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When choosing a scheme for embroidering Pansies, it is worth considering your capabilities and availability of materials When choosing a scheme for embroidering Pansies, it's worth considering your capabilities and the availability of materials. Flowers are universal motifs for embroidery that everyone likes. Delicate, attractive flowers Pansies are suitable for decoration of pillows, napkins, handkerchiefs. What materials are needed to embroider flowers and what techniques you can work with - read below.

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    • simple cross-stitch: Pansies
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What are the schemes for embroidery Pansies

Today, shops for needlework, magazines, dedicateds embroidery, and sites for hand-made offer a huge variety of schemes embroidery delicate flowers Pansies. This variety allows you to choose the flower motif you like as skilled craftsmen with experience and beginner needlewomen.

Schemes for embroidery Pansies may differ in complexity and size Schemes for embroidery Pansies may differ in complexity and size

The most popular color embroidery schemes are:

  1. One or more flowers on the stem. This is a simple scheme that is suitable for beginners. Most often, it contains no more than 13 thread colors and is performed on Aida-11 tissue.
  2. Wreath of flowers. The color scheme in this case is slightly more complicated than the previous version and can contain up to 30 different shades. Complexity is caused by the rather close arrangement of different elements of the same color range, which requires concentration.
  3. Ornament. It looks like a wreath, but then the background of the embroidery is made out.
  4. Still Life. Flowers on such a scheme are located slightly to the right or left of the center, in a large vase. At the same time, not only flowers and a vase are embroidered, but also a background. Such embroidery takes much longer than the previous ones, because it can contain up to 200 or more shades and, often, is made with small crosses on Aida-16, 18 fabrics.

Figures can be of different sizes, embroidered around the perimeter of the canvas( forSchemes without a background) or with the help of frames.

Materials for embroidering flowers with a cross

In order for embroidery to be as comfortable as possible, you must first take care of the availability of material.

So, in order to embroider Pansy crosses we will need:

  1. Canvas. The canvas should be selected depending on the size of the circuit. You can do this by translating the number of crosses( indicated in the diagram in cm).In this case, it is necessary to always add allowances( a minimum of 50 mm) from each side of the canvas.
  2. Threads. The floss comes in one and two strands. The first will be difficult to work for beginners. The threads themselves must be strong, resistant to washing and burning out.
  3. Embroidery frame. Here the choice depends on personal preferences: for some, standard round frames are convenient, for others - square ones. Experienced craftsmen prefer to work on the outdoor hoop, which provide complete freedom of action.
  4. Needles. For cross stitching, you should choose hand-safe tapestry needles. Otherwise, you need to stock up on a thimble.

All materials for embroidering flowers with a cross can be purchased at a store selling goods for needlework All materials for cross stitching can be purchased at the store selling goods for needlework

You can check the quality of the mulina by soaking several threads in hot water and passing them over a white cloth or a towel: if the threads do not leave a trace, Then they can be embroidered, without fear that the picture will fade after washing.

Simple cross-stitch: Pansies

Simple embroidery of flowers Pansies are done by an ordinary cross, rows( parking).Stitches are performed first in one direction( half crosses), then in the opposite direction( the second half).The scheme can be embroidered and semi-cross - only one diagonal stitch. Embroider begin from the right upper corner diagonally down, to the left. In the opposite direction, move from below, from the right side diagonally upwards, to the left. Embroidery looks neater, when all the upper and lower stitches lie in one direction.

The diagram often indicates the color of the yarns to be used when embroidering The diagram often indicates the color of the yarns to be used when embroidering

The yarn is loosened without knots: the needle is removed from the front side in front of the last three crosses, a small stitch is made and the tail of the thread is closed with crosses.

Having learned how to embroider flowers separately, you can easily create incredible, curvy compositions from them, use elements in any other drawings.

Embroidered cross-stitch: scheme Pansies, assemblage

Bouquet Pansies can be embroidered using a simple scheme for a counting cross and 40-45 shades of a floss. As a canvas is recommended to use Aida-18 fabric, which contains 70 crosses per 100 mm. In one cross there can be as one, and two threads. It depends on the general idea and composition.

For beginners, embroidery on Aida-18, perhaps, will be complicated, as it will require assiduity and attentiveness, but the result in the form of elegant, dense stitches, can not please.

When embroidering Pansies, it is worthwhile to use the embroidery tips indicated on the diagram When embroidering Pansies, it is worthwhile to use the embroidery tips specified on the

. The easiest way to embroider is to use a color scheme applied to the canvas. In this case, it is necessary only to follow the same and even application of stitches. If there is no color scheme, then you will have to embroider a symbolic one, containing the decoding of each color. Beginning of work is advised from the center: the drawing should be as though divergent. You can also move in a circle, starting at one corner. The embroidery process is the same as described above: first, from the right to the left one side of the cross is laid, then the second to the left to the right.

When embroidering, in order not to get confused in the executed stitches, the traversed places can be marked on the diagram with a marker.

Simple cross-stitch embroidery peephole: schemes( video)

Embroider delicate, beautiful flowers for any scheme you like, and surprise your relatives and friends with incredibly beautiful pictures!

Examples pansies embroidered stitch schemes( photo)