Cross-stitch embroidery design: hearts like embroidering a cross, embroidered waltz and sets, melange flowers

With embroidery the heart will cope even a person far from the craft of the embroiderer With embroidered heart to handle even the person far from craft Embroidery Valentine's Day - a celebration of St. Valentine, which is accepted to give a little romantic gifts that speak of your love. Despite the fact that this holiday was initially celebrated only by Catholics, now it has become known throughout the world. If you want to please a dear person with a nice handmade gift, we advise you to embroider hearts with a cross.

    • Where can I use the heart embroidery scheme cross
    • Step by step guide for beginners: how to sew cross heart
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Where can I use the heart embroidery cross schemes

heart - it is a symbol that speaks of our love, and although it is very different in appearance from fiziologicheskogheart, such an element can be found in almost every home. They are decorated with clothes, pillows and interior items, it is the main gift for Valentine's Day. So how to use the Heart embroidered with a cross for practical purposes?

It all depends on your imagination!This element, depending on the color and style in which it is made, is combined with almost any interior design.

With the help of a heart you can decorate cushions or kitchen towels With the heart you can decorate cushions or kitchen towels

Embroidery cross heart - is a great way for beginners embroiderers, to express themselves in this type of needlework.

These elements will look very nice on children's handbags and blouses. His young man can give a day for all lovers of a notebook, which will be embroidered with a cross of a melange heart tree. Mom or grandmother will like a needle bed and a box for sewing accessories with a symbol of your love for them. In any case, whatever you come up with, such an embroidery made from the heart will tell a person dear to you about your feelings.

Step-by-step instruction for beginners: how to embroider a heart

Embroidering a heart is easy enough. With this element can cope even a child, a student in primary school. Of course, there are also complex volumetric works that only professionals can do, for example, melange or monochrome heartwood, but most schemes involve embroidery for beginners.

In order to embroider a simple heart you will need a hoop, a piece of canvas and a string of mulina.

Hearts are usually embroidered in red, however - this is not a prerequisite, you can give complete freedom to your imagination Heart usually embroidered in red, however - it is not required, you can give full freedom to your imagination

Step by Step heart embroidery:

  1. We will embroider the heart of a top-down, to and from the backHand picture looked neat. Step back from the left edge of the canvas 5 cells, and from the top edge of the tin, embroider a vertical row of 3 crosses.
  2. The second row you embroider immediately after the first, but on top you retreat 5 squares and embroider 2 crosses.
  3. The third row starts at the level of the second( that is, from the top you retreat also 5 cells), embroider a vertical row of 6 crosses.
  4. In the fourth row, you step back on top of 7 squares and embroider 6 crosses vertically.
  5. The fifth row starts with 9 counts on top of the cell, you have to embroider 6 vertical crosses.
  6. remaining 4 rows you embroidering as well as the first four, but in reverse order( ie, follow the instructions in paragraphs 4, 3, 2, 1).

This is the simplest heart pattern, but such embroidery looks very nice and neat. If you want to add a heart of highlights, then in the center of the 8th row you can skip a couple of crosses.

Heart tree with a cross:

The heart tree instead of leaves and flowers has on its branches of the heart. This plant symbolizes strong love, which can overcome all obstacles and adversities in its path.

Such embroidery can be used for paintings, decoration of notebooks or sachets.

Embroidery of a tree from hearts is a rather laborious process, so in order to cope with it, one must possess perseverance and experience Embroidery of a tree from hearts is a rather laborious process, therefore to cope with it you need to have the assiduity and experience

Especially original such works look in black and white. This is no longer a simple embroidery, but a real work of art. Another interesting option will be the use of mélange threads with a gentle color transition. If you have at your fingertips, it turned out to be just an ordinary red mulina, but you want to make your work unique and unusual, use pink or golden beads.

Pigeons and heart cross:

schema Another symbol of love is pigeons. They are produced by young people at the wedding. These birds, dancing the waltz over the heart, can decorate the pillow for the wedding rings.

Embroidering with a cross a symbol of love, you will keep in your memory the memory of a happy moment for many years Embroidering the symbol of love with a cross, you will keep the memory of a happy moment for years to come

What embroidery for wedding rings consists of:

  • The center of the pillow is embroidered with a red heart;
  • On both sides of the heart there is an embroidery of two pigeons looking at each other;
  • Below, on the left and right side of the big heart, you can arrange 2-3 small hearts.

This pillow will be a real decoration for your wedding. She will undoubtedly like both the bride and groom.

Simple diagram of cross-heart embroidery( video)

It is very easy to embroider a heart with a cross, even without a diagram, but if you are not confident in your abilities, you can purchase ready-made sets. A heart made by one's own hands is an excellent gift to family and friends. It will help you without further ado, tell you about your feelings. Try to embroider this simple element, and you will see how much embroidery is an exciting activity.