to embroider in 2 or 3 threads. Thus, the threads will be denser to each other, and visually the drawing will be more voluminous.

Simple cross-stitch technology for beginners

When embroidering a cross, do not be afraid of difficulties. Technology to study embroidery is not too complicated and lends itself even to the beginner. To begin with, we learn how to make stitches, without this you will never be able to make the embroidery beautiful and neat.

The crosses are embroidered as follows:

  • Top-down;
  • Bottom-up;
  • The rows are executed vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Embroider a cross and create beautiful paintings can even beginner, the main thing is to have patience and learn a simple embroidery technology You can even embroider with a cross and create beautiful pictures, the main thing is to have patience and learn the simple embroidery technology

The cross is embroidered with two stitches - top and bottom. First, all the lower stitches are performed in the required color scheme. You can do this from the bottom up or from top to bottom. Sometimes it is required to perform one or two rows of individual crosses, in this case immediately embroider them completely.

When several cells need to be passed, the thread should be drawn on the wrong side.

How to start embroidery with a cross: step by step

There was a desire to embroider something, but do not know where to start it?

The embroidery should be started step by step:

  • Find the right one for beginners with a simple scheme. In this set there will be everything necessary.
  • Prepare a place to work. It is advisable to stay in a well-lit place.
  • Prepare a fabric for embroidery. Preliminary it should be washed and ironed through gauze.
  • Treat the edge of the canvas with glue and wait until it dries.
  • Select the point on the canvas for the first cross. And accordingly it needs to be done on the diagram. In this process, the main thing is not to make mistakes and to accurately determine them in the same place. This moment will be the start for your embroidery.

In order to start embroidering, choose a simple scheme and be sure to prepare a workplace To start embroidering, choose a simple scheme and prepare the workstation

. You can save the floss and time by sewing crosses of the same shade, located not far from each other, without cutting the thread.

In order not to get confused in the scheme, the crosses already made are crossed out with a pencil.

Embroidery a cross for beginners: advice to parents

At first nobody thinks that cross-stitch embroidery can grow into a real hobby that can unite the whole family. This hobby is equally suitable for adults and children alike.

Tips for parents for embroidering beginners:

  • To begin with, go to the child and buy everything you need for embroidery;
  • Allow the children to choose their own drawing;
  • Prepare a place, material and tools before starting work;
  • Embroider work together, the child will be fascinated by the process and embroidery will not bother him quickly.

Choose tools and patterns for embroidery, given the age and preferences of the child Choose embroidery tools and patterns, taking into account the age and preferences of the child

When purchasing a ready-to-use embroidery kit or materials separately, consult the retailer to suggest a scheme according to the child's age.

It is necessary to watch closely and see to it that the child does not get injured in the process of work, and does not lose the needle.

Children's embroidery will be a beautiful decoration of any room in the house.

Cross stitch for beginners: fixing errors in work

Correctly embroidered picture implies avoiding mistakes. If errors are made, then they should be fixed. Otherwise, visually the general appearance of the embroidery will be spoiled and the correction is simply necessary.

Errors can be divided into two categories:

  1. Insignificant. These are imperceptible flaws that do not directly damage the appearance of the embroidery. Often during the transition of threads of different shades, the appearance of the cross is confused. In this case, nothing to fix is ​​unnecessary.
  2. Material. These are the errors that are visually noticeable. In this case, the only way out is to dissolve the work and start embroidery anew. In what cases is this happening: a) the arrangement in different directions of the upper stitches of the cross;B) an unsuccessful selection of shades of thread, which must be embroidered catchy elements, such as people's faces.

Beautiful and embroidered with a cross without errors, the picture is a sign of the skill of the needlewoman Beautiful and embroidered without a mistake, the picture is a sign of the skill of the needlewoman

Sometimes it happens when the canvas is over in the end of work. In this case, it is necessary to cut off an additional piece of fabric and apply it on the main one for 5 crosses. Then, sweep it with a "back needle" seam using a sharp needle.

Sewing pieces of canvas, it is important to follow the coincidence of the squares. Embroidered embroidery will hide the joint.

Embroidery on the cross: tips for novice needlewomen

The initial embroidery kit should be to your liking and indisputably like, then the work will move faster and give pleasure.

Tips for beginner embroiderers:

  • Do not buy complex embroidery of a large size, for starters, a simple drawing with a minimum number of colors will suffice.
  • If you liked several schemes and it's hard to make a choice, compare the composition of the material and the color palette of the threads.
  • Give preference to simple and understandable schemes, easier to read and much easier to work with.
  • Pay attention to the color and density of the canvas. The best option for beginners is canvas №14.
  • Use the embroidery frame for easy operation, they come in different sizes and shapes. Choose those that will be more convenient.

So that the embroidery process brings you only pleasure, choose simple schemes with a beautiful pattern So that the embroidery process brings you only pleasure, choose simple schemes with beautiful pattern

Also excellent assistants of will be sharp scissors, threader and needles. Use several needles at the same time, because you can not change the thread every time.

The best option for the first job is the embroidery size is not more than 25x25 cm.

Cross-stitch embroidery for beginners step-by-step( video)

If you are just learning to embroider a cross, it is very important to master the process gradually. An understandable master class is a kind of a guide for beginners. Instructions for beginners can serve as a magazine or a book on embroidering a cross in Russian.