Cross stitch patterns for the kitchen: free still-lifes, download themed coffee, ready-made gzhel schemes, Riolis

There are many patterns for embroidery, which are perfect for the kitchen as a decoration There are many embroidery schemes that are perfect for the kitchen as a decoration Cross stitch is a very common type of needlework. It very clearly and clearly emphasizes the interior of any room. But not all kinds of embroidery fit the chosen interior of the house. For example, for the kitchen, a beautifully embroidered black dragon on a huge stone will be out of place. Much more interesting will look like a still life. You can certainly buy ready-made work, but if you work hard and do it by hand - then everything will turn out much more beautiful. With time and experience, the result will be better and better.

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Simple cross-stitch for the kitchen

There are various patterns for cross stitching. Over time, when the experience is more, you can and yourself come up with a variety of miniatures. Kitchen themes include a wide variety of topics.

You can choose both light schemes for beginners, and more complex - for experienced needlewomen You can choose both light schemes for beginners and more sophisticated ones for experienced needlewomen

Before embroidering, you should thoroughly prepare.

Required tools

  1. Canvas( superimposed and helps to facilitate embroidery, after completion of work, the yarns are then pulled out from under the very threads of the main image);
  2. Set of threads( a variety of colors are allowed, but before using, it is desirable to extend them so that they do not shed and do not spoil the work);
  3. Feather frames( experienced needlewomen do without, but for beginners it is recommended);
  4. Set of needles( they should have their ends dulled so as not to accidentally pierce the main threads);
  5. One pair of scissors;
  6. Scheme of future work( in some types of sets the pattern itself was already applied to the canvas, in others the drawing is printed on a separate sheet).

After all the materials have been prepared, you can embark on the embroidery process.

Cross-stitch: kitchen themes( schemes)

Very common types of schemes for kitchens are fruit still lifes, small bottles, coffee. This is also the popular use of gzhel( gzhel - is a Russian folk painting, often used on ceramic products).

Not so long ago the cartoon motifs became very popular:

  • "Povaryata" decorated in cartoon style;
  • Tea set from the picture "Beauty and the Beast";
  • Virtually all kinds of Disney characters;
  • From commercials( M & M, etc.);
  • Kittens and puppies;
  • Butterflies and so on.

The cross stitch pattern for the kitchen is simple and can be purchased at the store The cross stitch pattern for the kitchen is simple and can be purchased at

There are a lot of varieties, so to speak for every taste. In addition, you can implement your own idea.

For this, the embroidery kit "Riolis" is very convenient. It has all the necessary materials and instructions for them.

Not a bad option will be a panel in which the embroidered pattern will play a key role. Thanks to this combination, even simple materials will become an integral part of the decor, which perfectly fits into the kitchen interior.

Cross stitch patterns for the kitchen: coffee

Coffee is one of the simplest kinds of schemes. But even to begin to embroider a cross, you should know about the little things that will make work much easier.

Canvas itself is not very strong material, so it can crumble. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that all its edges be stitched or glued with adhesive tape or glue. This process will not take much time, and as a result, its edges will remain intact.

Coffee patterns embroidered with a cross will perfectly decorate your kitchen Coffee cross stitch patterns will perfectly decorate your kitchen

The next recommendation is markup. Since all schemes for embroidery are divided into squares( one square is one future cross), it is possible to easily get confused.

To avoid this, you should break the entire canvas into larger squares( 10 small ones).Then the marking is done with simple colored pencils. Then there is a simple sketch of the zone, or rather a contour. For maximum convenience, you can split the threads so that each is separate. For fixing, any handy tools( book, alarm clock, cup, etc.) are used.

Immediately before starting work, the fabric is washed and ironed. Also, you should pay attention to the workplace, there should be good lighting, as this painstaking process gives a good load to the eyes.

After all this, you can start embroidering coffee.

Master-class: how to sew crosses

Basically there are 2 ways of insertion.

Professional needlewomen are now increasingly embroidering in only two styles Professional needlewomen are now increasingly embroidering in only two styles Classic ( first of all, one part of the cross is embroidered, and the second is sewn on top of it);

  • The Danish method( used in the case of large arrays, i.e., a series of cross halves are sewn, then a second row is embroidered on top of them).
  • In addition to these two variations, there are others. For example, 3/4 technique is used for embroidery of circular shapes. Thus round figures are made out.

    Despite the variety of rules, they converge in a single: the upper ties of crosses are required to have one direction.

    Where it is possible to take schemes and materials

    Usually similar materials are purchased in simple fabric stores. Also often come across already ready-made sets. This is a big plus, when compared with online orders on the Internet. Since choosing everything manually, you can find a better quality and matching the desired material, rather than buying a "cat in a bag" in online stores. In a simple store there is no need to register, as in all network services. And the majority of this process takes a lot of time and nerves.

    Cross-stitch kitchen schemes( video)

    Cross-stitch embroidery is a fairly common form of applied art today, allowing you to create exclusive masterpieces for decorating at home. Schemes can be purchased, found on the Internet or compiled independently according to the drawing you like.

    Successful creations!

    embroidery cross schemes for the kitchen( photo)