Cross-stitch painting by famous artists: classic schemes, free download, famous and great artists

To embroider a picture of a famous artist with a cross - the occupation is not easy, but the result is worth it cross embroider a picture of a famous artist - employment difficult, but the result is worth Cross Stitch paintings by famous artists - a complex technique that requires specific skills. Embroidery is a fascinating process, which is similar to meditation. The comparison is strange, but true. During work, all efforts are directed to drawing out small details. This well focuses, allows you to completely immerse yourself in sewing and disconnect from the outside world. Not for nothing as a rest, experts recommend knitting and embroidering.

    • process embroidery paintings - a fascinating effect
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process embroidery paintings - a fascinating effect

cross stitch has always been popular. Not for nothing in modern schools there is such an object as "works".Here girls are taught the basics of embroidery, including cross-stitch. At first glance, this is a difficult job, but over time the situation improves. There are fewer questions, and the process itself is a real pleasure. Embroidery pacifies, harmonizes and soothes.

Before you begin to embroider a picture, decide on the layout and prepare all the necessary materials Before starting to embroider a picture, decide with the scheme and prepare all the necessary materials

Before you get started, you must choose the specific materials:

  • schemes;
  • Kanwu;
  • Needles;
  • Embroidery frame;
  • Threads;
  • Scissors.

Beginners prefer uncomplicated pictures, people with experience choose heavy schemes. Immediately take on a large drawing, which requires some skills, is not recommended. It is necessary to train on small drawings. Over time, when the "hand is full" you can start to the motives of Russian fairy tales and pictures of famous artists. The work done should not be a burden.

Important: during the selection of the circuit, it is necessary to take into account the number of transitions. To start picking is a simplified work. This will make the work enjoyable and not difficult. Over time, a smooth transition to heavy paintings is carried out.

embroidery cross schemes: paintings by famous artists, classics

To get started, you need to take a hoop and canvas. On the fabric is the middle, after which it is divided into two equal parts( you do not need to cut it off).The lower part of the canvas is placed on the table, and the upper one is stretched using the hoop. Thanks to this additional element, embroidery becomes comfortable. It's easier to work with a stretched fabric.

Important: you should pay attention to the number of threads. It means not their shade, but addition. In most cases, several threads are used at the same time. This allows to make the drawing voluminous and pleasant for perception.

The best pictures look embroidered with a cross or a semicircular The best pictures are those embroidered with a cross or a semi-cross

It is recommended to embroider pictures of famous artists by cross or cross. You can work with both the finished printed circuit and the independent sketches. In the first case, you need to start from the right corner and gradually move to the left, go down a row lower / higher and back. If the pattern is not printed, the beginning is the middle.

sewing technique Cross:

  • needle is stuck in the lower left corner of a square canvas;
  • Then moves to the upper right corner;
  • Then the thread goes to the upper or lower left corner( depends on the further movement).

There is nothing complicated in the process of creating embroidery, the main thing is to follow a certain algorithm. If the work is done correctly, there will be a cross on the front side, and a cross on the back side.

Embroidered paintings are always beautiful and unusual. The work is painstaking, but in the end we get an interesting composition. The main thing to start, the missing skills will eventually be acquired. This will create pictures of famous artists, without leaving home.

Embroidered paintings by the cross of famous artists: clearance

When the work is finished, it needs to be properly issued. It is not recommended to leave everything unchanged. Over time, this can lead to fraying of the canvas.

After the paintings of the great artists are finished, you need to do the following:

  • Wash the canvas;
  • Iron;
  • Paste into the frame.

After the embroidery process is completed, it is necessary to issue a ready picture After the embroidery process is completed, it is necessary to issue the finished picture

During operation, the fabric gets dirty, even if it is not visible, it is still recommended to refresh it. Do not send the canvas to the washing machine. You can wash yourself by hand, in cool water using soft means. When the fabric dries, it must be gently ironed.

Important: the iron must only touch the wrong side of the work!Otherwise, the embroidery will look worse.

After completing the process of refreshing the picture, it can be framed. Classics should decorate the apartment and occupy an honorable place in the interior. You can do it yourself. But the best option is to use the services of a framing workshop. In this case, the probability of damage to the picture is minimized.

We embroider pictures with a cross( video)

In the workshop, you can choose a color inner edging and any style of the frame. This greatly simplifies the design process. All work from the beginning of embroidery to its completion does not take much time. The main thing is to start the process and download the first scheme. Examples

embroidery stitch pictures( photos)