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Landscapes in embroidered paintings look very beautiful Landscapes in embroidered paintings look very beautiful Cross stitching differs, above all, in the complexity of the work. There are very simple motives that beginners take for practice, and which can be embroidered by schoolchildren. There are works that are very large and it may take several months to produce one.

      • Cross-stitch: nature, forest landscapes
      • Embroidered cross-stitch, schemes, nature: how is better
      • Nature, landscapes, cross-stitch, patterns: winter landscape
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Cross-stitch: nature, forest landscapes

You can find very small pictures where colors are used a little - for beginners, For children these options are suitable. Complex forest landscapes with a multicolor of green, blue, yellow take, when already some experience of embroidery is. It's like in school - from simple to complex.

Buying ready-made sets, it is easier to work, but you can not always buy what you want to embroider. Therefore, color pictures and diagrams are printed out, indicating which threads are used, what kind of need is needed, etc.

Often, landscapes are embroidered already experienced needlewomen Often landscapes are embroidered by experienced needlewomen

The summer Russian landscape is an abundance of green color, close and beloved for our perception. Such a landscape will be an excellent decor in the house.

Embroidered cross-stitch, schemes, nature: how better to

Of course, the most interesting are paintings embroidered on a shallow canvas. And the counting series is more complicated, and generally it's not so easy to work with such a canvas, but the visual effect is worth it.

The order of embroidery straight depends on the picture - if all parts of the picture have the same exposure, then you can embroider a continuous sheet, you need to start from the upper left corner.

Please note that the pictures, embroidered on a shallow canvas, look more impressive Please note that the pictures embroidered on shallow canvas look more impressive

If in the foreground there is a larger object, then you should start with it, and everything else is embroidered from left to right as a background.

Nature, landscapes, cross-stitch, schemes: winter landscape

For the winter landscape of flowers you will need more than for summer. One blue and blue will, of course, not be enough.

Also required:

  • Green;
  • Brown;
  • Shades of yellow;
  • Orange and scarlet( if you are embroidering a sunset or dawn).

The winter landscape is embroidered also with the same techniques as other landscapes. Usually for such embroidery a full cross is used.

If you are going to embroider a landscape, then be prepared for a lot of different colors If you are going to embroider a landscape, be prepared for a lot of different colors

By the way, in this case, simple schemes will look pretty impressive if you embroider them on a shallow canvas. And if you embroider the embroidery in a frame, it will look more solid, the substrate for embroidery can be of a contrasting color.

Winter pattern-embroidery will perfectly fit into the interior in blue tones or dominant blue-green shades. If this is how you want to decorate the whole wall, then you can embroider several different sized canvases, which will then be molded into one composition.

How to embroider a seascape

The palette of a sea landscape can not be called poor either - many colors and shades resemble here: blue, turquoise, purple, pink. Schemes for embroidery and here will be from the simplest to the most complex.

The pictures are usually embroidered on the canvas No. 10 or 11, if you want to depict a deep sea, you can take the blue outline. Usually the floss is folded twice, but embroidered in one thread, however, in this case the base will be seen.

It is most convenient to embroider a picture from left to right and move alternately The best way is to embroider a painting from left to right and move alternately

Embroider usually from the left edge from top to bottom. First, all the crosses of the same color are embroidered, and only then do the transition to the next. So conditionally, you break the picture into several zones and work in them alternately. Of course, this is "as someone more convenient", but jumping from zone to zone is usually harder than when moving in stages.

Embroidering a cross in a winter landscape( video)

If you do not buy a ready-made set, but look for the material yourself, then threads, canvas, embroidery frame and needles can be purchased at online stores such as Igolochka, where the product is presented in a good range. Always carefully store materials, distribute them in compartments, so that before the next job it is easier to find what you already have.

Good work!

Examples circuits scenery embroidery stitch( photo)