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Embroidery, which depicts poppies, is easy and serene Embroidery with poppies is easy and serene Very beautiful looks embroidery, which depicts a red poppy field, red poppies in a vase on a black background or embroidered scarlet flowers in the morning light. To embroider bright flowers is not difficult, the main thing is to follow the scheme, carefully prepare all the necessary materials, and it is best to purchase ready-made embroidery kits that can be bought in any specialized store for needlewomen. The company Riolis sells quality embroidery kits.

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Effective cross-stitch poppies - diagram

Embroidered beautiful flowers attract the look of iridescent red shades. This motif has long become a classic of the genre. Embroiderers a few centuries ago noticed the beauty of the poppy and made it the most popular symbol. Using embroidery with poppies, you can not only decorate wedding towels, pillowcases and tablecloths, but also place your work on the wall in the form of a picture or a panel.

Diagrams become the symbol:

  1. Male power;
  2. Passion;
  3. Eternal love;
  4. Memory.

It turns out that poppies were embroidered since ancient times, they continue to be embroidered by modern needlewomen It turns out that poppies have been embroidered since ancient times, and modern handmade craftsmen continue to embroider

. If you delve into folklore, it was believed that poppies blossomed in the fields after the bloody battle, however, the collected bouquets of beautiful, Sun colors always symbolize love and passion.

Fen-shuyu scheme Maki is ideal for beginners master. It is a symbol of beauty and relaxation.

Schemes of embroidery Maki are diverse, today there are very popular sets in which, with the help of modern methods, almost 100% of the paintings of famous artists who adored scarlet flowers were copied. If you touch the producers, then Russia and Ukraine are good quality. Representatives of these peoples perpetuated the beauty of flowers, scarlet as blood and fascinating with their inner energy. The set includes a schematic, high-quality threads, a needle, a canvas. In other words, buying a ready-made set can be quickly and adequately embroidered and poppies and small Californian chamomiles surrounding them.

Fashionable cross-stitch embroidery in a vase

The cross-stitching of bouquets of poppies in a vase is perfect for a dining room or kitchen. For work it is quite suitable, both a dark canvas, and a working surface of light tones. Embroidery can be decorated in an elegant frame or placed as a decor on textiles, clothing, accessories. Among the experienced embroiderers, the popular design of the BR-008 Maki in the vase is popular. We embroider in 2 threads, this will add volume.

Set includes:

  1. Ditch Zweigart;
  2. Mulino Madeira;
  3. Needle;
  4. Diagram and instructions.

Poppies in a vase look especially good if they are embroidered on a black canvas The poppies in the vase look especially good if they are embroidered on a black canvas

The size of the future embroidery will be 27x20.5 cm. The manufacturer of the set is the company Golden Fleece. Cana Aida white 14, and the number of colors 29. Following the scheme you can embroider a beautiful panel that will later decorate the wall. Without haste and with the effort you can get a truly work of art created by yourself.

How to embroider a cross

The art of embroidery has a very rich history. To embroider the cross, semi-cross, smoothness of the Old Russian people treated particularly carefully and scrupulously. Dowry, embroidered with poppies, patterns, or bouquets of polyptych - looks rich.

The rows of the army of cross-embroidery fans are replenished annually. Today, for needleworkers, embroidery has become a salvation from gray everyday life. Everyone can embroider a counting cross in the technique, this will require a little time and perseverance. It is better to get acquainted with a counting cross with the purchase of a special kit. In stores today a decent range is presented and therefore the image of the future masterpiece can be chosen according to your taste. The set for embroidery should not include anything superfluous.

Cross stitching is not the easiest process, but the result is worth it Cross stitching is not the easiest process, but the result is worth it

Usually a good set includes:

  • Kanwu;
  • Threads;
  • Diagram;
  • Needle.

In some kits you can find an organizer for threads, thanks to it you can embroider easier. Also, no embroidery can do without a hoop. The device secures the canvas. Even experienced masters always use hoops. You need to start by defining the starting point.

If the canvas and the circuit are of the same size, then the countdown starts from the left, according to the number of empty cells.

If the size is different, the embroidering starts from the center. The first cross is embroidered and moves to the right. You can embroider in 1 or 2 threads. The thread should not be long, the ideal length from the hand to the elbow. There should be no knots, embroidery should be neat and on the wrong side.

What symbolize the embroidery

For a long time people believed that in the manual works the soul of the master remains. Experienced masters say that if you embroider a certain plot and make a wish, it will come true.

The needlewomen believe that embroidery not only symbolizes something, but is also capable of fulfilling wishes The needlewomen believe that embroidery not only symbolizes something, but is also capable of fulfilling the wishes of

So, some symbols symbolize the following:

  • Poppies are passion, love;
  • Children - to pregnancy;
  • Goldfish - to wealth;The house is for the purchase of housing;
  • ;
  • Machine - to purchase machines;
  • The owl is for wisdom.

Cross-stitch: Scarlet poppies( video)

The needlewomen often embroider a fan that symbolizes the protection of the house. Whichever plot was chosen - embroidery is always a good mood, rest and beauty. Embroider it is possible by different methods, it can be the English technique or the Danish method. Embroider a counting cross is not difficult, the main thing is to follow the scheme clearly and do not rush.

Poppies on cross stitch( photo)