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Embroidering, needlewomen put a piece of their soul in the future picture Embroidering, needle invested part of his soul in the future picture angel love both children and adults, especially expectant mothers, who put in a special embroidery angels deeper meaning. Embroidery is one of the most peaceful exercises. It is difficult to think of something better to calm down, strengthen or restore small motor skills. And how much aesthetic pleasure brings work done with a cross. Embroidery with a cross does not have age restrictions, it can deal with everything from children to the elderly.

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embroidery cross angel - scheme

schemes embroidery cross angels, there are many.

When choosing a scheme, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Complexity;
  • Readability;
  • Color solution;
  • Detail description.

The complexity of the scheme is very different, from very simple to photographic repeating picture. Regardless of the complexity, all the signs on the diagram should not be too small, do not merge and be clear.

The angels on the embroidered canvas always symbolize something good and bright Angels on embroidered linens always symbolize something good and bright

schemes fall into two categories: color and black and white. For beginners, a black and white scheme is more suitable, because there is nothing superfluous in it, just a drawing.

Color schemes require more care, they get tired faster than vision. The canvas before embroidering it is necessary to mark out according to the scheme. For this, it is convenient to use small needles. It is useful to separate a part of the fabric with the embroidery frame, they not only stretch the fabric, which simplifies the work, but with their help you can limit a certain area to make it easier to navigate. The size of the scheme for the first experiment is better to choose the average, so that the work is not too small and, at the same time, to have the strength to bring it to the end.

What matters is how you plan to use embroidery, if it is a picture in a frame, is more appropriate scheme with a few angels, and if, the decoration on clothing or bedding child - better to choose a scheme with one angel. The scheme should be clear to the one who will use it, do not trust the opinion of the seller or acquaintances. Be sure to look at the chart before buying.

Cross stitching kits Angels

There are now a huge number of embroidery kits. They are divided into complex and simple, but they are all made for a specific scheme for ease of use.

It is better to use sets than to buy everything separately.

It is very convenient to buy ready-made sets with everything necessary for embroidery very convenient to buy ready-made kits with everything you need for embroidery

When working with a set of more than probability that the end result will be close to the picture, as the thread colors are chosen specifically for her. In the shops there are kits, in quality, comparable to the paintings of artists. Perfectly selected threads help to embroider the face and small parts of the picture very naturally. But for a beginner, this kind of work is rather complicated, for it it is worth taking only having experience.

What's in the kit

  • Canva;
  • Required threads;
  • Diagram;
  • Sometimes needles.

Sets for embroidery angels are distinguished by the fact that they are usually collected in the style of monochrome, the set of their colors is very calm and narrow, usually it is black and white embroidery. If the set does not include a needle, then it should be chosen based on the width of the canvas cells, the larger the cells, the more layers there will be at the filament and the thicker the needle should be, however, the needle should not pass through the fabric only after swinging. In the Igolochka set, all the components are important, if something does not suit, it is better to abandon this set and look for another. If we embroider, o everything should be comfortable. Cross-stitch embroidery: angel and children

All the girls at school learn how to embroider in their work lessons. Even boys are involved in this art, unlike girls, they mostly like to embroider machines or small towers.

For children's development, embroidering is very useful, because embroidery develops:

  • Hard work;
  • Consistency;
  • Love for the beautiful.

Embroider to children is very useful: thus they develop fine motor skills, and also learn to appreciate art It is very useful to embroider to children: thus they develop fine motor skills, and also learn to appreciate the art

The girl is very fond of embroidering fairies, pictures with kittens and, of course, angels with children. The child puts all the love into his creation, any mother is pleased to receive as a gift a Christmas angel embroidered by her beloved daughter. This angel, even not quite professionally executed by children, will be like an artistic kiss to my mother. Mom, in return, can also give his embroidered angel, he will become a talisman for the child, the keeper of the light and mother's love. It will be a kind of keeper.

Cross-stitching of angels for fulfillment of desires

From time immemorial, a woman who wanted pregnancy embroidered angels on a pillow and, if she slept only on her, the Virgin necessarily gave her a child. Then, when a woman managed to conceive and give birth, her mother decorated the baby's cradles and the clothes of the newborn with embroidery. Also often on clothes was embroidered a pentagram of 4003 crosses, it protected from the evil eye and improved fate. Embroidered by a loved one, angels always give warmth and care and help to overcome life's difficulties.

Cross-stitch: Angel of Happiness( video)

Needlework in the form of sewing and embroidery has always occupied a separate place in the life of a woman, at some time it was even her main occupation. Needle from ancient times was endowed with magical properties, and the products made with it could, how to give strength to man, and take it away. The progress made its changes in this ancient occupation, made it more colorful and accessible, but the angels embroidered with a cross, as before, remain a symbol of love and heavenly light. Examples

embroidery schemes cross angels( photo)