Tile patchwork for the kitchen: style in the interior, for the bathroom curtains, quilted articles with their own hands

Patchwork in the kitchen interior looks fresh and unusual Patchwork in the kitchen interior looks fresh and unusual Is it worth it to even use patchwork in interior design?It implies the use of complex ornaments or simply the contrast of colors. Far from all this is to taste. Accordingly, at first you need to estimate, whether it will be comfortable in the future for the owner of the house. But still it should be noted that in the kitchen interior the patchwork looks rather fresh and unusual. In this case, it can be not only a ceramic or plastic tile( PVC, polyethylene, polycarbonate, and so on).

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Patchwork style in the interior of the house

The patchwork in the design is allowed to be applied on:

  1. curtains;
  2. curtains;
  3. in the decoration of the ceiling and walls( be it hanging ceilings or even the simplest wallpaper);
  4. in furniture design( modular kitchens are often decorated in this way).

Patchwork will make interesting the design of furniture Patchwork makes furniture design interesting

And more importantly, you can even set this style yourself. Everything is extremely simple - you need to take the same tile of the same texture, but with a different ornament and attach it in a convenient way. This will just be the same patchy combination. However, consider that when using such a design on one element - it should be combined with others.

For example, if the kitchen is mainly equipped with forged furniture from steel with a glass coating, then the ideal combination will be a combination of white and dark colors in the patchwork( play in contrast).

This applies to curtains, and even the ceiling( two-level of plasterboard with two colors or a combination of glossy stretch film).

Can I make any mistakes in the design when choosing a patchwork?This is really possible if, for example, contrast is taken on dark and brightly colored hues. The gross error is the use of a colorful tile in a strict interior with some abstract ornament. This will eventually look ridiculous and chaotic.

Curtains in patchwork style: variants

Interior design begins, as is known, with lighting. And it is regulated by means of curtains. But with textiles things are much better than with the selection of materials for finishing the kitchen.

Curtains and curtains in the patchwork style will decorate any kitchen Curtains and curtains in the style of patchwork decorate any kitchen

Naturally, when it comes to curtains for kitchens, it is better to use curtains, curtains or so-called Roman curtains. Although it is necessary to clarify that some manufacturers produce even blinds with a figured ornament. But they should not be used without consulting the designer - you can only damage the interior.

On which option to stay?Orientation follows the kitchen area and the size of the window openings:

  • For small kitchens, the ideal option is traditional patchwork curtains to the level of the window sill.
  • For medium( up to 15 square meters) with one window you can use curtains in Roman style. They not only allow you to adjust the amount of sunlight that gets into the room, but they look pretty chic, expensive.
  • For large kitchens with several windows, you can use patchwork curtains that are installed in the middle of the window opening on an invisible cornice.

And where to get the curtains in stylistics patchwork?There are two options here: either they can be sewn by themselves( naturally, preference is given to translucent fabrics), or they are already available from the manufacturer. Of course, it is better to do everything yourself, but this is not every master will be on hand.

We should not forget that patchwork curtains can combine textiles of different textures and even types on one canvas - all this is allowed.

The main thing is an attractive end result. By connecting the imagination with curtains only, you can rebuild your kitchen beyond recognition!And there are no limitations of the idea here. This is the main advantage of patchwork.

Patchwork for the kitchen: decoration

What other products can be used to decorate the kitchen room?The first to come to mind are bedspreads, as well as the hanging of furniture. But all this can be supplemented with other trifles, including napkins, towels and even stand under the plates.

Kitchen decor can be supplemented with napkins and cymbals in the design of patchwork Kitchen decor can be completed with napkins and tray holders in the design of patchwork

Everywhere patchwork will look attractive and appropriate. And not necessarily all this must be sewing. Patchwork is in principle used everywhere, even in the production of dishes. And everywhere it is allowed to use. Moreover, all this can be ordered from companies engaged in design and decoration.

And ceramic tiles will be a good addition to all the little things. As already mentioned above, the main thing is the right combination. That is, if you use some colorful ornament in the same tile, then it is also recommended to use it on napkins, dishes, bedspreads or even rugs that are placed at the doorstep. And it is such trifles that create a favorable and comfortable atmosphere. In the kitchen - it is very important, because here not only eat, but on holidays the whole family gathers for a spiritual feast.

So, in what kitchen elements is the patchwork allowed:

  1. in the finish;
  2. in kitchen accessories, including napkins, towels;
  3. in furniture;
  4. in the dishes.

Naturally, you can add curtains to this. The room does not have to be spacious for the embodiment of all the ideas of the owner. For the most part, you can harmonize all the elements even on 4-6 square meters.

Patchwork and bathroom

Does the patchwork and bathroom match?More than, but only if it's about finishing, because here the minimalist style is mostly used. Accordingly, as in the kitchen, adding a patchwork design to some small things will be superfluous. Although if the bath in the house is huge and more like a sauna, then the patchwork will be quite appropriate. But for most households, this room mostly occupies only a few square meters.

Patchwork will be appropriate in a large bathroom Patchwork will be appropriate in a large sized bathroom

Which tile is suitable for a bathroom?It is better to buy ready-made sets in the style of patchwork. The fact is that the floor and walls are tiles of different thicknesses. But its front part should be the same. If you want to create some incredible composition, then it's better to choose a tile of a close shade. Ornamentation is already a secondary part. There it is allowed to connect a variety of forms, from simple ornaments and patterns, to flowers and marine themes.

But still there are basic rules for decorating bathrooms. So:

  • The bathroom itself( or shower) should consist of several quiet colors. Here, patterns and ornaments are allowed only on glass canvases, with which the same cabin or hydro massage system is closed.
  • Patchwork on the ceiling - not the best option. It is better to use traditional white or beige gypsum cardboard, stretch film. Tile will be generally superfluous.
  • Patchwork decor only for one wall is allowed. Thus, for example, fill the void above the sink and mirror( if the ceiling height is more than 2,5-3 meters).

You can limit yourself not only with ceramic tiles. If the bathroom is simply covered with a curtain, then it will be appropriate patchwork in the same design with the walls. But you still have to be extremely careful with this choice.

Tile patchwork for the kitchen( video)

In general, patchwork in design is a rather controversial decision. It is difficult to combine and choose. But if you follow simple design rules, then the final result will necessarily be impressive.

Tile patchwork for the kitchen( photo)